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Advantages of Buying Car Insurance Online

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Today, we live in times where everything is available online. Right from online shopping for clothes, ordering food to booking travel tickets, everything can conveniently be done online. And, car insurance isn’t any different. Yes, buying car insurance online is the new norm that comes in handy with plenty of benefits. To be more precise, convenience, promptness, transparency, and cost-effectiveness make this procedure stand out. However, there are several other impeccable benefits that work in the favour of online method. So, let’s just throw some light on the important advantages of buying car insurance online

Why to Prefer Car Insurance Online: Prime Benefits 

1. Easy Comparison: The first and foremost advantage of buying car insurance online is the easy comparison. On online platforms, you can compare multiple insurance companies simultaneously hence can choose the best deal. The details such as premium, coverage, incurred claim ratio, policy type, customer reviews, etc are easy to compare online, under one roof, which is usually not the case in the offline procedure. Once you compare the different insurers, there would be no confusion in selecting an ideal one. Hence, online comparison helps in grabbing the best car insurance deal also at the time of policy renewal. Just like what happened with Ankit when he was confused about availing a car insurance policy online due to trust issues. But Ankit's brother recommended him to purchase a policy online as there are a lot of benefits to that. He went online and in just a few seconds, he purchased the car insurance policy with easy comparison. 

2. Lower Premiums: Another incredible benefit of purchasing car insurance online is affordable premiums. Yes, in this procedure, the policyholders can buy car insurance at much cheaper premiums hence can save more money. If we talk about offline mode, it involves the cost of agents or middlemen thus premiums are higher. With no involvement of agents online, the benefit is directly passed on to the customers in the form of reduced car insurance premiums.   

3. Time Saving & Convenient: Once you opt for an online mode, you would clearly see how convenient and time-saving the experience it offers. The online process is hassle-free as it is easy & simple and at the same time, it is quick hence saves a lot of time. In just a few minutes, you can do all the formalities right from the comfort of your home or office. Now there is no hassle to visit your car insurance company and stand in the long queues to renew car insurance as everything is sorted by an online procedure. 

4. Paperless & Transparent: Online method comes with a lot of transparency which means nothing is hidden from policyholders. Insurance companies keep the process very transparent, be it offering completely genuine policies to communicating every minute detail, there is nothing that comes as a secret. Also, buying car insurance online comes with the advantage of minimum to nil paperwork. You read that right! 

Lengthy paperwork is not only time-consuming but a tedious task as well. But not anymore as car insurance online requires minimum or zero paperwork, based on the company you choose. You simply need to do a few formalities of giving your details online, rest no need to bother about submitting numerous documents as the online procedure is now paperless.    

5. Easy Endorsement: In case you want to change any particular detail in your policy document, with the help of online endorsement it is absolutely easy to do. You can simply rectify any change/update in your policy document by just sending a self-declaration form online. Now there is no need to follow an offline route of re-submitting all the supporting documents of the change along with an endorsement form to your insurance company. With an online endorsement form, things are just a click away. 

6. 24x7 Availability: Based on your suitability and comfort, you can use an online medium anytime. There is no time restriction as you can buy car insurance 24x7. The customer care executives/assistants are always there to support and assist the customers, throughout the year, anytime.  

7. Easy Back-up of Policy Document: Online method allows you to have the soft copies of your policy document as a backup on your email. Thus, in case of any emergency or need, you always have a backup or a safe place to rely on. As a result, your documents will remain safe & secure and are easy to access anytime, from anywhere. 

8. Easy Renewal & Reminders: Once you have purchased car insurance online from a portal, all your policy data is captured hence saved for future purposes. So, at the time of policy renewal, it becomes extremely easy for you to reload your information. There is no need to fill your entire form again, all thanks to the technological advancements/artificial intelligence that comes along with an online mode. 

Thus, policy renewals become easy and quick. Moreover, in an online method, the customers also get constant reminders about timely policy renewals via emails or text. Thus, there are minimum chances of missing the policy renewal deadlines. 


When it comes to buying or renewing car insurance, there is no doubt on the fact that online mode has a lot of brownie points. Be it lower premiums, easy comparisons, time-saving, instant availability, or paperless process, everything collectively makes online the most preferred method to buy car insurance. Thus, with various impressive benefits mentioned in the article above, it is always advisable to buy car insurance online.  

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