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Preventive Health Care Plan: A Quick Guide

By Juhi Walia
10 October 2022, 12:25 PM

Various programs are available from insurers and medical facilities across the nation for people who want to get regular health checks. Customers can discover potential ailments and take the necessary precautions thanks to it. Such strategies are crucial for critical illnesses since they can be identified early and treated with the appropriate treatment. The patient’s family history is also taken into account during these preventative health exams, and the risk of getting diseases is determined depending on those circumstances. Based on the findings of a preventative health examination, people can change their habits, raising their quality of life and resulting in a much healthier one. 

It is always advisable to be prepared for illness to prevent it rather than contacting a doctor when you are ill. A health insurance policy is great if it covers preventive measures like diagnostic testing, medical visits, and other similar expenses. A preventive healthcare strategy helps make the generally available, but pricey, preventive care check-up possible.

This insurance coverage has made a significant difference in the lives of numerous people by limiting the effects of sickness through timely detection and appropriate screening. You can protect yourself against diseases that develop slowly over time and can even be fatal to the person who is unwell by practicing preventive care and getting regular health checks.

Features of a Health Care Plan

There are only three easy steps to using preventive healthcare:

  1. You must first call the helpline number on your membership card and give the representative a description of your medical issue.
  2. She/he will then direct you to a specialist doctor for a diagnosis.
  3. Finally, you can use the card to pay for your medical treatment without having to occasionally shell out cash.

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A comprehensive plan called preventive health care plan was created to offer customers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Annual free health examinations
  • Free medical advice, even over the phone
  • Discounts on tests performed in radiology, pathology, and diagnostic labs.
  • Pharmacy concessions
  • Dental care
  • Discounts on diagnostic and consultation services as well as even the most expensive treatments
  • Reduces taxes through Section 80D

Difference Between Health Insurance and Preventive Healthcare Plans

The major distinctions between a preventive health plan and health insurance are highlighted below:


Preventive Healthcare Plan

Health Insurance

Senior citizen

This plan is easily accessible to older individuals, and everyone pays the same price.

Older adults are either excluded from this plan or must pay a higher premium to be insured.

Pre-existing Disease

The plan provides coverage for pre-existing conditions.

The waiting period must pass before any pre-existing conditions are covered.


A relatively little annual membership fee is levied.

The premium is typically levied at a high rate.

Health Services

Services in radiology and pathology are covered.

Services related to radiology and pathology are not covered.

Claim Process

The process of using the services is easy and quick.

It takes a while to handle claims.

Expenses Covered

Coverage for general medical bills is provided through a preventative healthcare plan.

The costs associated with hospitalisation are covered by a health insurance plan.


Both diagnostic and preventative services are covered by this plan.

This insurance policy protects from serious illnesses.

Preventive Plans by Healthcare Package

The following is an explanation of a few of the standard preventive healthcare packages provided to clients:

  1. Regular plan: An individual might visit the doctor for a routine health checkup under a preventive healthcare plan to keep themselves protected against any ailment.
  2. Child plan: With the help of a child health insurance plan, parents or guardians can regularly take children between the ages of 0 and 13 to the doctor for checkups.
  3. Family plan: Every family member, regardless of age or gender, is eligible for preventative healthcare under this family health insurance plan.

Services That Fall Under the Preventive Healthcare Plan

Various types of service packages are provided to the patients according to their needs and necessity. The list is given below:

  1. Cardiac Packages: Due to the increase in cardiac-related illnesses in India, numerous hospitals throughout the nation offer specialised plans for undergoing a thorough heart examination. When recommending the necessary corrective steps, consultations performed by these packages also take into account a person’s lifestyle and family history.
  2. Cancer Packages: The worst hazard to people today is cancer. This is because of younger generations' changing eating and lifestyle patterns. Cancer screening programs are available to aid in both the early diagnosis of the disease and the identification of potential future concerns.
  3. Dental Packages: Along with the standard health check-up plans that medical facilities offer, customers can also purchase specific dental packages.
  4. Diabetes Plan: Customers can also choose among diabetes programs that include checkups for important organs.
  5. Fertility Check-ups: Hospitals also provide packages for fertility check-ups that include expert and doctor consultations, as well as tests to determine the fertility quotient.
  6. Packages for Kids: The paediatrics, ophthalmology, dental, radiology services, ENT, and general check-up programs are specifically designed for children.
  7. Corporate/Executive Plans: Many healthcare facilities across the country offer corporate employers discounted preventative health care insurance that they might purchase for their professionals or employees. According to the needs of the company, these health plans are customisable as per patient. Employers may choose the number of health examinations and consultations that they deem necessary for their staff members with complete freedom.

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We have developed a sedentary lifestyle as a result of modernisation, which has also affected the way we eat and sleep. The way our bodies work has been significantly impacted by this. In certain situations, these lifestyle modifications have also increased our susceptibility to several ailments. As a result, a person must choose a preventative healthcare plan that suits their needs. Additionally, there are several customizable options accessible today that can unquestionably save you a lot. A disease should always be treated before it kills you. Therefore, if you don't already have a preventive healthcare plan, get one as soon as you can.

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1. What are the tests included under the preventive healthcare plan?

Preventive plans typically include screenings for cancer, genetic testing, HIV testing, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. Depending on the sort of customer taking the test, each package will be customised.

2. Is there any tax exemption on preventive healthcare plans?

Customers can receive tax exemptions when they enrol in a preventative health check-up plan under Section 80D. Customers can receive up to INR 5000 in tax exemptions when they purchase a preventive health package.

3. Do healthcare plans cover pre-existing diseases?

Yes, they do cover most pre-existing diseases, unlike health insurance plans.

4. What are the expenses covered under the preventive healthcare plan?

The preventive healthcare plan generally offers coverage of medical expenses. Patients can regularly go for their routine checkups and keep track of their health. 

5. Is there any healthcare plan for senior citizens?

Yes, there are health insurance for senior citizens as well. It is easier for them to get this plan and a premium plan is also available for them. The premium plan is accessible to them with equal charges to other persons, unlike health insurance which demands a higher premium. 

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