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10 Commandments For A Happy Road Trip

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM
10 commandments road trip

A road trip is always a cause of great excitement – something that all family members and friends look forward to. You get to spend quality time with your loved ones and build some wonderful memories. To prevent anything from coming between you and your fun trip, it is essential that you follow all safety rules. 

Here are some uncompromisable rules that you have to keep in mind!

Here are the 10 Commandments That You Should Follow:

1.  You shall be a responsible driver

While the constant chatter of your friends and your partner’s friendly banter might be fun to listen to, it’s also sometimes distracting. It is important that you keep your attention on the road and vehicles around you. Avoid road rage, speeding, and wrong overtaking to prevent any mishaps. Give the safety to passengers the top priority.

2.  You shall drive slowly

As excited as you may be about reaching your destination, it is best to hold in that excitement and drive slowly. This has its added advantages – one may enjoy the scenery around, the cool, airy breeze, some good music, and the feeling of finally doing something beyond the mundane. Also, take breaks when you feel the need to – refresh yourself and then continue the journey. You might even explore the places you stop at, especially if it is an overnight stop.

3.  You shall always fuel up your car

Check your car tank before you embark on your journey and ensure that it is fueled up. Get it serviced before you hit the road.

4.  You shall check the engine and tyre pressure before the ride

To avoid any unnecessary hiccups in the journey, ensure that you have checked your car before you start. It is best to fix any pending repairs and also to check the tyres. Give all the lubricants a thorough check, replace them if needed and give the engine one last inspection. Do not, under any circumstances, leave any tool from the tool kit into the bonnet of the car.

5.  You shall follow the traffic rules

The traffic rules were created to avoid any chaos and minimise accidents. Therefore, abide by them with all seriousness in order to ensure that your ride is unhindered by small incidents.

6.  You shall not drink and drive

This goes without saying as doing so is a punishable offence! Those billboards that warn you about the hazards of drinking and driving must not be ignored as empty warnings. Pay heed and ensure that you responsibly hand over the control of the car over to someone who hasn’t had an intoxicant.

7.  You shall take a break if you feel sleepy

A long, tiring journey might leave you drowsy. An especially delicious meal at noon might make you drowsier. Pull over and take a quick nap. Hit the road when you feel refreshed.

8.  You shall have a valid car insurance plan

A valid car insurance plan is a non-negotiable element when you decide to go on your road trip. Ensure that the policy has not expired and opt in for additional covers (such as Road Assistance add-on) if you deem it necessary. It is advisable to carry all the requisite documents such as the insurance policy, driver’s license, PUC, and RC of the car along with you. 

9.  You shall be ready for any emergencies

This implies that you must have a first aid kit handy. Keep enough snacks and a good supply of drinking water. Also keep your car tool kit in the dashboard and make sure that all the bare essentials are stocked up. You must also download relevant google maps for offline use as it comes handy in places where the internet connectivity is poor. Check the weather conditions beforehand to ensure that you are adequately prepared for it.

10. You shall keep emergency numbers on speed dial

Have the car roadside assistance number on your speed-dial list if at all your car breaks down. Make sure your speed dial list also has numbers of a few people, you know would be answerable in case of a crisis.


Going on a road trip is probably one of the most relaxing and fun things to do with friends and family. Make sure that you follow the ten commandments listed above to ensure that you have a smooth, enjoyable trip.

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