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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Car Insurance Online

By Juhi Walia
19 August 2022, 12:20 PM

A car is a prized possession but prone to damage at any time. Car insurance saves you the stress and financial loss you may have to incur if you meet with an unforeseen incident like an accident or a theft. In fact, according to the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, every car owner must have a valid car insurance plan. Two ways of getting car insurance are via online and offline setup. The offline method is a traditional one where you need to visit an insurance company or get assistance from a car insurance agent to carry out the procedures for your insurance plan. Whereas buying car insurance online is done by logging on to the official website of the insurance company, or through various insurance portals. 

People are increasingly buying car insurance online as it is far more advantageous than the offline mode. With the simplicity and convenience of operation that it offers, online car insurance gets a thumbs up in today’s fast-pacing tech world that we function in.

Conveniences to Have When Buying Car Insurance Online 

Online Car Insurance Plans Work Out to be Cheaper for You

Online car insurance purchase is a smarter choice because it works out to be cheaper in all aspects. Generally, offline car insurance plans are sold by agents who may charge a commission from the insurance-providing companies for selling their products. This ultimately burdens the policyholder. In the online mode, you can purchase the car policy directly by simply paying the processing fees. No other charges are levied, and no commission needs to be paid anywhere. This way, online purchase of car insurance works to be cheaper. 

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Grab the Best by Comparing Different Insurance Plans Online

You need to compare car insurance online with various alternatives to get your hands on the best car insurance deals. The online mode makes this highly accessible and convenient to get premium rates from various car insurance companies all under one window, just with a click on your electronic gadgets, right from the comforts of your home. This saves you a lot of time as you get to look into various plans within a short period without having to physically and personally visit different insurance companies. 

Online Insurance Plans Require Minimal Paperwork

Online car insurance plans make for a smart buy as they involve less paperwork. Moreover, you can quickly fill up the application form online, make changes to it in seconds, and click on the apply button to process it. On the other hand, offline car insurance plans require loads of paperwork and a lot of processing time, from filling the documents to submitting them and then waiting for approval. 

No Chances of Manipulation

The chances of fraud or manipulation are scarce in online purchases of car insurance plans, be it the premium amount to be paid or the policy terms and conditions, as the entire system is very transparent. 

Easy Renewal Procedure

Every car insurance policy has an expiry date; you need to renew the policy before its validity ends to continue your coverage against unforeseen events. In the offline setup, you would have to visit the insurance company or pay charges to the agent to renew your car insurance policy before the due date. But, in the online mode, you can carry out this procedure in just a few steps by paying online through multiple payment methods and gateways. 

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Final Take

Online car insurance saves both time and money. To grab the most competitive deals, you must research, compare premium rates, study the terms and conditions in detail, and then lock on the deal that suits your requirements best. With online car insurance, all these would be a cakewalk for you. So, get a comprehensive car insurance plan online for your vehicle from one of the top insurance providers like Paytm Insurance and sit back and relax. In contrast, you get reimbursed for any accidental damage or theft in case of any emergency.

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1. What car insurance add-ons can I get when applying for online car insurance for my vehicle?

You get all the add-on facilities for your vehicle when applying for online car insurance, including bumper-to-bumper car insurance, no-claim bonus cover, return to invoice cover, engine protection cover, roadside assistance cover, consumable cover, accessories cover, passenger cover, key replacement cover, personal accident cover and tyre protection cover. 

2. Is it safe to buy car insurance online?

Yes, it is safe to get online car insurance for your vehicle, provided you choose a reliable and authentic source like Paytm Insurance. 

3. Why is it cheaper to get car insurance online?

Online insurance plans can be applied without involving an insurance agent. Hence, no commission needs to be paid, and the premium amounts are cheaper when purchased online.

4. Which type of insurance is best for the car?

A comprehensive car insurance policy online is the best as it provides third-party insurance and damages. It also compensates for injury caused to the driver/owner. Besides, the policy allows the addition of valuable add-ons for maximum coverage.

5. Is third-party insurance enough for the car?

No, a third-party insurance policy is not enough as it provides coverage for damage caused to a third party alone and not in case of damage to the insured’s car. 

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