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All You Need to Know About Kotak Car Insurance

By Juhi Walia
12 August 2022, 2:36 PM

Customers can find the best car insurance in India by comparing various alternatives online. They can even choose suitable add-ons and check the claim process, claim settlement ratio (CSR) and terms and conditions of the company. And one company that has excellent reviews concerning its claim process is Kotak General Insurance. Kotak car insurance policy is designed keeping in mind customer needs. The company provides a comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy that gives them maximum protection against unforeseen incidents on the road. 

Kotak 4-wheeler insurance is one of the best online car insurance products available, as you can buy it easily and quickly. So, let's check out Kotak car insurance types, their coverage, exclusions, add-ons, etc.

Kotak Mahindra Four-wheeler Insurance Types 

People looking for 4-wheeler insurance can find insurance coverage in three categories. These are:

Third-party Car Insurance Policy from Kotak

When a four-wheeler owner buys the Kotak third party car Insurance policy, it shields the insured from all types of third-party liabilities. Although it does not cover medical treatment for the driver or damage to the insured car, it undertakes to compensate the insured vehicle driver's liability from the accident that damages third-party property and causes injury or death to the third party.

Comprehensive Four-wheeler Policy from Kotak

A car may be exposed and damaged by fire, natural calamities, road accidents or unnatural disasters. Kotaks' comprehensive 4-wheeler insurance policy covers all liabilities that arise from accidents causing damage to the insured vehicle.

In addition, Kotak comprehensive car insurance also covers losses arising from damage to third-party or injury or death of the third party owing to an accident involving the insured four-wheeler.

Own Damage Insurance Policy from Kotak

Kotak own damage car insurance policy covers only the damage caused to your vehicle due to an accident, natural or man-made calamities, etc. But it does not come with a mandatory third-party liability cover for you to ride legally on the ride. So, how is it relevant to a car owner with third-party car insurance? In that case, he doesn't need to buy a comprehensive car insurance policy, including third-party liability coverage. Instead, he can buy the damage insurance policy from Kotak to cover the risks to a vehicle from road accidents, natural calamities, theft, fire, etc.

What does Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance Cover?

Before buying an insurance plan for a four-wheeler, drivers must know the events against which they are protected. Check below the inclusions of Kotak car insurance.

Personal Accident Cover

The third-party car insurance covers third-party property damage, injury or death of the third party. A comprehensive car insurance policy covers own damage and third-party liabilities. What happens to the driver when the car meets with an accident and is injured? Which one of the two will shield him from medical expenses?

The truth is no one. That is why Kotak Mahindra includes a personal accident cover, in its quote, to shield the driver and his passengers if injured during an accident.

Natural Calamity Cover

Natural calamities are unforeseen and can strike an insured vehicle at any time. Unfortunately, the damage it inflicts on the insured vehicle is colossal. The damage could be due to the vehicle's exposure to floods, hailstorms, tempests, typhoons, earthquakes, storms, cyclones, etc. Natural calamity cover from Kotak will help compensate for the losses caused to your vehicle due to these events.

Fire, Self-ignition or Lightning Cover

Suppose a four-wheeler catches fire or is damaged because of self-ignition or by lightning; car insurance from Kotak will compensate for the loss.

Destruction from Man-made Calamities

Riots, terrorist acts, strikes and other violent acts can damage vehicles. Kotak insurance covers the insured against such damages.

What does Kotak Mahindra Four-wheeler Insurance not Cover?

Before buying a car insurance policy, the car owner must know its exclusions to avoid potential car insurance claim rejections. Here are the exclusions:

  • The damages from war and war-like situations.
  • Regular wear and tear to the vehicle or depreciation.
  • Suppose the driver was under the influence of alcohol.
  • The consequential liability to the insured vehicle.
  • No compensation for any contractual liabilities.
  • The use of the car for some other purpose than private use.
  • If the accident occurred outside the geographical area stated in a car insurance policy.
  • If the driver's licence was invalid at the time of the accident.
  • Repairs for mechanical and electrical breakdown.

Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance Ādd-ons

To secure total insurance cover, the car owner must buy suitable add-ons. Some of the Kotak car insurance add-ons are as follows:

  • Towing services to a garage nearby via roadside assistance car insurance cover.
  • Compensation for the replacement cost of consumables like screws, oil filters, nuts, etc.
  • Zero depreciation car insurance add-on covers plastic and metal parts fully and batteries, tyres, and tubes up to 50%
  • Engine cover compensates for engine and gearbox damage from water ingestion or leakage of lubricants.
  • The NCB cover helps retain the NCB discount despite a previous year's insurance claim.
  • Tyre cover compensates for the cost of tubes and replacement of tyres.
  • Personal belonging cover compensates for the loss of things kept in the car.
  • Key replacement cover compensates for the expense incurred due to theft, damage or lost car keys.
  • If the insured opts for daily car allowance cover, the insurer will pay them the transport cost incurred because the insured vehicle was unavailable due to repairs.
  • When the car is totalled or stolen, return to invoice or RTI in insurance compensates the car owner for the vehicle's purchase price as per invoice.

Wrapping up 

Kotak Mahindra car insurance has been a trusted and legitimate brand serving its customers since 2014. It offers excellent online service to its customers, facilitating the quick and easy purchase and renewal of car insurance and claim settlements. 

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1. How to buy a Kotak car insurance policy?

Click on the 'buy a new policy' tab on Kotak Mahindra's website. The website will take the user to the vehicle details and add-ons page. On choosing the information, the car insurance quote will display, and the user will need to pay the premium.

2. What is the benefit of buying Kotak car insurance?

Kotak Mahindra is a trusted insurance provider offering excellent third-party, comprehensive and own-damage car insurance policies with encouraging customer reviews concerning claim settlements. 

3. How to renew Kotak's car insurance policy?

Visit the insurance provider's website and enter your vehicle number. View the insurance premium quotes and provide information about the expiry date and if there were previous claims. Add the suitable add-ons and the NCB discount. Fill in all relevant information and pay the premium.

4. How to raise claims against Kotak's car insurance policy?

You can register claims against the Kotak car insurance policy by intimating the insurer online. Mention the details of the incident accurately for a hassle-free car insurance claim settlement.

5. What document should I submit while raising the claim?

The insured must submit the road tax receipt, copy of the FIR (in the case of theft and accidents), registration certificate, car insurance policy, and a copy of the driving licence while raising a claim.

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