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With an experience of over 80 years, United India Insurance Company Limited is one of the most preferred and most trusted insurance companies in India. A trusted brand that is greatly admired by all stakeholders, the company has established global recognition. 

The company was incorporated in February 1938, however, it was in 1972 when insurance business was nationalised in India and it was then, that United India Insurance Company Limited was merged with many other groups. Today, the company has a workforce of 14,000 in over 2280 offices spread over the length and breadth of the country. 

There are various insurance products and policies offered by the company such as: 

  1. United India Car Insurance
  2. United India Two-wheeler Insurance
  3. United India Health Insurance
  4. United India Overseas Travel Insurance
  5. United India Commercial Vehicle Insurance
  6. United India Householder’s Insurance
  7. United India Personal Accident Insurance
  8. United India Shopkeeper’s Insurance
  9. United India Home Insurance
  10. United India Fire Insurance
  11. United India Marine Insurance
  12. United India Industrial Insurance
  13. United India Liability Insurance
  14. United India Micro Insurance
  15. United India Credit Insurance

United India Private Car Insurance Plans

In India, many car-owners still feel that insurance is a forced requirement. The reason behind this thinking is the inability to understand the concept of car insurance. United India Insurance has tried to make the process of buying, renewing and claiming an insurance policy very basic and easy. Once you understand the different aspects of car insurance, you would be able to realise the benefits it brings along with it.

  1. Liability Only Insurance - 3 years
    Liability insurance is also called Third-Party insurance. This kind of insurance is considered to be the most basic type of insurance. Mandated under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 it has the lowest premium. Liability insurance covers the injury or damage that your car causes to another person or his property. The damages that are suffered by your car are not covered.
  2. Package Car Insurance Policy
    Package car insurance is a comprehensive car insurance policy that provides wider protection and covers almost all kinds of damages that your car may undergo. Apart from own-damage that result from collision, theft, man-made or natural disasters, your car would also be covered against third-party liabilities.
  3. Standalone Own-Damage Car Insurance Policy
    When you already have third-party insurance but also want to cover the damages to your car that may arise because of the collision, theft, man-made or natural disasters, you can opt for a standalone cover.
  4. Bundled Cover for Private Car
    When you buy a bundled policy for your car, you can get the liability only cover for a period of 3 years and own-damage for one or more years.
  5. Personal Accident Cover for Owner/Driver

In case of physical harm to the insured person, the company pays compensation depending upon the scale of the following:  

  1. Death
  2. Loss of limbs
  3. Permanent disability
  4. Add-Ons
    If you wish to further add to the coverage under own-damage, you have the option to include add-ons to your policy. The add-ons offered by the company are:
  • Return to Invoice
    If your car goes for total loss or gets stolen, with this add-on you can receive compensation that would be equal to the invoice value of the car.
  • Nil Depreciation
    In case of a partial loss claim, there will be no depreciation deductions.
  • Medical Expenses
    With an additional payment, you can buy this cover and cover the medical expenses that you would have to incur in case of accidental injury.
  • Personal Effects 
    When your car gets damaged or stolen, the company will indemnify the loss or damage of personal effect. To see the list of items covered, you can refer to the company website.
  • Extension of Geographical Area 
    By paying an additional premium, there can be an extension in the geographical area and the cover would include: Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka. Refer to the company website to see the detailed list.
  • Engine and Gearbox Protection
    When you buy this add-on, you will be covered for the expenses on internal parts of the vehicle engine that get damaged because of ingression of water or because of leakage of lubricating oil.

United India Two-wheeler Insurance Plans

United India offers the following options in two-wheeler insurance. Select the option that suits you the most, depending on your insurance needs.

  1. Liability Only Insurance - 5 years
    Just like car insurance, liability insurance is mandated by law under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988  for two-wheelers as well. Liability insurance covers you against the expenses you may have to bear in case your two-wheeler causes injury or damage to another person or property. The damages that are suffered by your own two-wheeler will not be covered under this kind of insurance.
  2. Package Policy Two-Wheeler Insurance
    With a package insurance policy, you provide a dual cover for your two-wheeler. The policy will cover third-party liabilities along with the own damages to your bike caused because of:
    • Accidental collision
    • Theft
    • Man-made or natural disasters
  3. Standalone Own-Damage Bike Insurance 
    As the name suggests this is a standalone policy, however, it can be bought when you already have third-party insurance for your two-wheeler. It would cover the damages to your vehicle because of collision, theft, man-made or natural disasters.
  4. Bundled Cover for Two-Wheeler
    With a bundled two-wheeler policy, you cover your two-wheeler for a liability cover of 5 years and own damages for one or more years.
  5. Personal Accident Cover
    A compulsory personal accident cover is offered by the company for the owner/rider of the two-wheeler that covers accidental deaths and permanent disability. Keep in mind that only a valid driver license-holding rider would be eligible for this claim.
  6. Add-Ons
    You can include the add-ons to your policy:
    • Return to Invoice
    • Nil Depreciation
    • Medical Expenses
    • Personal Effects
    • Extension of Geographical Area
    • Engine and Gearbox Protection

United India Health Insurance Plans 

United India Insurance Company Limited offers a number of health insurance plans that help customers fulfil all kinds of medical requirements and emergencies. The company offers many plans ranging from individual to family plans, from super top-up to critical illness plans. Here a look at the different plans offered: 

Type of Insurance 

Main Features of the Insurance Plan

United India Family Medicare 
  • A health insurance policy for the whole family
  • Available on an Individual and Family Floater Basis
  • Entry Age
    • Adults- 18 years to 65 years
    • Children- 3 months to 26 years
  • Sum Insured INR 3 lakhs to INR 25 lakhs
  • Term of policy 1 year
United India Individual Health Insurance Policy 
  • This policy offers an Individual sum insured for an individual
  • The policy can be availed on a family package basis for self, spouse, dependent children and parents, with an individual sum insured for each member
  • Term of policy 1 year
  • 3 Variants:
    • Platinum- Sum Insured INR 2 lakhs to 20 Lakhs
    • Gold- Sum Insured INR 2 lakhs to 10 Lakhs
    • Senior Citizen- Sum Insured INR 2 lakhs to 5 Lakhs
United India Top Up Health Insurance Policy
  • This plan offers extra protection for your hospitalisation expenses
  • Available on an Individual and Family Floater Basis
  • No pre-policy medical screening required till the age of 45 years
  • Sum Insured is based on the Deductible/ Threshold chosen by you
  • Term of policy 1 year

United India Super Top Up Health Insurance Policy


  • This plan covers aggregate hospitalisation expenses, exceeding the threshold level up to the Sum Insured
  • Available on an Individual and Family Floater Basis
  • Sum Insured is based on the Deductible/ Threshold chosen by you
  • Entry Age
    • Adults- 18 years to 65 years
    • Children- 3 months to 26 years
  • Term of policy 1 year
United India UNI Criticare 
  • This policy covers 11 critical illnesses
  • Offers a lump-sum when an illness is diagnosed
  • Premium paid towards the policy is tax exempted

Group Health Insurance Plans


  • United Shramik Seva Policy
  • United India Group Health Insurance Plans
Arogya Sanjeevani, United India 
  • A standard health insurance plan that is available at an affordable
  • Available on an Individual and Family Floater Basis
  • Entry Age
    • Children- 3 months to 25 years
    • Adults- 18 years to 65 years
  • Sum Insured ranges from INR 1 lakh to 5 lakhs
  • Term of policy 1 year
  • Lifelong renewability

Corona Kavach, United India 


  • Standard health insurance that covers COVID-19 specific hospitalisation
  • Available on an Individual and Family Floater Basis
  • Entry Age
    • Children- 1 day to 25 years
    • Adults- 18 years to 65 years
  • Sum Insured ranges from INR 50,000 to 5 lakhs
  • Term of Policy 3 ½ months, 6½ months, 9 ½ months

United India Travel Insurance Plans

One of the most popular travel plans, United India Overseas Travel Insurance Plan makes all your international tours safer and more comfortable, as these plans give you the peace of mind that even in case of an unfortunate incident, your policy would cover you in every way.

Name of the Insurance Plan

Features of the Plan

United India Overseas Travel Insurance - Business and Holiday


  • People going overseas for a holiday or on business can buy this plan
  • Covers medical expenses and repatriation
  • Wide range of sum insured offered
  • Multiple plans variants available to suit customers’ travel needs
United India Overseas Travel Insurance - Corporate Frequent Traveller
  • A customised plan for frequent travellers
  • Offers worldwide coverage
  • Covers medical expenses on accidental injuries and diseases
United India Overseas Travel Insurance - Employment and Studies
  • Plan especially created for people who travel abroad for higher studies or employment
  • Helps them keep safe in an emergency
  • Age Limit 5 years to 60 years
  • The trip should be from 2 months to 12 months long
  • Multiple plans variants available

United India Insurance Company - Premium Payment

  1. Online Method
    Making a payment for a United India insurance policy is a matter of a few minutes. Just visit the company website and enter the policy details. Then, make the required payment through net banking or credit/debit card or UPI wallet.
  2. Offline Method 
    In case you want to pay the premium offline, that is easily possible too. Visit a branch office and fill in the required form. Make the payment via cheque/ demand draft /credit or debit card. Click https://uiic.co.in/en/branch-locator to find a branch office near you. You can also pay your premium through a trusted insurance agent.

United India Insurance Company - Renewal of Policy

When you get your insurance policy on time, it not only keeps your insurance policy running break-free but also saves on the discounts and benefits that you may have earned during the previous policy period. 

  • Online Method
    To renew your policy online, visit the company website and select your current policy, click “Renew”. Check the policy details and make the payment via an electronic mode. Your policy will be renewed immediately.
  • Offline Method
    In case you wish to pay the premium offline, you can visit a local branch. You would have to fill in the paperwork and make the payment via your credit/debit card, cheque or a demand draft. To locate a nearby company office, see the list of offices given on the company website or click  https://uiic.co.in/en/branch-locator. You can also get your policy renewed through a trusted insurance agent. 

United India Insurance Company - Renewal of Expired Policy

After the expiry date, a policy enters the 30-day grace period during which it must be renewed. If because of some reasons, you could not get your policy renewed on time, you may still have the chance to renew it. If your policy is in the grace period, you can renew your policy, however, you must keep in mind that claims made in the grace period will not be accepted by the company. 

  • Car and Two-Wheeler Insurance
    Get in touch with customer care if your car or two-wheeler insurance has expired. A company surveyor will be sent to assess your vehicle. If the renewal is approved, you will receive an intimation from the company and you will be guided about the renewal. Keep the  following documents handy:
    • Govt authorised ID proof
    • Copy of previous Insurance Policy papers
    • Copy of the RC
    • Driver’s License
  • Health Insurance
    If your health insurance policy has expired, you will have to get in touch with customer care. They will guide you on how you can renew your expired policy.

United India Insurance Company - Claim Procedure

When you have to make a claim, make sure you intimate the company as soon as possible. 

  1. Car and Two-Wheeler Insurance
    Making a motor claim for your car or two-wheeler is a very simple process and should be done as early as possible. To intimate your claim, you need to get in touch with the customer care department of the insurer and provide the necessary details for filing the claim. You can also intimate the company online by visiting the website and go to “Online Motor Claim Intimation”, or you can simply click https://www.uiic.in/CustomerAppLive/home.html. Enter your mobile number and you would be guided further. 
    You can also intimate a claim via the Customer Mobile App. 
    There are 2 different procedures for filing a motor insurance claim:
    • Cashless Claims
      After the intimation and approval, you can take your car for repair. At a network garage, the company will do a survey of your vehicle of repair to assess the damages and cost. You would have to submit the claim form and other required documents. Once the claim is approved, it would be settled directly with the garage. You will have to pay for the uncovered expenses from your own pocket and then take the car. To find an authorised garage click https://uiic.co.in/en/garage-details.
    • Reimbursement Claims
      If you wish to get your repair work done at a non-network garage, you would have to opt for the reimbursement process. In this process also, you will have to intimate the insurer. After initial intimation, you need to set up an appointment for a surveyor to visit your place for the inspection of your vehicle. Once the surveyor inspects your vehicle and provides an approval amount for the repair work, you can send your vehicle for repair work at any garage. 
      There would have to pay from your own pocket for the repair work and then send a claim form with all original receipts and bills from the garage along with your initial approval from the surveyor and your banking details. Then the money would be reimbursed to your bank account directly by the insurer after the claim is approved.
  2. Health Insurance
    There are 2 processes for filing a health insurance claim as well. At a network hospital, you have a choice of opting for a cashless claim or a reimbursement one. However, if you get your treatment done at a non-network hospital, you would have to opt for a reimbursement process for filing your claim.
    • Cashless Claim
      For a cashless claim, you would have to file a pre-authorisation form with the TPA desk of the network hospital. For planned hospitalisation, you need to get an approval at least 3-4 days before the due date of the hospitalisation. However, for emergency hospitalisation, you need to submit your pre-authorisation form within 24 hours of hospitalisation for initial approval. 
      Once you receive initial approval, you need to submit the insured person’s KYC documents at the time of admission along with the health card of the insurer.
      To see the hospital list click https://uiic.co.in/en/uiiccontactus.
    • Reimbursement Claim
      In case of a reimbursement claim, the payment of the treatment is to be made up-front. Thereafter, the procedure for the reimbursement is to be followed. You would have to submit all the treatment-related documents along with the Claim Form to the TPA desk of United India for the treatment that you have received. Make sure you submit all the paperwork within 15 days of discharge along with the pre-hospitalisation and post hospitalisation claim documents and bills.

United India Insurance Company Limited - Company Profile

United India Insurance Company Limited not only provides a wide range of innovative insurance products but also works hard to meet the needs of all its customers. It also has a long list of awards and accolades to its name. It won the SKOCH Award for ICT Based Innovation for M Power, SKOCH Award 2018 for Best in Class Crop Insurance. Recently, the company was also awarded as the Best Insurance Company in implementing Government Health Insurance Schemes. 

United India Insurance Company Limited - Customer Care Details

Official Websitehttps://uiic.co.in 
Email IDcustomercare@uiic.co.in 
Toll-Free Number1800 425 333 33   Mon-Fri (10 AM-5:45 PM)
Registered Company Address 24, Whites Road, Chennai – 600 014

Universal Sompo General Insurance FAQs

  • What is the latest ICR for United India Insurance Company Limited?

    United India Insurance Company recorded an Incurred Claim Ratio of 109.40% in the financial year 2018-19.

  • How do I notify United India Insurance Company about my COVID-19 claim intimation?

    To register a claim you can get in touch with the customer care or write an email at customercare@uiic.co.in. You can also download the company mobile app and register your claim via the app.

  • Can I renew my expired policy online?

    No, an expired policy cannot be renewed online. If your policy has expired, get in touch with the company customer care as early as possible, they will guide you regarding the renewal process.

  • Are there any discounts that I can get when buying United India Two-Wheeler Insurance?

    Apart from No Claim Bonus, you can get discounts by:

    • Installing security devices in your bike
    • Increasing the deductible amount
    • Being a member of a recognised Automobile Association of India