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Authorised vs Local Service Centers - Which to Choose for Your Vehicle Servicing?

By Juhi Walia
16 August 2022, 10:29 AM

Like any other equipment, cars and motorcycles are prone to normal wear and tear and require regular repair and maintenance. However, these repairs can sometimes be expensive and might concern any vehicle owner. 

Most people choose to get their vehicle fixed and serviced at a local service centre as it is more affordable. Still, a professional car service certainly serves you better and ensures peace of mind. 

In this post, let us try to compare authorized and local service centres to help you make an informed decision about your automobile’s maintenance. 

Let's Find the Better Alternative - Authorized vs Local Service Centers - for Vehicle Servicing

Looking at the complex construction of mechanical and electrical components making up cars and bikes, it is easy to understand why these vehicles demand regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance. 

Your vehicle’s parts and systems are subject to wear and tear as well as environmental impact that can hamper its function if not serviced from time to time. Moreover, if your two or four-wheeler is involved in an accident, it requires replacement or repair of damaged parts. 

Whatever the reason, you are likely to be faced with confusion when deciding whether you should use an authorised service centre or a local garage for the job. Let us compare the two. 

Pros of Local Service Centers

Lower Cost

Authorized service facilities often cost more than local garages. Neighbourhood centres are ideal choices if you focus more on your budget and spending. 

You can get routine maintenance tasks like filter cleaning, oil changing, and part replacements done at these facilities if you know that they use original, recommended parts and materials.

However, local repair centres may not be covered under your car insurance policy, often requiring you to spend out of hand before reimbursing expenses, along with a minor deductible.

No Specialization Problem 

Local centres specializing in single-brand or premium automobiles demonstrate that specialization is not just limited to licensed facilities. However, you must research to verify that the people you trust possess the required expertise. 

Though some manufacturers have unique features and patented systems, most elements and components are standardized, making it easy for these service centres to handle a wide variety of vehicles. 

Cons of Local Service Centers

Lack of Latest Equipment

Local service centres often lag behind authorised facilities in terms of the latest technology. A local garage might not always be equipped to handle the latest manufacturer updates as they are released. As there is no standardization, your automobile warranty can get voided due to improper maintenance. 

Lack of Specialization 

Local centres generally employ general technicians with no specialization. This means your local garage might fail to fix your bike or car’s problems depending on the manufacturer, model and make. They tend to resolve issues through trial and error, which is not the most effective way for automobile maintenance. The local garage might install the wrong parts in the vehicle and cause issues for you later. 

Pros of Authorized Service Centers


Technicians working at authorised service centres are experts in the area, possessing extensive knowledge of different automobiles, their models and makes, and their characteristics. They also have a practical understanding of what to do to solve different problems. As there is no trial and error, you can expect a reliable, accurate repair or service operation. 


A new two or four-wheeler must be serviced at an authorized service centre to maintain its warranty. 


There is a noticeable difference between the quality of work at an authorized centre and a local garage. Consider a simple example of your car’s paint colour. Repainting a piece at a local garage can give varied results compared to the uniform replication at an authorized facility. 

Cons of Authorized Service Centers

Wait Time

Authorized service centres often have heavy workloads, which is why you may see a minor delay in service. However, you can trust centres that are in demand. 


Labour costs are higher than at local centres, but you are likely to receive a better quality of service. 

You may also not be allowed to see your vehicle while it’s getting repaired or serviced. You have to believe them, but it is often worth it.  


While comparing the pros and cons of both, it is easy to say that authorised service centres are better alternatives to local facilities when it comes to getting your two or four-wheeler repaired or serviced. 

Licensed centres are often the only choice for new vehicles covered by warranties. Premium automobiles also require licensed mechanics for service and maintenance. The final decision ultimately depends on the owner’s budget and preferences.

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1. What is an authorised service centre?

An automobile manufacturer licenses an authorized service centre to perform repairs and service of two or four-wheeled vehicles manufactured by the company. 

2. Why authorised service centres have expensive services?

Because of bigger staff and premises, authorised centres have much higher overheads than local garages. This is why they pass the costs to customers, or they would make no money. 

3. How often should you service your car?

The frequency of servicing depends on how much you use your vehicle, but as a general guideline, you should get it serviced twice a year at the minimum. 

3. How often should you service your car?

The frequency of servicing depends on how much you use your vehicle, but as a general guideline, you should get it serviced twice a year at the minimum. 

4. Can my car warranty get voided if not serviced?

While it is okay to miss a service, extended failure to maintain your vehicle can result in a warranty void. 

To maintain your vehicle’s warranty, it is essential to keep service and maintenance records that prove you follow the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer.

Even car insurance policies have specific terms and bearings based on regular servicing records that owners must keep in mind.

5. Is it better to service your car at an authorised centre?

Getting your car serviced at an authorised service centre ensures that approved, high-quality parts and materials are used. These facilities provide better quality and expertise to keep your vehicle functioning optimally for longer. 

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