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Benefits Of Having A PUC Certificate For Car

By Vikas Chandra Das
04 August 2022, 1:10 PM

Today, having a four-wheeler is not considered a luxury but a necessity for every family. Car is a mode of transport which allows comfortable driving throughout the journey, even in remote places. However, the duty of a vehicle owner does not end with buying it. As a fact, their responsibility begins after purchasing the car. Every car owner needs documents and certificates made compulsory by the law, including RC (register certificate), driver's licence, at least third party car insurance, and a PUC certificate to use their vehicle on the road legally.  

But sometimes, people have every document for their car except a PUC certificate. Even though it is equally essential for every vehicle, people ignore it as they don't know the importance and benefits of having a PUC certificate. So, let's dive into the article to get complete information about this crucial document for a vehicle. 

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PUC- A Primer 

The word PUC certificate stands for the term Pollution Under Control Certificate. A PUC certificate qualifies that the certified vehicle is legally safe on the road. PUC certificate is valid for a year for a car. This certificate ensures that the emission level is adequate from the vehicle's exhaust pipe as per the prescribed percentage of emission by the law. Simply put, a reading test and a PUC certificate ensure that the pollution from vehicles is under control as per the pollution norms. 

What Significance does PUC Hold? 

In India, having all the documents along with a PUC certificate is mandatory by the law. The following points will demonstrate the importance of a PUC certificate and why you should obtain one for your car. 

1. Renewal of Insurance 

Per the law, to ensure that the vehicle undergoes the emission test and is safe for the environment, the PUC certificate of the vehicle is obligatory for the car insurance policy renewal online or offline. If a vehicle does not have its PUC certificate and emission reading test, its owner might not be able to renew its car insurance. So, one must submit other documents along with a PUC certificate for vehicle insurance renewal. 

2. Responsibility Towards Environment  

As we discussed, a PUC certificate qualifies that a vehicle's emission level comes within the prescribed standard emission. The pollution of the vehicle can negatively influence people and the environment's health. Thus, a PUC is necessary for a car as it displays that a vehicle's pollution level is under control. Also, it acts as an environmental responsibility for every citizen. 

3. Obligatory by the Law

When a person drives their car on the road and does not have a PUC certificate and at least third-party car insurance, they are punished for not carrying these documents. A PUC certificate is obligatory by the law, so always carry and renew this certificate to escape the heavy fines.  

Process to Obtain PUC Certificate 

When you want to buy a PUC certificate for a new vehicle or renew the existing certificate, you need to follow the given steps:

  • You need to find your nearest emission testing centre. However, if you cannot find the centre, you can visit the RTO website Parivahan Sewa to find the nearest pollution testing centre.
  • After finding the nearest centre, take your vehicle to that pollution testing centre and ask the executives to scan your car. They will examine your car's exhaust pipes and record the complete pollution reading on their computer.
  • After completing the scanning and recording of the pollution data, executives calculate the levels of emission. If your car's emissions are within the prescribed limit, then the executive will offer you a PUC certificate besides an emission reading test.
  • Lastly, you need to pay for the testing and the certificate fee to the executive.

Way to Check the PUC Status Online 

If you have your PUC certificate for your car and do not know the certificate's status, you can quickly check it online without any hassle. You need to follow the given steps: 

  • Firstly you need to visit the RTO website, which is Parivahan Sewa.
  • Find the PUC tab on the home page and click on it.
  • Then you will navigate to another page, where you need to enter the last five digits of the vehicle's chassis number and other details.
  • Enter the correct captcha displayed, and then you will get the complete information about your PUC status, and you can also print that document.


Aside from being obligatory and raising awareness about pollution and its causes, a PUC certificate is vital when you want to purchase new car insurance online. Car owners need to renew their PUC certificate every year before its due date and carry it with them to save themself from fines. 

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1. What is the complete form of a PUC certificate?

PUC is the abbreviation of the term Pollution Under Control. This certificate signifies that the certified vehicle has an adequate emission level according to the percentage prescribed by the law. 

2. Is a PUC certificate necessary for a new vehicle?

Yes, having a PUC certificate for any vehicle is mandatory by the law. 

3. What is the procedure to get PUC?

If you want to get your vehicle's PUC certificate, you need to visit the nearest emission testing centre, mainly present at petrol pumps. Then the testing operator will scan your vehicle exhaust pipe with a device to check whether your vehicle is safe for the environment or not. When you successfully undergo the test, you will get your PUC certificate. 

4. Are online services available for PUC?

You can not get online services to get a PUC certificate except RTOs and government-affiliated PUC centres.  

5. Why is PUC so important for vehicles?

Apart from being mandatory by the law, PUC certificates state that the vehicle has successfully passed the pollution test and that the vehicle does not pollute the environment as a whole. 



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