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Can You Get Car Insurance If You Don't Have A Driving License?

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

While most individuals might dismiss the above question, you may be surprised to know that the reality is quite to the contrary – one can actually get car insurance without a driving license. 

Surprised? Questioning why you have thought that it is ‘mandatory’ to own a driving license? Mind racing with different possibilities? Read on to get some answers.

Importance of Having a Driving License

Buying car insurance in the absence of a driving license is possible, but doing so is no easy task. It requires extensive research and more time and energy investment into the process. 

The license is one of the most important documents that have to be submitted to the insurer at the time of filing a claim before the insurance company. 

However, under certain specific circumstances, like the ones mentioned below, one can get car insurance without having a valid driving license– 

  • When someone else will be driving you: All owners of the car need not necessarily sit behind the wheel of the car – they might want to be chauffeured around. It might also be a situation in which your family members or relatives would drive the car and your name is listed as the owner. Under such cases, the owner may opt-in for an insurance policy and not have a driving license under his or her name.
  • Having a vintage car that you do not drive often: If adding vintage beauties to your car collection is what is driving you to make a car purchase, with no intention of using it on the roads, then opting in for a driving license is not a necessity to get a license to protect your car.
  • If you do not have a valid license as of now: In circumstances that one’s driving license is suspended temporarily, then there is no reason why an insurance policy cannot be purchased. But the insurer might demand a higher premium for the policy as the risk might be higher.
  • If you only have a learner’s license: There might be cases in which a person who possesses a valid learner’s license wishes to purchase a car and insure it, even before getting a valid driving license. This can be done provided that the insurance company approves of the same.
  • If your health does not permit you to drive: Health problems such as physical impairment, deteriorating eyesight, etc might require you to ask some other individual to drive you around. In such cases, the car and the insurance policy might be under your name, but you need not be in possession of a valid driving license.

One can register the car in the absence of a valid driving license and can even purchase an insurance policy under his or her name. However, it is advisable to have a driving license under one’s name, for insurance companies do not honour car insurance claims if the driver of the car does not have a driving license (as per the IRDAI mandate). 

Some insurance companies may also refuse to renew the license if the policyholder does not have a valid license. Also, the premium charged for the car insurance policy might be higher, as having an unlicensed policyholder might pose a greater risk to the insurer. Reverify the terms and conditions of the policy to know your position as an unlicensed car owner.

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