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Health insurance is only one of the many general insurance products that Royal Sundaram provides. To fulfill the demands of various clients, it offers a wide range of health insurance plans. The policies come in a range of sizes and styles, but they all offer thorough coverage at affordable costs. Royal Sundaram insurance plan benefits provide you with more than 158 branches nationwide and more than 28 million customers. It makes a big deal out of being the very first private insurance to collaborate with banks to offer insurance. The health insurance industry also saw the introduction of cashless claim settlements by Royal Sundaram. The benefits of Royal Sundaram health insurance will be discussed more in detail here.

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Benefits 

Plans from Royal Sundaram health insurance are adaptable, reasonably priced, and offer many alternatives for the amount insured. The following is a summary of some of the typical advantages that Royal Sundaram health insurance benefits provide you: 

Here are the regular benefits of Royal Sundaram health insurance:

1. No Maximum Entrance Age Limit

Royal Sundaram health insurance benefits provide you with no maximum entry age restriction policy in their health insurance plan. This implies that you may easily get Royal Sundaram health insurance coverage at any point in your life.

2. 100% Reload of Covered Amount at No Additional Charge

Plans from Royal Sundaram health insurance benefits provide you with a 100% reload of the covered amount without requiring any further payment from you. You may use this benefit if claims made throughout the policy period have reduced the amount covered under your policy to zero.

3. No Room Rent Capping

Royal Sundaram health insurance benefits provide you with a ‘no room rent capping’ benefit with no disease-specific limits which indicates there is no maximum room rent limitation and you can select any hospital room for your treatment regarding any disease. Simply said, as long as the entire claim amount is up to the sum covered, you may receive treatment in whatever hospital room you want, even the ICU if necessary.

4. Tax Benefits

As per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961 you are eligible to acquire tax benefits of up to INR 1 lakh on premium amounts paid for health insurance policies under Royal Sundaram. You are only eligible for this tax benefit for as many years as you are paying the premium for the coverage you are insured for. 

5. Wellness and Preventive Care

Plans from Royal Sundaram health insurance protect you from costs associated with medical treatment and wellness-related services that enable you to gauge your general well-being. These consist of doctor email chats, yearly physicals, health-related emails to your registered email address, etc, the benefits of  Royal Sundaram health insurance will replenish it.

6. Alternative Treatment

Royal Sundaram health insurance benefits provide the insured with the treatment of AYUSH, as well as animal bite vaccinations along with regular allopathy treatment. You will be eligible to file a reimbursement claim to Royal Sundaram health insurance for any inpatient Ayurvedic, Yoga and Naturopathic, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathic treatments under the Ayush coverage benefit. 

Regardless of the plan, you are insured under, the following benefits of Royal Sundaram health insurance are provided to you: pre-and post-hospitalization coverage, alternative therapies, covering for pre-existing ailments, grace period, portability, a specialised customer service staff, the possibility to renew their policies for the rest of their lives etc.

The Bottom Line

Being familiar with the Royal Sundaram health insurance plan benefits comes in handy during the procedure of selecting the health insurance best fit your requirement. Royal Sundaram comes with impeccable options under affordable sum, all under one roof. Along with the benefits described above, you are also insured to some basic benefits regardless of your coverage like inpatient care, pre-and post-hospitalization coverage, all daycare procedures, ambulance cover, organ donor expenses, domiciliary hospitalization, no-claim bonus, etc. You can make use of your health insurance in stressful times in any of the network hospitals under Royal Sundaram, or if you have received care in a non-network hospital, you can always file for reimbursement. 

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Benefits FAQs

  • 1. What is the hospital cash benefit provided in Royal Sundaram health insurance benefits?

    There are several out-of-pocket costs, such as taxi fares, attendant food costs, etc., that are not covered by standard hospitalisation coverage. To cover these extra costs, hospital cash makes a one-time payment. If the hospital stay is more than two days, Royal Sundaram health insurance benefits will cover up to 30 days of hospitalisation throughout the policy year. The hospital cash benefit is an optional one that customers can select at the time of a new purchase or renewal.

  • 2. Does the coverage Lifeline provide maternity advantages under Royal Sundaram health insurance benefits?

    Yes. Under benefits of Royal Sundaram health insurance Lifeline's Elite Plan includes coverage for maternity benefits. It covers maternity-related costs as well as newborn coverage up until the next renewal. Additionally, the first year of immunizations for newborns is covered. Only when both the husband and wife are insured by the insurance after three years of continuous coverage is a maternity benefit granted. Maternity benefits may be requested a maximum of twice.

  • 3. What are organ donor expenses provided by Royal Sundaram health insurance benefits?

    Royal Sundaram health insurance benefits provide you with the advantages of organ donor expenses to pay for the costs related to the donor's hospitalisation. All costs for inpatient organ donor treatment are reimbursed, provided that:

    • He complies with all applicable regulations, including the Transplantation of Human Organs Act of 1994.
    • The insured individual uses the donated organ.
    • The insured submits a claim for inpatient care.

    The cost of any additional pre- and post-hospitalization charges, as well as the treatment of any connected medical issues, will not be paid. Up to the amount insured, organ donor expenditures are reimbursed.

  • 4. Are OPD advantages covered under Royal Sundaram health insurance benefits?

    Yes, Treatment for OPD is covered by Royal Sundaram health insurance Lifeline under the Elite Plan. The consultation, diagnostic costs, medications, etc. are all covered by OPD treatment. Additionally, it covers the costs of dental OPD treatment, the price of glasses, contact lenses, and hearing aids every two years, up to a maximum of 30% of the OPD treatment.

  • 5. Do Royal Sundaram health insurance benefits provide you with worldwide emergency hospitalization?

    Yes, under the Elite plan of the Royal Sundaram Lifeline health insurance plan, you are provided with the advantages of worldwide hospitalization, with the exception of the US and Canada. You are entitled to 50% of the base amount insured, up to a maximum of INR 20 lakh, and a $1,000 per hospitalisation deductible regarding worldwide emergency hospitalization.

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