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Perfect Car Insurance Policy for Your Next Road Trip!

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Weekend getaways, excellent food, long drives, adventure, and fun-filled activities– these words never fail to bring a smile across our faces. The thought of finally getting that break- of making it to your native places or exploring some travel hotspots is exciting!

However, in this tizzy of excitement, it is important that you have a comprehensive car insurance policy embellished with specific add-ons to make the trip safer and more comfortable.

So how should you go about this? Read on to find out!

Why Should You Have a Good Car Insurance Policy During a Road Trip?

Car insurance offers protection to the vehicle from financial losses that occur due to natural and manmade causes.

Your car insurance coverage for road trips should be practical, exhaustive coverage, and customised based on your requirements – to ensure that any problem that you encounter on the road will be easily taken care of by the insurer.

Good car insurance will ensure the following –

  • A huge, lump sum, out-of-pocket expenses for damages and losses to the car can be averted by investing small, timely sums in an insurance policy.
  • Offers protection to not only oneself but also third parties, passengers, and drivers.
  • Significant time and energy can be saved.
  • One can receive legal assistance from the insurer.
  • Complement one’s health insurance cover.

What are the Features and Benefits of Car Insurance that will Come in Handy for a Road Trip?

Coverage for the owner-driver and passengers with the accident cover

Own damaged car insurance or a comprehensive car insurance policy covers the injuries caused to the owner-driver and the car itself. With the help of a passenger add-on, the medical bills of up to 3 passengers can be covered by the car insurance policy.

Roadside assistance in case of emergencies

It is interesting to note that one can avail of emergency assistance even outside a 100 km radius with the outstation emergency cover. Just like Atul, when his car got stuck during a road trip on the outskirts of Mumbai. He did not know what to do. Then after few minutes, he realized that his car insurance policy comes with roadside assistance cover. Hence, he called the customer care support of the company and in just a few minutes, the mechanic was there to help Atul.  

Cashless garage experience

The basic idea behind cashless garages in a car insurance policy is that the insured gets a chance to repair his or her car in the network garages of the insurance provider without shelling any money from his or her pocket. The bills will be settled by the car insurance company with the network garage on the completion of all the repairs. However, this facility may only be availed if the policyholder goes to the network garages of the insurer.

Additional options or add-ons

Having this extended coverage in the form of add-ons will save the insured a significant amount of money in case of an unforeseen incident. These covers are available only in the case of comprehensive car insurance policies and own damage policies. Some useful add-ons are – zero depreciation cover, engine protection, return to invoice, passenger protection cover, etc. In case these add-ons haven’t been purchased at the time of purchase of the policy, then they can be bought at a later date when the need arises.

Top Add-on Covers Ideal for a Road Trip

Roadside assistance

It is an add-on that guarantees services such as emergency services, towing, refuelling, resolving technical issues, change of flat tyres, etc., 24/7. The policyholder gets to avail the services of a technician at the site where assistance is needed. The policyholder may even be offered emergency accommodation and allied utility benefits if the insured is stranded in a desolate location.

Passenger cover

This add-on protects the interests of the passengers by providing for the cost of medical treatment, disability liability, and financial assistance in case of death or major injury during an accident. The scale of compensation is entirely dependent on the nature of injury. For example, loss of one eye or limb will result in 50% compensation. The policy covers only a maximum of 3 passengers and can be availed for insurance of both private and commercial vehicles.

Personal belongings cover

One might be carrying technologically advanced gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, etc which are expensive. This add-on will offer protection in case these personal belongings are damaged or stolen from the car.

Zero depreciation cover

This add-on is valid for a period of 5 years from the date of the purchase of the car(only for cars that are 5 years old only), entitles the policyholder to claim the entire cost of replacing the damaged parts of the car. It ensures that the wear and tear costs are not deducted while making the final settlement. There exists a maximum limit of 2 claims for the policy period.


Going on a road trip is probably one of the most relaxing and fun things to do with friends and family. Make sure that you are fully equipped with good car insurance with all the essential add-ons to ensure that you have a smooth sailing, enjoyable trip.

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