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List of Diseases Covered by Cholamandalam Health Insurance You Should Know

By Juhi Walia
23 August 2022, 12:13 PM

Diseases can sneak into your body when you least expect them and some ailments can be quite expensive to cure. A health insurance plan will ensure financial protection in such cases by giving you medical support upon hospitalisation, before and after it. Cholamandalam is one such insurer that offers such support. Knowing which diseases are covered under a health insurance plan is important in order to have apt use of the policy at the time of need. Here, we are going to talk about the list of diseases that Cholamandalam health insurance covers. It covers different types of diseases ranging from lifestyle ailments to life-threatening ones. Let’s discuss all such coverages in this post.

About Different Health Insurance Plans By Cholamandalam

The Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company provides a variety of health insurance plans to meet the medical requirements of individuals of all ages. These health plans cover hospitalisation, ambulance services, ICU facilities, surgery, maternity, daycare procedures, and other medical expenses. The plans are available with sums insured varying from INR 50,000 to INR 5 crore. 

Cholamandalam health insurance policies also offer cashless hospitalisation services at over 10,000 network hospitals across the country. The company provides customised health plans to cover diseases such as dengue, COVID-19, malaria, and critical diseases. Check here the wide range of health insurance plans that Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company offers:

  • Chola Healthline Plan
  • Chola Flexi Health Supreme Plan
  • Chola Flexi Max Protect Plan
  • Chola Flexi Health Retail Plan
  • Chola Super Topup Insurance Plan
  • Chola MS Critical Healthline Insurance Plan
  • Chola Vector Borne Diseases Insurance Plan
  • Chola Flexi Super Topup Insurance Plan
  • Chola Criticare Plan
  • Chola Arogya Sanjeevani Plan
  • Chola Hospital Cash Healthline Plan
  • Chola Flexi Plus Plan
  • Chola Corona Rakshak Plan
  • Chola Corona Kavach Plan
  • Chola MS COVID-19 Cover Plan
  • Chola Sarva Shakti Plan
  • Chola MS Event Shield Insurance Plan
  • Chola Health & Accident Plan for Educational Institutions Plan
  • Chola MS RSBY Family Floater Health Insurance Plan
  • Chola MS Raksha Kavach Plan
  • Chola Credit Linked Premium Critical Illness Insurance Plan

Here We Will Check the List of Diseases that Cholamandalam Covers Under their Health Insurance Policies

Heart Diseases 

Heart diseases are cardiovascular diseases that occur when the heart does not operate normally. It is a fatal disease with costly treatments, including surgery. However, if you have a Chola MS Critical Healthline Insurance policy or a Chola Criticare policy, the treatment costs will be covered by the insurance company.


Cancer is a potentially fatal lifestyle disease. The disease is caused by abnormal cell growth in the body, and treatment is extremely expensive. However, if you have a Chola Criticare policy, a Chola Sarva Shakti policy, or a Chola MS Critical Healthline Insurance policy, the health insurance company will cover the cost of your treatment.

Critical Illness

Critical illness is a lethal disease caused by hereditary, genetic, or lifestyle factors. A critical illness takes a long time to treat and may necessitate treatments and surgery. So, treating them costs a lot of money. Your treatment expenses will be covered by Cholamandalam if you have Chola Criticare policy, Chola MS Critical Healthline Insurance Policy, or Chola Flexi Max Protect policy.


Dengue fever is a potentially fatal viral infection spread by mosquitoes. Dengue treatment can be costly if your condition worsens and hospitalisation is required. However, with the Chola Vector Borne Diseases Insurance policy, you will not have to worry about the cost of treatment because the insurance provider will cover it.

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Malaria is a deadly vector-borne disease with life-threatening consequences. Malaria treatment can be costly if hospitalisation is required. However, if you have a Chola Vector Borne Diseases Insurance policy, your insurance company will pay for the cost of your treatment. 


Chikungunya is a virus that is spread through mosquito bites. In severe cases, the disease's treatment may be extremely expensive. However, if you have a Chola Vector Borne Diseases Insurance policy, your insurance company will cover the cost of your treatment.

Note - Vector-borne diseases are also covered under regular Cholamandalam health insurance plans.

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is a food-borne disease caused by consuming contaminated food. If the proper treatment is not received on time, the disease can cause health complications, sometimes fatal. As a result, the treatment can become costly. If you have a Chola MS Event Shield Insurance policy, your food poisoning treatment costs will be covered by your Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company.


If a cataract is not treated promptly, it can cause blindness. The only option to treat a cataract is through surgery, which many individuals may find difficult to pay for. However, if you have a Chola Arogya Sanjeevani policy, you won't need to worry about the expense of the procedure because your insurance provider will cover it.


The SARS-CoV-2 virus is the source of the viral illness COVID-19. It is a highly contagious illness that, particularly in co-morbid individuals, can lead to serious health issues. As a result, COVID-19 treatment costs may become very expensive. However, your insurance provider will cover your medical bills if you have a COVID-19 Cover, Corona Rakshak, or Corona Kavach coverage. Additionally, most Cholamandalam health insurance plans pay for hospitalisation costs associated with COVID-19.

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The only way to receive prompt medical attention for any illness without depleting your money is to purchase health insurance coverage. Before purchasing a Cholamandalam health insurance coverage, make sure to review the ailments that are covered by the policy. 

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1. What does pre-existing condition mean in terms of Cholamandalam health insurance?

It is a physical problem or disease that predates your acquisition of health insurance, which is important as Cholamandalam and other insurers don’t cover such pre-existing conditions within 36 months of the policy purchase. After 48 months of continuous insurance coverage, pre-existing conditions can be taken into account for payment.

2. What is the meaning of "any one illness"?

Any continuous duration of illness, including recurrence within a predetermined number of days, would be referred to as "any one illness" under the policy. This usually takes 45 days.

3. What is meant by the health check facility in Cholamandalam health insurance?

Cholamandalam Flexi Health Insurance Plan offers you a free health check-up facility once in every two claim-free years. 

4. What pre-existing conditions are excluded from Cholamandalam health insurance coverage?

Pre-existing illnesses could be anything, like high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disease, asthma, depression, etc. If you have any of these diseases before buying a Cholamandalam health insurance policy, you will need to wait for 36 months. Some diseases could be outright exclusions, regardless of when you have them. Check the Cholamandalam health insurance policy document to know the same.

5. Can I recharge my Cholamandalam health insurance if my sum insured gets exhausted while filing claims for disease treatment?

Yes, it allows recharging your sum insured. However, check the terms and conditions related to the same before raising the recharge request with Cholamandalam.

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