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Cholamandalam Health Insurance: Renewal and Claims

By Juhi Walia
11 October 2022, 4:44 PM

It is a joint venture of Murugappa Group (India) and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company Limited (Japan). Apart from health insurance, this company provides many other insurance products including accident insurance, property insurance, travel insurance, etc.

Health insurance plans by the Cholamandalam group:

  • Chola Healthline
  • Chola Super Top-up Insurance
  • Chola MS Critical Healthline Insurance
  • Chola Accident Protection
  • Flexi Health Insurance Plan
  • Chola Hospital Cash Healthline 
  • Aarogya Sanjeevani Policy, Chola MS

Filing a Claim for Cholamandalam Health Insurance Plans

You can opt for either a cashless claim or reimbursement claim with the Cholamandalam health insurance policy. To go ahead with a cashless claim, an individual must receive medical treatment from one of the network hospitals of Cholamandalam. The list of these cashless network hospitals is provided with the policy inception documents as well as online on their website.

To avail cashless option, an individual has to apply through the proper pre-authorization form available at the hospital’s TPA desk as well as online.

All the information is available on the information brochure of Cholamandalam insurance.

The stepwise process to avail cashless claim of Cholamandalam Health Insurance :

Step 1- Intimate your insurance provider through a duly filled pre-authorization cashless form. This should be done before 72 hrs of your planned hospitalisation or within 48 hrs in case of emergency hospitalisation.

Step 2- Attach all the documents including a copy of your insurance card, photo ID, and medical reports. Submit them all at the hospital’s insurance desk or TPA desk. 

Step 3- From the hospital, these details will be sent to your health insurance claim settlement team. The details are verified by the insurance company. Once verified and approved for the cashless process, the cashless network hospital can directly send treatment expenses to the insurance company.

Step 4- If for some reason, your cashless claim is rejected by the insurance company, you can still Cholamandalam health insurance claim your treatment expenses through the process of reimbursement. A separate process has to be followed for that.

The stepwise process to avail Cholamandalam health insurance reimbursement claim:

Step 1- After getting admitted to a non-network hospital of the Cholamandalam group for treatment, you have to bear the expenses of the treatment. Keep a record of your bills, invoices, medical reports, doctors' notes, etc.

Step 2- Fill out the claim form available on the website of the insurance company. Fill out the details properly and in the prescribed format. 

Step 3- Attach all the documents including your medical tests, details of treatment, medicines, doctor's notes, etc. and your policy details.

Step 4- It is necessary to apply for reimbursement within 30 days of the date of discharge.

Step 5- If more details are required, the health insurance company will intimate you. If not, your claim will be approved and processed.

Step 6- If your claim documents are as per the insurance policy, it will be approved and the amount will be refunded to you after necessary copayments.

The timeline of the reimbursement is mentioned in the policy copy.

Documents Required for Cholamandalam Health Insurance Reimbursement Claim

  • Properly filled and signed claim form
  • All the bills and invoices- copies and original both
  • Prescriptions with the need for hospitalisation
  • Stickers or invoices of the implants if used in the surgery
  • All medical reports and investigations
  • The treatment file (provided from the hospital) with the details of the treatment received

Claim Support

The claim support process of Cholamandalam health insurance is fast and easy as per the records. One should always check the claim support of any health insurance before you buy a health insurance plan. Cholamandalam provides 24x7 customer care services to support its insurers. 

Renewal of Cholamandalam Health Insurance

Renewal of a health insurance policy is indeed one of the most important aspects of your health insurance plan. If you fail to renew the insurance policy in due course of time, you will not be covered under its benefits and your policy will lapse. Cholamandalam also provides a grace period in health insurance.

Renewal of Cholamandalam health insurance can be done easily online. Here is the stepwise process for Cholamandalam health insurance renewal:

Step 1- Go to the official website of Cholamandalam health insurance. 


Step 3- Select ‘Health’ and enter your policy number & date of birth.

Step 4-Click on the proceed button and select the payment option.

Step 5- Save the receipt or print it for your reference. Your policy is now renewed and you are covered by the benefits of the insurance.

Note: Calculate your premium by using an online health insurance premium calculator. It is better to compare health insurance plans as per your need. You can opt for an online policy comparison easily.


  • Cholamandalam health insurance is premium grade insurance for health-related insurance plans.
  • Cholamandalam health insurance claims can be settled in two ways-
  1. Cashless- To avail the cashless treatment in the network hospital.
  2. Reimbursement- To claim the treatment expenses after getting discharged from any hospital.
  • A set of documents is needed for claim settlement in both the ways -
  1. In Cashless- Pre-hospitalisation approval is mandatory if planned and in case of an emergency within 48 hrs of admission. Photo ID, policy details, doctor's prescription, medical investigations, etc are necessary to attach.
  2. In Reimbursement- All the treatment details, policy details, medical expenses invoice, discharge summary card, implant stickers or invoice if applicable, etc.
  • Renewal must be done within the stipulated period as per the policy. The best and easiest way is to renew the Cholamandalam health insurance online. 
  • Claim support is provided throughout the policy.

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1. How can I find suitable Cholamandalam health insurance for me?

As per your requirements, you can choose the plan out of various health insurance plans by Cholamandalam group. You just need to go to their official website and explore the details of different plans or call their customer care helpline for assistance. 

2. I want to renew my policy, how can I do that?

The best way to renew your Cholamandalam health insurance is to renew it online. The process is hassle-free and can be done from anywhere. You need to go to their website and click on policy renewal, follow the steps and pay the premium online.

3. Why is it necessary to renew my policy in time?

Once the grace period is over and you haven't renewed your health insurance policy, you will not be insured and will not be covered for any of the benefits of your policy. Thus the in-time renewal of your insurance policy is important.

4. How to file a claim if I take treatment at a non-network hospital of Cholamandalam health insurance?

If you have taken treatment at a non-network hospital of Cholamandalam health insurance, you can go for the treatment in the usual way and still file for the reimbursement later.

5. What are the documents required to file a cashless claim with Cholamandalam health insurance?

Here is the complete list of documents required to file a cashless claim with Cholamandalam health insurance-

  • Photo Id of the insurer
  • Cholamandalam card or policy details
  • Duly filled pre-authorisation form towards the cashless 
  • Doctor's prescription along with the medical reports
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