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A non-life general insurance company, Fairfax-backed Go-Digit started its operation in November 2017. The company aims at simplifying insurance plans so that they are extremely easy to comprehend. With the aim to ‘make insurance simple’ all the procedures have been digitised, thereby, easing the long and tedious claim settlements. The company offers the following:

  • Digit Car Insurance 
  • Digit Two-Wheeler Insurance
  • Digit Health Insurance
  • Digit International Travel Insurance
  • Digit Property Insurance
  • Digit Home Insurance
  • Digit Shop Insurance
  • Digit Fire Insurance

        A.   Digit Car Insurance Plans

Car insurance protects your car from the risk that is caused by accidents, thefts and even natural disasters. Let us take a look at the car insurance plans:

Type of Car Insurance Main Features of the Plan
Third-party Liability Car Insurance Policy
  • Only the damages caused to the third-party or property are covered
  • This kind of insurance is mandated by the government, under the Indian Motor Act
Standalone Own-Damage Car Insurance
  • This is an optional cover that can be bought when you already have third-party insurance
  • Covers damages to the car, due to the following reasons are:
    • Accidents of external means
    • Thefts, riots, terrorist activity or vandalism
    • Self-ignition
    • Natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, landslides etc
  • Option to opt for add-ons
Comprehensive Car Insurance
  • A combination of third-party and own-damage cover
  • Takes care of the legal requirement against third-party liability, including death, bodily injuries and property damage
  • Covers own damages/losses related to car
  • Option to opt for add-ons
Personal Accident Cover for Owner Driver


In the case of physical harm to the insured person while driving:

  • Death
  • Loss of limbs
  • Permanent disability


The scope  of comprehensive car insurance becomes wider with the add-ons:



Zero Depreciation CoverLets you nullify the depreciation charges
Passenger CoverWith this add-on, you can cover the co-passenger as well
Tyre Protect CoverTo cover the repair cost of tyre bursts, bulges or cuts
Breakdown Assistance

Just call the company and get roadside assistance anywhere
Engine and Gear-Box Protection Cover Cover your car with this rider, especially when you reside in a flood-prone area. Repair and replacement of internal parts of the engine will be covered
Return to InvoiceIn case of theft or total loss, you will receive  the complete amount of your car's invoice value
Consumable ExpensesConsumables such as engine oil, gearbox oil, lubricants, nut & bolt, screws etc are covered

        B.   Digit Two-Wheeler Insurance Plans

Let us take a look at the different aspects of two-wheeler insurance options:

  • Third-party Liability Insurance Policy
    During an accident, if your bike causes any damage or injury to a third-party person or property, TP insurance will cover all such costs. Third-party insurance policy is compulsory under the Indian Motor Act.

  • Standalone Own-Damage Two-Wheeler Insurance
    Standalone OD is an optional cover which you can purchase when you already have third-party insurance. It would cover the damages to your bike, that are caused because of:
    • Accidents 
    • Man-made Thefts, riots, terrorist activity or vandalism
    • Self-ignition
    • Natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, landslides etc
  • Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance
    A combination of third-party and own-damage cover, comprehensive insurance covers the third-party damages along with the cost of repair of your bike. 

  • Personal Accident Cover for Owner Driver
    In the case of physical harm to the insured person while riding:
    • Death
    • Loss of limbs
    • Permanent disability
  • Add-ons for extra Coverage
  • Zero Depreciation Cover 
    Nullify the expenses that are otherwise not covered on depreciation of car parts.
  • Return to Invoice
    If your car goes for total loss or gets stolen, you will be compensated with your car's invoice value.
  • Engine and Gearbox Protection Cover
    Repair and replacement of gear box and internal parts of the engine will be covered
  • Consumable Cover
    Consumable items such washers, screws, nuts and bolts, etc are covered.
  • Breakdown Assistance
    In case your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere, you can get help from the company.

Other Types of Motor Insurance Plans with Digit Motor Insurance are:

  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Taxi/Cab/Auto Rickshaw Insurance
  • Truck Insurance

        C.   Digit Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance covers you financially when you face a health condition or are in a medical emergency that could be due to an illness, injury or accident. Here are the features that make digit health insurance plans very beneficial:

  • Simple online procedures
  • Covers COVID-19 
  • No age-based co-payment
  • Refill of the sum insured
  • Cumulative bonus for staying healthy
  • A network of 5,900 hospitals
Type of Health Insurance Main Features of the Plan
Digit Individual Health Insurance Plan
  • No room rent restrictions
  • Digitally friendly procedures
  • Maternity benefit with newborn baby cover
  • Critical illness benefit
  • Annual check-up
Digit Family Floater Health Insurance Plan
  • Plan shared by the whole family
  • No room rent restrictions
  • Maternity benefit with newborn baby cover
  • Critical illness benefit
  • Annual check-up
  • Psychiatric benefit
  • Additional covers available
Digit Health Insurance with OPD Cover
  • Out-Patient Department treatments and diagnosis are covered
  • Covers COID-19 treatments
  • There are no age-based co-payments
  • No capping of room rent
  • Avail cumulative benefits after a claim-free year
Digit Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan
  • Quick and easy procedures
  • Domiciliary care
  • Critical illness benefit
  • Additional covers like- Zone upgrade, AYUSH treatment
Digit Super Top-Up Health Insurance Plan
  • Covers pandemics
  • Option to customise plan as per your needs
  • Greater cover for seniors and parents
  • Additional tax savings
Digit Group Medical Insurance Plan:Corporate Health Insurance
  • Plans for SMEs, Start-ups and Corporates
  • Cashless claims
  • Affordable premiums
  • Post-hospitalisation lump sum benefit
  • Group health insurance for all company sizes
Digit Maternity Health Insurance Plan
  • Covers normal and C-section deliveries
  • Newborn baby cover
  • Infertility expenses covered
  • 200% Sum Insured for Second Child
  • Pregnancy Complications
Corona Kavach
  • Standard health insurance policy, specifically for COVID-19 treatment
  • Corona Kavach offers sum insured ranging from INR 50,000 to INR 5 lakhs
  • Covers home care
Corona Rakshak
  • Standard health insurance policy, specifically for COVID-19 treatment
  • Benefit based plan that would pay-out a lump sum 
  • Offers sum insured ranging from INR 50,000 to INR 2.5 lakhs
Aarogya Sanjeevani Policy
  • Standard health insurance policy 
  • Covers healthcare expenses ranging from INR 3 lakhs to INR 5 lakhs
  • Coverage from COVID-19 and other illnesses

        D.   Digit Travel Insurance Plans

Digit’s International Travel Insurance plans are created with the aim to offer maximum protection even when you are away from home. In some countries having travel insurance is mandatory for all travellers. Even if travel insurance is not mandatory, if you plan to go on an international trip, it would provide you with the much needed financial support in case of any problem.


Type of Insurance Main Features of the Plan

Overseas/ International Travel Insurance


  • Basic
  • Comfort
  • Covers adventure sports
  • Smartphone-enabled procedures
  • Worldwide support
  • Loss of passport
  • Accidental death and disability

Go Digit Premium Payment

Paying premium online would just take a few minutes. The process is simple and can be done in a few clicks. Visit the official website, select the plan that you have to pay for and make the payment through your Credit Card/Debit Card/ Net Banking/ UPI Wallet.

Go Digit Renewal Procedure

        A. Car and Two-Wheeler Insurance Plans

You can renew your insurance policy online within a few minutes. Visit the official website, and enter your previous policy details. Select the plan you want, and the add-ons that you wish to opt for if any. You will then see the premium amount and can make payment through an electronic medium. 

        B. Health Insurance Plans

To renew any of your health insurance policies, you need to sign in to the company website, through your mobile number or with your policy details. You may also click https://www.godigit.com/login for the same. If you wish to modify the policy, like add any riders or enhance the sum insured, you can do it at the time of renewal. 

Go Digit Expired Policy Renewal Procedure

        A. Car and Two-Wheeler Insurance Plans

If your motor insurance has expired, you can speak to the customer care and request for a surveyor’s visit. The surveyor will assess your vehicle and accordingly approve the renewal. Post the survey, you will be notified about the premium amount and the procedure to be followed. You would be able to make the payment through an electronic medium. 

        B. Health Insurance Plans

When your policy expires, the 30-day Grace Period begins. You must get your policy renewed during this if you wish to continue with the policy benefits. If your policy has lapsed, you must get in touch with the customer care as early as possible. They would guide you about the renewal. Depending upon your selected plan, your age and the time lapse a medical screening may or may not be required. 

Go Digit Claim Procedure

  1. Car and Two-Wheeler Insurance
    The claim procedure is totally digital. You just need to call on 1800-258-5956. Do the self-inspection by shooting the damages of your vehicle on your phone and upload it through the link that is shared with you. Then you need to select any of the following claim procedures:
    1. Cashless Claim
      When the vehicle is repaired at a Digit Authorised Repair Center, the payment for the approved claim amount is made by the company directly to the repair centre. 
    2. Reimbursement 
      When you get your vehicle repaired at a non-network garage, you clear the bill on your own and then submit all the bills and receipts for reimbursement. 

  2. Health Insurance 
    1. Cashless Claim
      When you have to be hospitalised at a network hospital, you need to present your e-health card at the helpdesk, and fill in the cashless request form.
    2. Reimbursement 
      Call on 1800-258-4242 or send an email at healthclaims@godigit.com. You will receive a link where you can upload the hospital bills and all relevant documents. The reimbursement request will then be processed. 

  3. Travel Insurance
    To make a claim for your international travel, you need to give a missed call at 1800-103-4448 if in India, or at 91-7303470000 if abroad. You may also send an email regarding the same at - travelclaims@godigit.com.  A company executive will call you back within minutes. You will receive a link where you can upload all relevant documents and details.

Go Digit General Insurance Limited-Company Profile

Started in the year 2016, by Kamlesh Goyal, Digit General Insurance Company became the General Insurance Company of the year, 2019, in Asia. Since its operations, the company has served over 5 million customers and achieved around 300 USD of annualised premium. The company also received a high customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Facebook. Out of the many attractive features, the most attractive benefits are: 

  • Very user-friendly and easy-to-follow online portal helps customers manage the procedures on their own
  • 80% advance payments for repairs at a garage of your choice
  • Smartphone-enabled self-inspection for motor claims is a unique and much-preferred way of vehicle assessment
  • Thanks to an efficient system there are super quick settlements 
  • 24x7 customer care support

Go Digit General Insurance Limited Customer Care Details

Official Websitehttps://www.godigit.com 
Email IDhello@godigit.com 
WhatsApp Service Chat70260 61234
Toll-Free Number1800 103 4448
Company Address Atlantis, 95, 4th B Cross Road, Koramangala Industrial Layout, 5th Block, Bengaluru 560095
Go Digit General Insurance Limited FAQs
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