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A network hospital is one with which your insurance provider has an affiliation. As a patient, you can obtain cashless care at a hospital affiliated with the Royal Sundaram health insurance network with full insurance coverage. You can obtain treatment at one of the insurer's more than 7,000 network facilities located throughout India, and you will only be liable for paying the costs that aren't covered by your policy.

You will get to know more about Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Network Hospitals below.

Overview of Royal Sundaram Health Network Hospitals

A network hospital is one with which your insurance provider has an affiliation in order to provide their policyholder with cashless treatment at stressful times. More than 7,000 hospitals in India are part of the Royal Sundaram General Insurance network, and policyholders can receive cashless care according to their geographic zones. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy, policyholders may receive the services that their Royal Sundaram health insurance policies cover.

Policyholders can choose between scheduled hospitalisation and emergency hospitalisation at the network hospital. Note that policyholders must notify the insurance provider within the allotted period in any scenario. Rest confident that they may receive high-quality care at the network hospital without concern about budgeting. The Royal Sundaram health insurance cashless network hospital list currently has 7000+ network hospitals where policyholders can access cashless benefits, with the option of planned and emergency. 

In the case of emergency hospitalisation, inform Royal Sundaram within 48 hours, and at least 48 hours prior to admission in the case of a scheduled hospitalisation, along with informing the Royal Sundaram health insurance company. You can check the location of the nearest network hospital through the locator of the affiliated TPA, for Royal Sundaram health insurance cashless network hospitals. You can find the list of network hospitals easily online. You simply need to visit the website of the insurer. 

What is the Importance of a Big Hospital Network?

The biggest importance of having a huge hospital network is having access to a network hospital nearest to you at a time of need. The easy access makes the stressful time a lot easier on the patient and their family. Admitting into a network hospital also takes off the constant stress of paying the medical bill up front, off your shoulders. Health insurance cashless network hospital list of Royal Sundaram provides you with an inbuilt locator through their affiliated TPA, making the process easier in hectic times. You can choose a network hospital based on your health requirement. You will have access to smooth procedures and good quality medical care without the constant burden of having to pay for medical emergencies because the company takes on the burden of paying the bills while you can receive medical care with peace of mind.

Royal Sundaram health insurance cashless network hospital list provides you with all the required details for admission to the network hospital in an easy and simple way.

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Network Hospitals FAQs

  • 1. How many network hospitals do I have access to under Royal Sundaram health insurance hospital lists?

    You have access to over 7000 network hospitals under any coverage you are insured to by Royal Sundaram health insurance. 

  • 2. How do I find a Royal Sundaram health insurance hospital list near me?

    You can go to the official website and scroll down to the network hospital section and go to the linked TPA locator page and find the Royal Sundaram health insurance hospital lists:

  • 3. Am I eligible to claim a non-network hospital?

    Yes, you are eligible to file a reimbursement claim but the benefit of cashless treatment will not be accessible to you at the non-network hospital. You will have to pay the medical bills upfront from your own pocket first before filing a claim for reimbursement to Royal Sundaram health insurance and attaching the invoice, to have the reimbursement accepted. Once it is reviewed and verified the amount will be paid back to you based on your insured coverage. 

  • 4. What are the Royal Sundaram health insurance cashless hospital list exclusions?

    Some of the more basic exclusions when it comes to Royal Sundaram health network hospital list are:

    • If the insured individual is still in the waiting period, treatment for pre-existing conditions won't be reimbursed. Plan-wise, the waiting duration will change. A Life Line Classic Plan will last 48 months, while a Life Line Supreme Plan will last 36 months.
    • Any ailment developed within 30 days of acquiring insurance or during the cool-off period will not be covered.
    • For the 16 particular disorders stated in the product terms & conditions, you will not be qualified for any claims.
    • The amount insured has been spent.
    • If a non-network hospital provides your care.
  • 5. What is the difference between a Royal Sundaram health insurance network hospitals and a non-network hospital?

    A Royal Sundaram health insurance network hospitals gives you the option of not having to pay anything for the services you obtained from the hospital because Royal Sundaram health hospital list of network hospitals is responsible for covering all costs. But in order to get your money back from non-network institutions, you must first examine the medical bills upfront and then submit a claim for reimbursement.

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