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Benefits of Purchasing a Digit Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

By Juhi Walia
18 August 2022, 3:17 PM

A car insurance policy is something that people take for granted, but it is one of the most important things you can buy. A comprehensive car insurance policy will cover your vehicle when you have an accident and give you peace of mind and security if someone else crashes into you. All of this without affecting the cost because it's included in one low monthly payment. When you purchase a Digit comprehensive car insurance policy, you can be sure to meet your needs and ensure protection against adverse events involving your car. The price tag on this type of policy may seem expensive, but the benefits are worth it. Its benefits extend beyond your own damage coverage to include third-party damages due to an accident involving your insured four-wheeler.

While the base coverage of a Digit comprehensive car insurance policy seems impressive, its add-on benefits further your protection against unforeseen events. Let's glance at the policy benefits.

Digit Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy Benefits

1. Comprehensive Coverage Against Damage

If you are ever involved in an accident, Digit's comprehensive car insurance will cover the repair cost if your car is totalled. This can be especially beneficial for those who love to drive fast or take risks on the road. 

The damage that can occur from accidents can add up quickly, especially if you are in a large city. If you love to take long drives and venture into the country, this coverage may be necessary for your family’s safety.

Comprehensive car insurance from Digit can cover a wide range of natural disasters. You will be protected whether it’s a storm, fire, or any other natural calamity that could befall your car. 

2. Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection covers any injuries you or your passengers may incur while riding in a vehicle. This is a great way to protect your loved ones from physical harm. The benefits can be applied to various injuries and even death. You will need to buy this protection as an add-on over the Digit car insurance policy.

3. Legal Defence

Personal injury protection does not replace other legal defences you may need in case of third-party claims induced due to an accident. Digit Insurance will help pay for the costs associated with collecting evidence and providing a defence against any lawsuits brought against you. This can help your family avoid financial troubles while focusing on their health.  Further, Digit's comprehensive car insurance policy can indemnify you for property damage and medical costs of the third party.

4. Policy Filing

As a Digit customer, you do not have to worry about filing your policy yourself. When you purchase this type of insurance through Digit, your information is entered into the system automatically, so all that is needed to file a claim on your behalf is to notify the insurer of an incident. This makes filing car insurance claims easy, which can help you with emergency assistance that often remains the case during an accident or other incidental damages.

5. Roadside Assistance

Digit's comprehensive car insurance provides roadside assistance car insurance add on cover. So, if you ever have trouble on the road, be it with a flat tire or need a ride to the nearest service station, all you need to do is call the station. It will tow your vehicle back to a service centre if it cannot be otherwise repaired.

6. Theft Coverage

Theft coverage includes a loss caused by the theft of your vehicle. If someone steals your vehicle, this policy will provide you with the funds. You will get the insured declared value (IDV) prevailing at the time of theft. Remember, the IDV is not inclusive of depreciation costs, road tax, registration charges, etc. And it reduces with time. So, if you buy a return to invoice cover of Digit, you will recover all those costs not included in your car's IDV.

List of Add-ons Up for Grabs with Digit Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

Want to expand your coverage even if it commands an extra premium? Choose from a wide range of Digit car insurance add-ons and get them added to a Digit comprehensive car insurance policy. The list of add-ons includes - 

  • Zero depreciation cover
  • Return to invoice cover
  • Tyre protect cover
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Consumables cover
  • Engine and gearbox protection cover
  • Loss of personal belongings
  • Key and lock protect
  • Daily conveyance benefit
  • Pay as you drive cover


When you take the time to educate yourself about car insurance coverage, you can feel confident about the policy you choose. Digit Insurance is committed to helping you get the best deal on a policy that will fit your unique needs. 

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1. How long do I have coverage on my Digit comprehensive car insurance?

You have coverage for a minimum of 1 year after your policy starts. But you can also apply for a long-term Digit comprehensive car insurance policy and stay free of yearly renewal obligations.

2. How many cars can I have on my Digit car insurance policy?

The number of cars you can have on your digit policy depends on what you drive and how much they are worth. If you are paying a full-coverage premium and have different cars, it’s best to split the premium between those vehicles.

3. How to buy a Digit car insurance policy?

You can buy the policy on the company's official website after checking its offers online.

4. What are the conditions covered by Digit car insurance?

Digit comprehensive car insurance can provide you with many benefits, including the provision of legal defence and protection against liability for injuries that occur in an accident. Besides, damage to your vehicle and its theft is covered.

5. How much will I need to pay for my Digit comprehensive car insurance?

The Digit comprehensive car insurance premium depends on the type of car, its engine, the IDV, etc. If you add add-ons to a comprehensive policy, Digit will charge you an extra premium. In that case, the base premium and add-on premium will combine, and you will need to pay the consolidated amount on renewal.

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