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4 Benefits and Drawbacks of Getting Car Insurance Online

By Juhi Walia
19 August 2022, 6:17 PM

People have started to understand that purchasing car insurance online is more straightforward as it requires less paperwork and no in-person participation. Other benefits of online insurance purchases are straightforward purchasing procedures and quicker replies. In addition, shopping online has become more accessible, so obtaining car insurance is no longer a significant concern. 

However, getting car insurance online can also pose some disadvantages for vehicle owners. Therefore, you must assess the benefits and drawbacks of obtaining car insurance online before deciding. If you are unsure about purchasing your car insurance online, consider the following benefits and drawbacks of purchasing a car insurance policy online. Let's start with the benefits.

Benefits of Getting a Car Insurance Online

Car Insurance Purchases at Any Time and from Anywhere

Today's hectic lifestyle makes the option to get car insurance online nothing short of a luxury. These days, buying car insurance online is quick, simple, and accessible from anywhere at any time.

Effective in Terms of Cost

Online car insurance purchases save money because they cut out the insurance agent, a middleman in the insurance transaction. Additionally, since the car insurance company is not forced to pay the intermediary anything, your cost will reduce.

Compare Car Insurance Policies Easily

Online web portals and websites make it simple for people to compare the car insurance plans offered by various insurance companies. After comparing multiple car insurance policies online, you can choose one vehicle insurance plan that meets your requirements and have the benefits you look for.

Online Document Accessibility for Insurance

You may immediately obtain all your policy documents online by going to your chosen insurance provider's official website. To access your car insurance documents, you generally need your policy number and password; however, each insurance provider has a different procedure allowing you accessibility to your policy documents.

Drawbacks of Getting Car Insurance Online

Prior Insurance Knowledge Necessary

Without an insurance agent, you will need to do an independent investigation to get the answers to your insurance-related inquiries. Alternatively, you may also contact the insurance company's customer service representative for help; however, there won't be a specific agent designated for you, so you have to speak with various individuals every time you call. This might end up being a pretty time-consuming operation. Therefore, it is wise to prepare well in advance if you intend to purchase car insurance online.

Insurance Purchase from a Scam Website

The insurance client must be knowledgeable and careful when buying car insurance online, even though insurance authorities warn buyers and policyholders about fraudulent websites that offer online car insurance plans. Therefore, keep looking for web scammers since these malicious websites may unintentionally collect all your financial and personal information.

Some Technical Terms May be Hard to Understand

While buying car insurance online, you may come across certain technical terms that need proper understanding. If not understood, either you could fail to maximise benefits or stay unaware of the lack of coverage you can have in certain situations. So, you need to dig in yourself to understand those terms. Of course, you can call the 24x7 helpline to resolve your doubts. But many ignore the same when buying car insurance online.

You May Find it a Bit Uneasy if You are not Tech-savvy

If you are not tech-savvy, you may not be able to navigate properly to fill in the form and purchase a car insurance policy online. If you are not confident enough to use a computer, ask an expert for assistance while buying a car insurance policy.


Even though purchasing insurance online is more efficient, often simpler, and convenient, it's always a good idea to be aware of your choices. Both the conventional and contemporary approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. So, a buyer should take precautions while buying insurance online.

Purchasing car insurance online can be tedious for the ones who are not comfortable doing things online. Take help from the one who knows the in and outs of an online car insurance purchase. After understanding from the concerned person, you can go online to buy the best policy.

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1. Is purchasing car insurance online secure?

The simple answer is that purchasing or renewing car insurance online is secure. But some insurers may sell car insurance online even though they are not registered with the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). So, before buying insurance online, check whether the insurer is registered with IRDAI. After being assured of the same, proceed further.

2. Why is car insurance inexpensive online?

Online car insurance may and is often less expensive than coverage obtained via an agent. Usually, this is because independent sellers don't pay insurance agents a commission, resulting in less premium for customers buying car insurance online.

3. Which insurance is required for cars in India?

In India, purchasing third-party liability (TPL) car insurance is mandatory. The TPL coverage protects you from the legal repercussions of an accident you caused.

4. How long is a car insurance policy valid in India?

Car insurance had a one-year validity term starting from the day of policy issuance. However, as of July 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that third-party liability coverage must be required for all new vehicle insurance plans for a minimum of three years.

5. What is an own damage car insurance claim?

A policyholder may file a compensation claim under a comprehensive car insurance policy for both third-party liability and accident-related damage to the covered vehicle through the own-damage claim provision of a comprehensive car insurance policy. On the other hand, a standalone own damage policy will have an own damage coverage only.

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