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To assure continuing coverage benefits, health insurance must be renewed. It is important to have the plan renewed before the required date approaches since, Cholamandalam MS health insurance policies only offer coverage for a set amount of time, such as one year, two years, and so on. You may choose not to take full advantage of the benefits that were initially provided once the owing date has passed and you haven't paid the policy premium. Your Cholamandalam MS health insurance renewal completion determines the coverage benefits you'll receive.

Chola MS has established a straightforward renewal procedure for its various plans' health insurance. Your health insurance coverage can be renewed in as little as a few minutes. Chola MS offers renewal in both its offline mode and Online Renewal Cholamandalam MS Health for greater convenience. You may simply process your Cholamandalam MS health insurance renewal plan and remain to get its benefits. You can also make changes to your plan during the renewal process, such as raising the sum covered or adding add-ons, to better prepare yourself for future medical emergencies.

Here are all the details about Cholamandalam MS health insurance renewal you may need in the future:

Cholamandalam MS Health Insurance Policy Online Renewal Process

The  online renewal Cholamandalam MS health process is as follows: 

  1. Visit the Cholamandalam MS General Insurance page through the browser of your choice.
  2. Click on the “Renew Chola MS Policy” from the right-side corner of the home page.
  3. Choose the “health” option on the extended window.
  4. Fill in the policy number, your date of birth and press 'proceed'
  5. Confirm and re-check the details before you renew your policy
  6. Process the payment with your desired method
  7. Once your Cholamandalam MS health insurance renewal online payment is completed and the policy is renewed, you will receive an email confirmation.

Cholamandalam MS Health Insurance Policy Renewal - Offline Process

You can pick the offline method for getting your Chola MS health insurance policy renewed if the online procedure does not suit your needs. Call Chola MS at 1800-208-9100, its toll-free number, and explain your unique renewal requirements.

You may also renew your coverage by going to the closest Chola MS location if you're interested. If you are unsure about the branch location in your neighbourhood, you can phone the toll-free number, send a Whatsapp message to 7305234433 using your registered mobile number, or write an email to regarding your renewal.

Benefits of Renewing Cholamandalam MS Health Insurance Policy

The following are the variety of benefits provided by your timely Cholamandalam MS health insurance renewal policy:

1. Portability Benefit

The Cholamandalam MS health insurance renewal policy gives you the opportunity to switch to a different insurance provider and transfer any pre-existing condition and time-limited exclusion credits which are known as portability. This entitlement is granted to individuals with individual health insurance policies (including any family members covered under the policy). You are eligible for this benefit with your timely policy renewal. 

2. Lifetime Renewability

Cholamandalam MS health insurance renewal facility can be availed for a lifetime. Lifetime renewability relieves retired people's financial stress if they are found diagnosed with a serious disease.

3. Cashless Benefit

Cholamandalam MS health insurance renewal policy ensures the cashless benefit at its 10,000+ network hospitals. This helps take away the constant burden of anxiety regarding having to pay for the treatment during a crisis.

4. AYUSH Treatment

Chola MS pays for non-allopathic therapies (ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy, unani, siddha, and homeopathy) for stays of more than 24 hours in the hospital. If these procedures are carried out at a government hospital or another facility that has been approved by the government and/or accredited by the Quality Council of India/National Accreditation Board on Health, Chola MS will pay for them. Cholamandalam MS health insurance renewal policy ensures you receive this benefit without any break.

5. Tax Benefit 

Cholamandalam MS health insurance renewal policy protects both your health and your finances. Policyholders of the insurance company are eligible for tax exemptions from their taxable income equivalent to their premium amounts under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

6. Free Health Check-ups

Cholamandalam MS health insurance renewal provides you with the benefit of free health check-ups every two claim-free years. This benefit is a sort of value-added service provided to policyholders.

Some Essential  Points to be Remembered During Cholamandalam MS Health Policy Renewal 

The Cholamandalam MS Health policy renewal is when you should rethink and review your old policy if there is a need to upgrade.  Cholamandalam MS health policy renewal notice will be sent by the company through an email 45 days before policy expiration. You can upgrade your overall sum insured during this period if there is a new member added to your family or in any other cases. If there are any recent updates regarding your health condition,  Cholamandalam MS Health policy renewal is when you should inform the company about it, have a balanced life, and have health insurance. One of the biggest reasons you should always renew your policy on time is that it helps the company provide you with additional support if need be.

The Bottom Line

Getting health insurance for the first time and timely renewal of the said policy is like the two sides of a coin. The timely renewal ensures that you keep enjoying the benefits acquired when purchasing the coverage, along with added benefits like NCB. Cholamandalam MS Health policy renewal online process saves you time and effort.

Cholamandalam MS Health Insurance Renewal FAQs

  • 1. Is there any other way for my Cholamandalam MS health insurance renewal online other than through the company’s portal?

    Yes, you can always get in contact with the customer care of the company to get your policy renewed with their guidance. You can call 1800-208-9100, its toll-free number, and ask any queries you may have. Or you can message to 7305234433 through your Whatsapp number regarding your Cholamandalam MS health insurance online payment. 

  • 2. During the term of my Cholamandalam MS health insurance, may I adjust the sum assured?

    Since policies from health insurance providers like Cholamandalam MS do not permit changes throughout the policy term, it is advised to make changes to the sum covered upon Cholamandalam MS health policy renewal. 

  • 3. What takes place If the renewal of Cholamandalam MS health premium isn't paid during the grace period?

    The insurance plan may be terminated for non-payment if the insurance rate is not paid within the grace period. This would indicate that no claims could be made. The benefits earned in the previous policy year will not be carried forward either. You will need to buy a new policy, serve the waiting period clause all over again, etc.

  • 4. What is the Cholamandalam MS health insurance renewal waiting period?

    Prior to filing a claim to Cholamandalam MS, there is a "waiting time" that applies to all health insurance coverage. According to the policyholder and the kind of insurance, this waiting period can be anywhere between one and four years. The waiting period for a specific sickness and other consistent benefits will be lost if the insurance plan is not renewed. The waiting period will thus start all over again, including the initial 30-day period from the policy inception date and disease-specific periods.

  • 5. What is the grace period provided for Cholamandalam MS health insurance renewal?

    Cholamandalam MS health insurance provides a grace period of up to 30 days.

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