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Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in India - Prices, Mileage, Specs and Top Speed

By Vikas Chandra Das
29 November 2022, 12:49 PM

There is often a connection between luxury and status symbols. People are considered wealthy when they purchase expensive cars or large living spaces. Automobile manufacturers have developed a wide range of extravagant models since the 1930s.

Some of the models included in the list of the ten best luxury cars today are:

  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Jaguar

It is essential to get a car insurance policy to protect your expensive vehicles and safeguard their maintenance. Besides a wide range of incredible safety features, these cars offer excellent comfort and speed control. Currently, they aren't just about status symbols but also comfort, safety and experience.

There are few luxury cars on Indian roads, but automobile production and quality have improved significantly, and we now see more premium luxury cars on the streets.

Therefore, which are India's top-selling cars today? Let us have a look at them below:

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars

1. Rolls-Royce Ghost 

One of the most eye-catching vehicles from Rolls-Royce, the Ghost offers almost everything you could want. In addition to LED headlamps, a chrome grille, and LED taillights, the car has an aluminium frame and a chrome grille.

With 563bhp and the ability to go from 0-100 in 4.8 seconds, the beast is powered by a 6.75L twin-turbocharged V12 petrol engine. It has an 8-speed automatic transmission with a top speed of 250 kph. 

There are leather and wood accents on the interior of the Ghost, with glass buttons. All your favourite content can be accessed with a simple touch of a button using BMW's 10.25-inch touchscreen iDrive. New car insurance is also cheaper when brought with the car.

Price starting from INR 6.95 crore to INR 7.95 crore (ex-showroom) 

2. Rolls-Royce Wraith

The Rolls-Royce Wraith is considered one of the most fashion-oriented vehicles available in terms of elegance, power, and style. A Wraith would be a dream come true for any fashion icon or star, with a price tag of INR 5 crores.

It features a V12 petrol engine with a power output of 591bhp and torque of 850Nm. With an 8-speed automatic AWD transmission coupled to the engine, Wraith can reach speeds up to 250kmph. 

It provides 10.2 kmpl as mileage, making it one of the best Rolls-Royces for Indian roads. Wraith is available in various colours and features ultra-fine contours, beauty lines, and other details that make it stand out.

Price ranges from INR 6.22 crores to INR 7.21 crores 

3. Ferrari GTC4Lusso V12

Ferrari's GTC4Lusso was one of the most anticipated cars of 2016, and it was finally available in 2016 with a price range of INR 4.26 to INR 4.97 crores . It is one of the most potent options available, though it doesn't feature the familiar Ferrari design.

A 6.3L petrol engine powers the GTC4Lusso, enabling it to reach 0-100kmph in 3.4 seconds and reach a top speed of 335kmph. 

The 6262cc engine produces 697Nm of torque via a 7-speed automatic transmission. Keeping the engine cool are two air dams on either side of the car's front grille. Two vertically placed LED headlights with fog lamps are located above the grille. 

Starting at INR 4.26-4.97 crore

4. Ferrari 812 Superfast

As far as price is concerned, the Ferrari 812 Superfast was recently released as India's most expensive car, retailing at INR 5.2 crores. Known as one of the most powerful vehicles from the brand, it is the successor to the F12 Berlinetta.

An 812 Superfast is powered by a V12 naturally-aspirated engine resulting in speeds up to 340kph and a 0-60kph time of 2.9 seconds. 

This engine is coupled with a 7-speed F1 dual-clutch automatic transmission for superior traction and control at high speeds and Slip Slide Control technology. 

The price starts at INR 5.20 crores.

5. Lamborghini Aventador S

With its sleek, stylish, and extremely powerful design, the Aventador S was one of the most popular Lamborghini cars in 2019. With a top speed of 351kmph, the 6.5L V12 petrol engine delivers all that power.

It can accelerate from 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds with its 7-speed automatic transmission. S, S Roadster, and SVJ modes are available in the Aventador S. The most potent variant is the SVJ. 

Its slim bumper, grille, and stretch LED headlights give the Aventador S a sleek appearance. A large vent on the side of the car offers superior cooling and aerodynamic properties and sits below the headlights to keep the engine cool. 

A starting price of INR 5.01 crores

6. Rolls-Royce Dawn

You might want to prepare your RC transfer papers if you have a thing for high-quality, fancy automobiles.

With 6.6L Turbocharged V12 petrol power and ZF 8-speed automatic transmission, this stunning convertible from the world's most extensive British car manufacturer can reach speeds of 250 km/h. In addition to being a first for the brand, the convertible design elevates Rolls-Royce to a new level of luxury. 

Price range: INR 7.06-7.64 crores 

7. Bentley Mulsanne Speed

Despite its high price, Bentley's Mulsanne Speed is an unbeatable combination of performance, style, and comfort. With 6752cc and 1100Nm of torque, this vehicle's twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine delivers 6752cc.

A Mulsanne Speed can achieve a top speed of 305 kmph and a 10.1 km per gallon mileage. 

Prices starting at Rs. 5.56 crore 

8. Rolls-Royce Cullinan

As Rolls-Royce's only luxury SUV, the Cullinan is based on an aluminium space frame platform. An 8-speed automatic transmission mated to a 6.75L V12 petrol engine drives the car. Up to 15.0kmpl is the maximum mileage offered by the machine, which is more than any of its competitors.

Royce's SUV is the first to employ a 4-wheel-drive, which has proven highly successful. A long list of features makes the Cullinan stand out from the rest. 

Prices begin at INR 6.95 crore 

9. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

It is an upgraded version of Lamborghini's regular Aventador SVJ, which produces power and speed that is rarely found in premium vehicles. A 6.5L V12 petrol engine offers 351kmph top speed and is powered by a 6.5L V12 petrol engine.

Power and torque are 770PS and 720Nm, respectively. This car has a 7-speed automatic transmission capable of taking it from 0-100 kmph in just 2.8 seconds. Three variations are available for the Aventador SVJ, including the S, S Roadster, and the SVJ mode.

The price starts at INR 6.25 crore.

10. Rolls-Royce Phantom

It is one of India's most used and expensive cars, now in its eighth generation. The regular wheelbase variant retails for 9.5 crores, while the extended version is for 11.35 crores.

A lighter, stiffer, and more lightweight aluminium frame replaces the previous model's steel frame. 

Price ranges from Rs. 8.99 to Rs. 10.84 crores. (Source: LInk)

Wrapping Up

Car insurance policy providers will provide financial assistance in times of need. If you are injured or your car is damaged, you may be able to claim compensation from your vehicular insurance company.


1. Which car in India has the highest speed?

There is only one fastest car in India - the Lamborghini Aventador. 

2. Which is the most expensive car in India?

Phantoms with a regular wheelbase cost INR 9.5 crores, and Phantoms with an extended wheelbase cost INR 11.35 crores.

In addition to being the most expensive car in the country, Rolls-Royce Phantom 8th generation is also the most popular. You can protect such an expensive car with a comprehensive car insurance policy.

3. Which is the most luxury car?

The Rolls-Royce Phantom. After a glittering five-star road test welcome from our road testers, Rolls-Royce replaced the grandest luxury conveyance in the automobile world in 2017.

4. Which car 's price is 200 crore?

An exclusive one-off Rolls-Royce Boat Tail is on display with a reported price tag in the crores. The luxury sedan was built as a one-off for a Pearl businessman with a reported crore price tag.  

5. Which type of car insurance is best suited for a luxury car?

A comprehensive car insurance policy should cover this type of car. Compared to hatchbacks or SUVs, luxury cars cost more to repair damages. In the absence of insurance, you would be responsible for this cost. In this regard, you should not settle for a basic 3rd party car insurance policy.

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