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Best Crossover Cars in India and Their Insurance Cost

By Juhi Walia
17 August 2022, 4:20 PM

Crossover cars have hit the market and have been a blockbuster for several car buyers. These cars are an amalgamation of a hatchback and a sedan. These utility vehicles also come with a premium and classy car aesthetic. However, you must conduct a comparative analysis of all these cars before you buy one.

Once you buy a crossover car, your job is not over. You need to buy a car insurance policy for your new crossover car. There are several car insurance policies out there. You can thus compare car insurance policies before buying one for your crossover car.

Are you worried about buying the best crossover car and getting a car insurance policy? Don't worry! The guide is here to help you.

The Best Crossover Cars in India and Their Insurance Cost

If you want to buy a car that has multiple features but is priced a bit low, crossover cars are a fit for you. The list below includes some of the best crossover cars in the country. Let’s have a look.

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross

Maruti Suzuki is new in the world of crossover cars but is one of the most trusted car manufacturers in the country. The S-Cross has four variants, and the price of these cars starts at INR 8.6 lakhs and can go up to INR 12.56 lakhs. The engine has a cubic capacity of 1248. 

If you buy a car insurance policy for this car, you will have to pay INR 10-20K approx.) a year.

Datsun Redi-Go

Datsun Redi-Go is another crossover car popular among teenagers and young adults. Also, it is priced lower than other crossover cars, which makes it a more lucrative option. The car has a mileage of 21-22 kilometres per litre and a 799cc engine. The base model is priced at INR 3.8 lakhs and can go up to INR 5 lakhs.

The car insurance policy will cost anywhere between INR 4,000 and INR 9,000.

Honda WR-V

Honda has built a reputation for manufacturing some of the best crossover cars. This particular car gives a mileage of around 17 to 24 kilometres per litre. Also, the car comes with best-in-class features like climate control, etc. 

The price of a WR-V car ranges from INR 8.76 lakhs to INR 11.79 lakhs. The final price will depend on the variant you choose. If you buy a car insurance policy for this car, it will cost you around INR 16,000. 

Ford Freestyle

Ford brings its international engineering and expertise in designing the Freestyle model, a popular crossover car. The model has around six variants priced differently. A Ford Freestyle will cost you anywhere between INR 7.3 lakhs to INR 9 lakhs, depending on your chosen variant. The car gives a mileage of about 20 kilometres per litre and is often compared to Maruti Suzuki Ignis. A car insurance plan for Ford Freestyle will cost you around INR 16,000.

Renault KWID

If you are looking for a crossover car that is easy on your pocket, Renault KWID is one of the most affordable crossover cars. The base variant of this car costs around INR 4.11 lakhs, and the price of the top variant, i.e., the Climber, can go up to INR 5.66 lakhs. There are more than ten variants of the Renault KWID.

The car gives an average mileage of about 22 kilometres per litre. Also, the vehicle comes with a 999cc engine which is ideal if you want to travel within a city. The car has some new-age features like power steering. A car insurance policy for Renault KWID will cost you around INR 8,000.  

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

Not quite well-known, this car is another crossover car by Maruti Suzuki. It has more than ten variants. The base model of the vehicle is available at INR 3.78 lakhs. However, buying the most advanced variant will cost you around INR 5.43 lakhs. The car's mileage is quite decent as you can travel around 25 kilometres on a litre of fuel.

If you are planning to buy a car insurance plan for S-Presso, you will have to pay around INR 9,000. 

KIA Seltos 

KIA is relatively new in the Indian market, and there is a lot of buzz around the models it has released. One of them is the KIA Seltos, a one-of-a-kind crossover car. The vehicle is available in around 15 variants, where the base variant is priced at around INR 9.95 lakhs. The price of a KIA Seltos variant can go as high as INR 18.10 lakhs.  

The car has an air purification system, which is rare in the segment. Also, it gives a mileage of around 16 to 20 km/l. The vehicle has several other add-ons and new-age features like a sunroof. The cost of a car insurance plan for a KIA Seltos variant will be around INR 12,000 to INR 20,000, depending on the variant. 

Note - Car insurance premiums for different crossover variants are stated based on the model type. Other factors, such as the place and date of vehicle registration, will also impact the premium. So, the price mentioned above can vary.


There are several crossover cars in the Indian market currently. So, compare all your options before you make the purchase. However, when you buy a vehicle, you must keep spending on several aspects like insurance premiums, fuel, etc. Therefore, compare car insurance rates of all these crossover cars before making the final purchase. It will give you a fair idea of your recurring costs.  

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1. Which crossover cars are the cheapest?

Datsun Redi-Go and Maruti Suzuki S-Presso are crossover cars that are priced low.

2. Are there any crossover cars by Renault?

Renault KWID is a popular crossover car that is quite affordable.

3. How much will I have to pay for my KIA Seltos car insurance plan?

A KIA Seltos car insurance plan costs between INR 12,000 and INR 20,000. 

4. Which car insurance policy should I buy for crossover models?

You should buy a comprehensive car insurance policy for crossover models as it comes with a mandatory third-party liability cover and own damage cover. The other two options - third-party liability policy only and standalone own damage - are not comprehensive.

5. Are there any luxury crossover cars in India?

If you are looking for a luxury crossover car in India, you can buy Volvo V90 Cross Country or Mercedes Benz AMG A45 S.

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