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Formerly called Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited, Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited was the initial general insurance company in the private sector that was licensed in the year 2000 by IRDAI, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India.

Ever since it began its operation, the company has been offering innovative insurance solutions to all its customers. With a workforce of over 2,000 employees and over 150 branches all over the country, the company is making its mark in the Indian insurance market. The company offers: 

  1. Royal Sundaram Car Insurance
  2. Royal Sundaram Two-wheeler Insurance
  3. Royal Sundaram Health Insurance
  4. Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance
  5. Royal Sundaram Home Insurance
  6. Royal Sundaram Commercial Vehicle Insurance
  7. Royal Sundaram Business Insurance
  8. Royal Sundaram Crop Insurance

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Royal Sundaram offers car insurance with multiple features. The company has a collaboration with over 4,600 garages that offer cashless repair. Let us take a look at the various options available:

  1. Third-Party Only Car Insurance Plan
    As the name suggests, this type of car insurance plan covers the third-party liabilities of your car as mandated by the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. It covers the damage or physical injury that your car causes to a third-party or person. It would also cover the legal costs and expenses you may have to incur due to the accident.
  2. 3-Year Private Car Liability Only Policy 
    As per the latest IRDA regulations, it is mandatory for all four-wheelers to have a third-party insurance cover for 3 years.
  3. Bundled Private Car Long Term Package Policy
    With a bundled car insurance policy you can get third-party liability cover and own-damage cover for your car for a policy term of your choice.
  4. Standalone Own-Damage Car Insurance
    With a standalone own-damage policy you can cover the damages to your vehicle due to an accident, or theft, or a natural or man-made disaster. Keep in mind that this policy can be opted for only when you already have third-party liability cover for your car.
  5. Car Shield-Comprehensive Car Insurance
    Car Shield by RoyalSundaramm is a comprehensive policy for your car that covers own-damage, third-party liabilities and personal accident cover for the owner/driver. Car shield also offers various discounts and add-ons to its customers.
  6. Personal Accident Cover
    There is a compulsory personal accident cover, PAC, for the owner-driver of the vehicle that covers accidental deaths and disablements. You can also opt for Enhanced PA cover for the owner/driver.
  7. Add-Ons
    With Car Shield, the company also offers 13 add-ons covers that can enhance the coverage for your car. Some of the popular add-ons include:
    1. NCB Protector in Bike Insurance 
      Save your hard-earned No Claim Bonus, even after making a claim
    2. Depreciation Waiver
      Nullify the cost of depreciation on the repaired/replaced parts
    3. Key Protector
      The cost of repair/replacement of keys including labour will be covered
    4. Windshield Glass Cover
      The company would replace/repair the windshield that has accidentally broken

Royal Sundaram Two-wheeler Insurance

Royal Sundaram also offers two-wheeler insurance for all motorised two-wheelers/bikes. There are many options available and you can select the plan that suits you and your insurance needs the most:

  1. 5-Year Two-Wheeler Liability Only Policy
    Liability only or the third-party insurance covers the liabilities you face when your bike/two-wheeler causes physical injury or damage to a third party. Your own-damages would not be covered under a liability-only policy. Buying a 5-year liability only policy has been made mandatory by the government under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.
  2. Standalone Own-Damage Two-Wheeler Insurance
    When you have a liability-only cover for your two-wheeler you also have the option to cover your vehicle for own-damages, for which you can buy a standalone own-damage policy. This way you would not only cover the third-party liabilities but also cover the expenses you would have to bear in case your two-wheeler also gets damaged.
  3. Bundled Two-Wheeler Long Term Package Policy
    With a bundled two-wheeler policy you can opt for a 5-year liability only cover along with 1/2/3 years of own damage.
  4. Personal Accident Cover
    You can also opt for the personal accident cover up to INR 15 lakhs for the owner-driver that covers accidental deaths and disablements. This cover may be extended by opting for Enhanced PA cover for the owner/driver.

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance 

Royal Sundaram offers comprehensive health insurance policies that can be purchased with minimum paperwork. The plans offer multiple benefits that help you keep yourself and your family covered from health issues. The details of the health plans have been discussed below, you can select the one that suits your insurance needs the most. 

Name of Insurance Plan

Main Features of the policy

Royal Sundaram Lifeline-Individual and Family Health Insurance Plan
  • A comprehensive indemnity-based health insurance plan that comes at an affordable price
  • The policy is available on an individual and family floater basis
  • Available in 3 variants:
    • Lifeline Classic - Sum Insured-INR 2 lakhs/ 3 lakhs/ 4 lakhs
    • Lifeline Supreme - Sum Insured-INR 5 lakhs/ 10 lakhs/ 15 lakhs/ 20 lakhs/ 50 lakhs
    • Lifeline Elite - Sum Insured-INR 25 lakhs/ 30 lakhs/ 50 lakhs/ 100 lakhs/ 150 lakhs
  • 100% reload of sum insured
  • In five claim-free years, you can double your sum insured
  • No capping of room rent
Royal Sundaram Family Plus
  • A health insurance plan that offers affordable health coverage to the whole family
  • A single policy can cover 19 different relationships
  • Individual Sum Insured - INR 2 lakhs/ 5 lakhs/ 10 lakhs/ 15 lakhs
  • Floater Sum Insured - INR 3 lakhs/ 4 lakhs/ 5 lakhs/ 10 lakhs/ 15 lakhs/ 20 lakhs/ 25 lakhs and 50 lakhs
  • Covers maternity benefits and nutrition allowance benefit
  • Doubling of Reload benefits
  • No limit on maximum entry age
Royal Sundaram Hospital Benefit Plus Insurance
  • A health insurance plan that offers a daily allowance of cash for every 24 hours of hospitalisation for 180 days, up to INR 2,000 per day
  • Age limit 1 year - 70 years
  • Can be bought for self, spouse, dependent parents and dependent children
  • 3 variants
    • Gold
    • Platinum
    • Diamond
  • Personal Accident cover of INR 10 lakhs
Royal Sundaram Smart Cash Plan
  • Health insurance plans that can be bought for a term of 1/ 2 or 3 years
  • Can be opted for family members over 91 days of age
  • 3 variants
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Platinum
  • Covers convalescence benefit in the form of a lump sum payout,
  • Critical illness benefit starting from INR 10,000
Royal Sundaram Hospital Cash insurance Plan
  • Fixed benefit health insurance plan that is not dependent on any of the medical expenses
  • Entry age 1 year - 70 years
  • Tenure of the policy 1 year
Royal Sundaram Surgical Shield Plan
  • Fixed benefit health insurance plan that covers 100 different types of surgeries
  • Daily cash benefit of INR 250 per day
  • Covers diagnostic procedures as well
  • Entry age 91 days - 65 years
  • Tenure of the policy 1 year
  • Sum Insured INR 3 lakhs
Royal Sundaram Secure All Plan
  • A comprehensive plan that covers the hospitalisation expenses
  • A daily benefit amount is paid when hospitalisation is over 24 hours
  • The policy has an inbuilt feature of personal accidental coverage with death as well as disablement
  • Entry age 91 days - 65 years
  • Tenure of the policy 1 year/ 2 years
  • Sum Insured INR 1.5 lakh - INR 5 lakhs
Royal Sundaram Critical Illness Lump Sum Plan
  • A fixed benefit is paid out when the insured person is diagnosed with a critical ailment from the ones listed(9)
  • Entry age 91 days - 65 years
  • Tenure of the policy 1 year
  • Sum Insured INR 25,000 - INR 25 lakhs
Royal Sundaram Surgicare Plan
  • A fixed benefit is paid out when the insured has to undergo any of the listed surgeries
  • 140 surgeries are covered
  • In the case of more than 24 hours of hospitalisation hospital cash benefit is paid
  • Entry Age
    • Adults 18 years-65 years
    • Children-91 days - 21 years
  • Tenure of plan - 1 year - 3 years
  • Sum Insured INR 1.5 lakhs to 3 lakhs

Royal Sundaram Top-up Insurance – Health XS and Super Health XS


  • A top up plan to increase the cover of your existing health insurance plan
  • You have the choice between a top up and a super top up plan
  • Optional accidental death benefit rider
  • Tenure of plan - 1 year - 3 years
  • Sum insured INR 2 lakhs - INR 15 lakhs
Royal Sundaram Health Forever Insurance Plan
  • Indemnity-based health insurance plan to cover the hospitalisation expenses
  • Lump-sum benefit in case of hospitalisation over 7 days
  • Convalescence benefit is paid in a lump- sum in case hospitalisation increase 15 days
  • Entry age 91 days - 75 years
  • Tenure of plan 1 year - 3 years
  • Sum Insured INR 1 lakh - INR 5 lakhs
Arogya Sanjeevani, Royal Sundaram
  • This is a standard health insurance plans that offer health insurance for your family
  • The plan covers boarding, nursing, room rent, ICU charges etc
  • Mandatory 5% co-payment
  • Each claim year would get you 5% of cumulative bonus up to a maximum of 50%
  • Cover AYUSH treatments
Royal Sundaram COVID Secure
  • A fixed benefit plan that offers an amount in a lump sum to help you get treatment of COVID-19
  • COVID Secure would be your income protector plan that would help you deal with loss of income that may result from the pandemic
  • Minimum age of entry is 21 years - 65 years
  • Policy available on an individual basis
  • Policy tenure 1 year
Corona Kavach
  • A standard health insurance policy that offers COVID-19 treatment specific cover
  • Entry Age
    • Adults 18 years-65 years
    • Children- 1 day - 25 years (above 18, if only financially dependent on parents)
  • Available on Individual and family floater basis
  • Sum Insured from INR 50,000 to INR 5 lakhs
  • Policy Tenure - 3 ½ months, 6 ½ months, 9 ½ months

Royal Sundaram Accidental Covers 

Royal Sundaram also offers various options when it comes to accidental covers. Accidental Cover is basically health insurance plans that cover accidental risks and injuries. The policy covers the expenses that you would have otherwise made on treatment, ambulance, hospitalisation, loss of income etc. In case of death of the policyholder the nominee receives a lump sum amount. The company offers the following plans:

  • Royal Sundaram Suraksha Personal Accident Policy
  • Group Personal Accident Policy
  • Individual Personal Accident Policy
  • Personal Accident Care Platinum Insurance
  • Personal Accident Care Gold Insurance
  • Accident Shield
  • Accident Shield Classic
  • Janata Personal Accident

Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance 

There are various travel risks that are covered by Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance that help in making your tours convenient and hassle-free. There are different plans with varied coverage to suit the insurance needs of different kinds of travellers. 

Name of Insurance Plan

Main Features of the policy

Royal Sundaram Leisure Trip Travel Insurance Plan
  • Comprehensive plan ideal for a holiday in a foreign country
  • Sum Insured USD 50,000 to USD 10 lakhs
  • No medical reports are required
  • Entry age from 91 days to 70 years
  • Includes daily cash allowance
Royal Sundaram Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan
  • Customised yearly plan suitable for frequent business travellers
  • Travel duration of a trip is classified into 30 days/ 45 days/ 60 days/ 90 days
  • If you are healthy, no medical reports are required
  • Entry age from 91 days to 70 years
Royal Sundaram Travel Secure Asia Plan
  • An affordable plan to make your travel within Asia easier and safer
  • Entry age from 91 days to 70 years
  • Covers accidental death and dismemberment
  • Loss of checked-in baggage and passport is covered
Royal Sundaram Travel Secure Student Plan
  • A long term plan that covers students going to study abroad from 1 to 7 years
  • Minimum age of insured must be 12 years
  • Maximum age of insured must be 40 years
  • 6 renewals of the policy are permitted
Royal Sundaram Travel Secure Senior Citizen Plan
  • Customised travel insurance that covers citizens over the age of 71 years
  • No maximum entry age
  • Medical reports required if the sum insured is USD 1 lakh
  • Covers personal liabilities

Royal Sundaram Insurance Company - Premium Payment

With Royal Sundaram, paying your premium becomes very simple and easy, you can follow any of the two methods and pay the premium timely, as per your convenience.

  • Online Method
    You just need to log in to the company website and enter your policy number. You can simply follow all the instructions and make the payment through an online mode such as net banking, credit/debit card.
  • Offline Method 
    You can also pay the premium of your insurance policy offline, for which you would have to visit a branch office. You can find a Royal Sundaram office near you by clicking The payment may be made via cheque/ credit or debit card.

Royal Sundaram Insurance Company - Renewal of Policy

Timely renewal of your policy is one of the fundamentals of insurance. A slight carelessness can make a big hole in your pocket and put you in undue financial trouble. 

  • Online Method
    Renewing your policy online is a matter of a few clicks. All you need to do is go to the company website, and go to “Insta Renew” or just click Check your policy details and the premium amount to be paid. Make the payment online via net banking, credit/debit card or any other mentioned electronic medium. Your policy will be renewed and soon you will receive the notification via SMS or email.
  • Offline Method
    If for some reasons you do not wish to renew your policy online, you can personally visit a nearby branch. Here, you can fill in the Renewal Form and make the payment through your credit/debit card or cheque.

Royal Sundaram Insurance Company - Renewal of Expired Policy

Just like all other spheres of life, when it comes to insurance, it is better to be safe than sorry. With an expired policy, you would not be able to make any claim or fetch any benefits of coverage. Though it is recommended that you renew your policy before it expires, you can still renew it during the grace period. However, if your policy has expired, you can renew it in the following manner:

  • Car and Two-Wheeler Insurance
    For renewing your car/bike insurance there is no need for physical verification, however, depending on the vehicle and the kind of insurance cover it has, a surveyor may come to assess your vehicle and process the renewal request accordingly.
  • Health Insurance
    In case your health insurance policy has expired, it is suggested that you get in touch with customer care. You can write an email to them or speak to a customer care executive, who will guide you further.

Royal Sundaram Insurance Company - Claim Procedure

As soon as a claim occurs, make sure you notify the company about the same. You can send an email to or call 1860 425 0000 for motor claims and to or call 1800 425 6645 for a health claim.

  1. Car and Two-Wheeler Insurance
    In case of an accident of your vehicle, at the time of intimation, you would have to provide your policy details, contact details and the details of the loss. Till the vehicle is assessed, do not dismantle or repair it.
    • Cashless Claims
      If you go to a network garage, after the inspection from the surveyor, your vehicle will undergo repair once all the documents are found to be in order. The company will settle the bill with the garage directly. To locate a network garage click
    • Reimbursement Claims
      However, for non-cashless or reimbursement claims, you would have to submit the claim form along with the invoice and cash receipt. Your vehicle may have to be produced for re-inspection too.
  2. Health Insurance
    For a hospitalisation that was planned ahead of time, you must intimate the TPA and request a cashless authorisation 72 hours before admission to the hospital. In case of an emergency hospitalisation, inform TPA within 48 hours of admission.
    • Cashless Claim
      At a network hospital, after the pre-authorisation is completed, you would have to pay for non-medical expenses, the rest of the bills would be cleared by the company itself.
    • Reimbursement Claim
      At a non-network hospital, you would have to clear all the hospital bills on your own upfront. Within 30 days from date of discharge, you would have to send the claim form along with all treatment-related documents to Royal Sundaram. Post verification of all paperwork, the company will clear the payment as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

Royal Sundaram Insurance Company Limited - Company Profile

Royal Sundaram Insurance Company is serving over 4.5 million policyholders across the country. The plans offered by the company come with varied benefits and that is the reason they suit people with even the most diverse insurance needs. Another reason for its popularity is the affordability of the policies, which make it possible for all economic classes to invest in the company. The company also has a wide network of empanelled hospitals and garages that makes making a claim all the more easy and smooth. 

Royal Sundaram Insurance Company Limited - Customer Care Details

Official Website 
Phone Number1860 425 0000
Company Address Office No. 21, Patullos Road, Chennai - 600 002.

Royal Sundaram General Insurance FAQs

  • What is the latest ICR of the Royal Sundaram Insurance Company?

    Royal Sundaram recorded an Incurred Claim Ratio of 85% in the financial year 2018-19.

  • Will my Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance be valid in all countries of the world?

    No, there are certain countries that are not covered under insurance, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, North Korea, Sudan to name a few. For the complete list of declined countries, please refer to the company website.

  • Will my CNG private car be covered under Royal Sundaram car insurance?

    Yes, both LPG and CNG kits are covered under car insurance by Royal Sundaram.

  • I have invested in Royal Sundaram health insurance plan, can I increase my sum insured?

    Yes, you can enhance the sum insured, however, you would be able to do that only at the time of renewal.

  • What documents would I have to submit at the time of making a reimbursement claim?

    1. The following documents would be required:
      • Duly filled and signed claim form
      • Policy papers
      • ID Proof of the member hospitalised
      • All treatment-related documents, bills, prescriptions, reports
      • Discharge papers