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Advantages of Future Generali Private Car Package Insurance Policy

By Juhi Walia
09 August 2022, 10:49 AM

The Future Group of Industries, an Indian company, and the Generali Group, an Italian company, have partnered to form the Future Generali Insurance Company. Future Generali provides a broad range of car insurance policies besides other insurance products. Amongst these policies is the Future Generali private car package policy, which makes you happy with its comprehensive coverage against unforeseen circumstances involving your insured four-wheeler.

Future Generali car insurance provides several advantages, including a quick and easy claim approach, prompt policy issuance, an accidental pickup service inside town limits, more than 2500 cashless garages, etc. In addition, the Future Generali comprehensive car insurance policy also offers individualized services like the Future Express Claim Facility. 

For a little extra fee, Future Generali also provides a variety of other coverages, including tyre damage, NCB protection, loss of personal property, zero depreciation, theft, and critical loss. Future Generali private car package Insurance assures you financially against vehicle loss or damage due to theft or accidents. Using their online services to buy or renew a car insurance policy is simple. Let's discuss the benefits of a private car package policy of Future Generali.

Benefits of Future Generali Private Car Package Policy

For Indian automobile owners, Future Generali provides comprehensive car insurance plans. The insurance is affordable and provides broad coverage for car owners in India. The company also optimizes the claims procedure through its technologically enhanced claim process.

Customer relationships, the ease of the claim process, and 24x7 assistance are the only things Future Generali Car Insurance is concerned about. The company is currently a well-known insurance firm in the nation. 

Some of the main benefits of Future Generali Car Insurance policies include the following:

  • The procedure is easy and stress-free, regardless of whether a person buys new car insurance plans from Future Generali or renews an existing one with the insurance company.
  • Future Generali car insurance takes great pride in handling claims as promptly as possible, as efficiently as possible, and with the least inconvenience to the customer. As a result, the policies come with the least amount of documentation possible. In addition, the online process makes issuing policies almost immediate.
  • The insurer offers comprehensive car insurance protection that includes both third-party legal obligations and own damage liabilities. Own damage resulting from an accident or natural or human-made disasters is covered under a Future Generali private car package insurance policy.
  • In addition, the plan offers a range of coverage, some of which is complimentary, and some require an extra payment.
  • Policyholders have several add-on coverage options with predetermined benefits at their discretion.
  • The cashless claim settlement option for car insurance from Future Generali is accessible at a network of affiliated facilities.
  • New and current clients may buy or renew car insurance coverage on Future Generali's website, which makes the process quick and easy. The current or potential customer has to visit the website and click the "motor insurance" button to access the category for car insurance plans.
  • A no-claim bonus in car insurance of up to 50% may be available to the policyholder, based on the number of years without filing a claim. A policyholder might be sure that Future Generali car insurance would maintain the number of claim-free years they accumulated under their previous policy before switching their car insurance policy to the company.
  • Customer care is accessible 24X7, so any issues and inquiries from clients are quickly resolved.
  • Regular and automatic reminders are delivered to them to guarantee that customers renew their car insurance policies.
  • If the mishap occurs within the city limits, nearby Future Generali facilities offer transportation services.
  • All car insurance policy claims are handled within seven business days after obtaining all relevant documentation from the client.


One of the most well-known car insurance firms in India is Future Generali. The company offers speedy claim processing, extensive car insurance add-on covers, comprehensive coverage, and a large network of cashless garages. 

Future Generali car Insurance (package) policy includes a variety of add-ons that let clients choose extra coverage and increase the scope of protection for their vehicles. All the necessary forms of protection that a person would need are included in the Future Generali private car package insurance policy

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1.How is the premium for my private car package policy with Future Generali estimated?

Your car insurance policy's premium is determined by several variables, including the insured declared value (IDV), cubic capacity (CC), age, make and model of your car, regional boundaries, special discounts, and loadings, if applicable, and no-claims bonus.

2. Am I still entitled to compensation if an accident happens beyond the specified region in the insurance agreement?

No. Future Generali would not accept claim requests if the event happened outside the designated geographic region. By paying an extra cost, however, you may expand the insurance coverage to geographical areas not included in a Future Generali car insurance policy.

3. What additional coverage does Future Generali provide for car insurance policies?

Future Generali provides various add-on coverage for a vehicle insurance policy, including zero depreciation, roadside assistance, loss of key, tyre damage, engine protector, NCB protection, return to invoice, etc.

4. What happens if the Future Generali car insurance is not renewed promptly?

The coverage expires if the car insurance policy is not renewed on the due date. You risk legal repercussions if you drive without car insurance since the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, mandates it. Without a legitimate policy, you would be responsible for paying for any damages the car experiences. 

You also forfeit the collected no claim bonus from the previous policy if you don't renew the policy within 90 days of its expiration date. Therefore, it is advisable to renew your car insurance coverage timely.

5. What are Future Generali cashless garages?

Network garages or cashless garages of Future Generali help in the cashless repair of your car if it gets damaged due to an accident or natural or man-made calamities. The company directly pays these Future Generali garages on behalf of the policyholders, and they offer free maintenance and replacement services for the damaged insured vehicles.

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