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United India Insurance Company Limited is a leading insurance company owned by the Government of India. It was incorporated on 18 February 1938 with its headquarters in Chennai, India.

United India Insurance Company offers a variety of insurance solutions to provide insurance cover to its customers from bullock carts to satellites. The company has over 14000+ workforce across 2281 offices providing cover to 1.74 crore customers. The insurance company has its presence in more than 1000 tier II and III towns as well as villages through its innovative micro offices across the country.

Types of United India Two-wheeler Insurance Policy

United India provides various types of two-wheeler insurance policies, from standalone third-party liability policy to complete comprehensive insurance cover. Let’s have a look at the types of United India two-wheeler insurance policies: 

  1. Third-party liability- 
    Third-party liability insurance is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Third-party liability provides coverage against the compensation which the insured is liable to pay in respect of death or bodily injuries suffered by any third party or damage to any property belonging to the third party.

The following two types of third-party liability insurance policies are offered by United India General Insurance Company-

  • Single year third-party liability-only policy- 
    Liability only insurance policy provides coverage for third-party liability for a period of one year and can be renewed annually. 
  • Long term third-party liability-only policy- 
    Long term third-party liability-only policy provides coverage against third-party liability for the tenure of 5 years. Long term liability only policy is available only for new two-wheelers. IRDAI has made it mandatory for every two-wheeler owner to buy a minimum of five-year third-party liability only insurance when buying the vehicle.
  1. Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy- 
    United India comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage which includes third-party liability, own damages and theft. Comprehensive policies are also known as two-wheeler package policies because of the inclusive coverage they provide. United India General Insurance offers one comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy with tenure of one year. 

Note: As per the latest guidelines of Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority of India, every vehicle owner is required to purchase a minimum five years of third-party liability insurance policy while buying a new bike or scooter. You can choose to buy one-year own damage cover along with 5-year third-party liability under a bundled insurance policy. Alternatively, you can buy a standalone own damages cover for one year along with a standalone 5 years third-party liability insurance. 

Benefits of buying United India two-wheeler insurance policy

Besides the mandatory requirement, United India two-wheeler insurance provides various other benefits. Let’s have a look at the benefits that you can avail when you buy United India two-wheeler insurance: 

  1. Digitisation Benefit- 
    United India provides all services online right from buying, renewing to claiming. You can buy a two-wheeler insurance policy from the official website of the insurance company in simple steps. Similarly, the process of renewal and claim settlement can also be done online without visiting the branch office of the company. The digitalisation of the insurance policy helps you to save time as well as make a claim in a hassle-free manner.
  2. Network garages
    You can get your bike or scooter repaired at any of the network workshops of the insurance company and avail a cashless settlement. 
  3. Emergency assistance
    The insurance company offers 24* 7 emergency assistance which can be availed anywhere and anytime. You can also avail roadside assistance for towing a vehicle to the nearest repair centre. 
  4. Customer service- 
    United India two-wheeler insurance provides excellent customer service which is very helpful and efficient. You can contact the customer care department of United India for any query and the executive will assist your efficiency. 
  5. Quick claim settlement- 
    United India two-wheeler insurance provides a quick and simple claim settlement process. You can visit the official website of the insurance company and initiate the claim process easily. The insurance companies strive to ensure that your claim is settled in the most convenient manner and as soon as possible.
  6. Discounts- You can avail various discounts such as installation of anti-theft devices, no claim bonus, etc. on the amount of premium of the two-wheeler insurance policy. 
  7. Add on the cover
    United India two-wheeler insurance company offers various add-on covers to help you customise your two-wheeler insurance policy as per your requirements. However, these add-on covers can be brought at an additional premium. 

What is covered under United India Two-Wheeler Insurance? 

United India two-wheeler insurance policy covers losses and damages arising due to the following: 

  1. Third-party liability- 
    All the legal liabilities of the insured towards the third party for damage to the third party property or bodily injury would be covered under the two-wheeler insurance policy of United India. 
  2. Own damages
    Own damages refer to losses or damages suffered by the insured vehicle in an accident. United India’s comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy covers such damages as well as theft of the vehicle.
  3. Fire
    Losses suffered by the insured vehicle due to accidental fire is covered under two-wheeler insurance. 
  4. Natural calamities- 
    Damages due to natural calamities such as earthquakes, cyclone effect, road slide, floods, lightning, etc. are also covered. 
  5. Man-made disasters- 
    A claim can be made in case of damages or losses due to man-made disasters such as strike, riots, malicious acts, etc. United India two-wheeler insurance also covers damages caused to the vehicle in transit by air, road, rail, inland waterways, etc. 

  6. Theft
    Comprehensive insurance policies provide coverage against theft. If your vehicle gets stolen, then you can make a claim and get a lump sum amount. 

  7. Personal accident (if opted)
    If you opt for a personal accident cover, then you can get coverage against death or disability suffered by the driver or the pillion rider. Personal accident cover is optional and can be purchased by paying an additional premium. A lump sum amount is paid in case of death or disablement suffered by the driver or the pillion rider. 

What is not covered under United India Two-Wheeler Insurance? 

There are certain situations which are permanently excluded under United India two-wheeler insurance. The permanent exclusions under two-wheeler insurance are as follows: 

  1. Contractual liability- 
    Any damage that arises out of a contract with the third-party would not be paid by the insurance company.

  2. Consequential damages
    Damages which are not a direct result of an accident are called consequential damages and they are not covered under two-wheeler insurance policies. 
  3. Damage outside India
    The coverage of two-wheeler insurance is limited only within the geographical limits of India. If you travel beyond the borders of India and an accident takes place, then you cannot make an insurance claim. 

  4. Inactive policy- 
    No coverage is offered during the period when your policy is inactive or has lapsed. 

  5. Mechanical or electrical breakdown and depreciation
    Normal wear and tear, depreciation, general ageing of the vehicle and mechanical or electrical breakdown are not covered under the two-wheeler insurance policy. 

  6. Drunk driving- 
    If you drive your two-wheeler while you are drunk or under the influence of drugs, then no claim can be made in case of damages arising due to such activity. 

  7. Limitations as to use- 
    No claim will be entertained by the insurance company, if you use your vehicle for purposes which are beyond limitations such as for speed testing, carriage of goods, reward or hire, reliability trails or organised racing.

  8. Without a valid driving licence- 
    It is illegal to drive a vehicle without a valid driving licence. Thereby, the insurance company will not pay for damages which arise while driving the two-wheeler without a valid driving licence.

When you make a claim under the United India two-wheeler insurance policy, you should keep these permanent exclusions in mind so that your claims are not rejected. 

How to buy United India Two-wheeler Insurance Policy? 

United India offers a simplified and easiest process to buy its two-wheeler insurance policy. You can buy United India two-wheeler insurance plan in four simple steps which are as follows: 

  1. Visit the website- 
    Visit the official website (https://www.uiic.in/CustomerPortalWeb/data/MotorQuote.html#/motorQuote ) and enter the details about your vehicle such as vehicle’s make and model, registration number and state of its registration, etc. 

  2. Choose the two-wheeler insurance cover- 
    Choose the type of cover you want to buy from the available plans. You can also add personal accident cover or any other add-on that you wish to buy with the policy. After selecting the insurance cover, the amount of premium will be calculated for you by the company. 

  3. Pay premium- 
    You can pay the premium amount in any online payment modes offered by the company after agreeing to the terms and conditions. 
  4. Policy Issuance- 
    Once the premium is paid, your policy is issued to you instantly. The policy document will be sent to you in your registered email ID, if provided and also sent to your doorstep.

United India Two Wheeler Insurance Claim Process

United India offers a simple and hassle-free claim settlement process. You can either go for cashless settlement or a non-cashless settlement of your claim. The steps to file a claim under the United India two-wheeler insurance policy are as follows: 

  1. Visit the insurer- 
    You will have to visit the official website of the insurance company (https://uiic.in/CustomerAppLive/home.html ) to initiate the claim process as soon as the accident takes place.

  2. Login
    After visiting the official website of United India General Insurance, you will have to log into your account by using your registered mobile number.

  3. Survey
    The insurance company will send a surveyor that will survey the damages. The surveyor will assess the extent of repairs cost and confirm the same to the insurance company.

  4. Claim settlement- 
    You can choose the mode of repair that you want to opt for that is cashless or non-cashless claim settlement. After completion of all the formalities, you can take your vehicle to the authorised workshop or to take your vehicle to any other non-network garage and seek reimbursement if the claim is admissible. 

United India provides quick, reliable and easy settlement of the claim. The process is very simple and can be done in minutes. The insurance company ensures to settle your claim as soon as possible after submission of the relevant documents and as per the terms and conditions of the two-wheeler insurance policy. 

Renewing a lapsed United India Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

You should renew your two-wheeler insurance policy within a specified period of expiry to ensure uninterrupted coverage. United India two-wheeler insurance policy can be renewed online through the website (https://www.uiic.in/CustomerPortalWeb/data/motorRenewal.html#/motorRenew ). If you forget to renew your insurance policy with the due date, you have an option to renew it within the grace period offered by the insurance company. During the grace period, your no claim bonus will remain active. However, if you forget to renew your two-wheeler insurance even within the grace period then the no claim bonus will lapse. You will have to call the insurance company for renewal and fresh inspection of your vehicle. 

Review of United India Two-Wheeler Insurance

United India two-wheeler insurance is one of the most preferred insurance companies in the country with global recognition. It is one of the most trusted insurers in India. The insurance company is best in its customer service which is provided by leveraging technology and multiple channels. The insurance policies offered by United India Insurance Company for motorcycles and scooters are very much in demand. Being a public sector insurance company United India ranks second in the country in terms of the amount of gross premium collected. If you are looking to buy a reliable and trusted insurance policy with assured claim settlement for your two vehicles then United India two-wheeler insurance is the right choice. 

United India Two-Wheeler Insurance Customer Care Information

Register office

United India Insurance Company Limited

24, Whites Road, Chennai- 600014

Customer supportcustomercare@uiic.co.in
Toll-free number1800 425 333 33
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