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Car Insurance with HDFC ERGO: Know the Benefits

By Vikas Chandra Das
14 October 2022, 10:16 AM

As a leading provider of low-cost car insurance, HDFC ERGO is well-known in the insurance business. Car insurance policies protect owners of cars against theft, fire, accidents, and third parties involved in accidents.

The three car insurance policies available in India should be considered when purchasing a vehicle. HDFC ERGO offers three main car insurance plans: Comprehensive, Standalone Own Damage, and 3rd Party Car Insurance.

  • More than one crore customers are secure and satisfied.
  • With new insurance policies and plans, your car may be at various risks.
  • Service for car repairs overnight.
  • Customer service, information security, and the policy issuance process are all governed by an ISO certification.
  • The ICRA recognizes IAAA as the highest possible rating and the highest level of claim payment ability.
  • An online transaction option that saves time and paper.
  • Customer service is excellent and available 24 hours a day.

Millions of car owners across the country trust HDFC ERGO thanks to its sizeable cashless garage network and distribution infrastructure of 100 branches across 89 cities. 

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Types 

One of the most preferred car insurance companies is HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company. A well-known characteristic of the company is that it offers products with unique benefits. Insurance providers offer the following types of car insurance:

Comprehensive Car Insurance:

Damages to the owner's car along with damages to third parties vehicles, people, or property are covered by comprehensive car insurance. This policy covers any legal liability towards a third party from the accident. A customer can also add additional coverage to their insurance policy.

Third Party Car Insurance:

In 3rd party car insurance, the damages caused only to the third party's property, person, or vehicle are covered. It is a punishable offence to drive without third-party insurance coverage in India.

Standalone Own Damage Car Insurance: 

A stand-alone damage insurance policy only covers the expenses related to repairing damage or losses caused to a policyholder's vehicle, as the name suggests. 

New Car Bundle Coverage: 

A one-year insurance cover for damage to your vehicle is provided, while a three-year insurance cover is for damage to a third party.

After one year, you must purchase a stand alone own damage car insurance plan if you wish to insure your new car against your damages, as your third-party coverage expires after three years. A comprehensive car insurance plan must be purchased after the first three years.

Why Do You Need HDFC ERGO Car Insurance?

Car insurance coverage protects the vehicle from damage or loss caused by inevitable mishaps. Events or situations covered by insurance are those in which the insurer covers all repair costs:


The term "accident" refers to the damage caused by a collision or an external force. The car insurance plan covers all damages resulting from such an incident.

Explosions and Fires:

Fire and explosion damages are covered under the insurance plan in case of accidental fire or explosion.


If there is an unfortunate event where your car is stolen, the company is responsible for covering the loss of it.

Calamities Caused by Natural Causes:

In the event of natural calamities, the insurance company covers any damages. A natural disaster is an event like a flood, a typhoon, a cyclone, an earthquake, etc.

Injury to the Person:

Such unfortunate events are also covered if the car owner is killed or disabled in an accident.

Liability Towards Third Parties:

A third-party vehicle, life, or property is covered in the event of an accident by the insured vehicle.

Car Insurance Benefits From HDFC ERGO

Insuring your vehicle with HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company offers the following benefits and features:

Getting a Discount: 

You can save 70% off your premium amount when you use a discount. Customers can maximize their savings while still ensuring their vehicle's insurance coverage.

Garage Network:

With HDFC ERGO's cashless garage network, customers don't need to worry about finances when getting repairs done. With more than 8,300 cashless garages, HDFC ERGO has the largest network in the industry.

Repairs are Done Overnight:

The network garage offers overnight repair services, where the repairs are completed the following day.

Fastest Claim Settlement:

There is no faster way to settle a car insurance claim than with HDFC ERGO car insurance. The settlement of car claims is usually completed the same day in about 50% of the cases.

Assistance on the Road:

A car-owner-driver can get roadside assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the insurance provider. The roadside assistance this company provides is beneficial if your car breaks down.

Provides the Fastest Insurance Coverage:

As a result of technological advancements, HDFC ERGO makes it possible for customers to secure their vehicles within three minutes. HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company offers instant insurance coverage.

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Wrapping Up

Internet purchases are often viewed as unsafe by many shoppers. Insurance companies use secure servers to facilitate online transactions. Regardless of how you use your information, you can rest assured that you will not be exploited. You can alleviate concerns about "is online insurance safe" by working with a dependable and reputable insurance provider.

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1. What is the benefit of HDFC ERGO?

You can enjoy lifelong renewals with HDFC ERGO health insurance, so you won't have to worry about unscheduled emergencies. There are car insurance plans without a sub-limit. Every year when a claim is not filed, the company offers a bonus of 5% on the sum insured.

2. What is the claim settlement ratio of HDFC ERGO?

In the first three months after making a claim, HDFC ERGO General Insurance settles 99.8% of all private general insurance claims. The first three months of 2014 were followed closely by Edelweiss General and Go Digit, respectively, with 99.72% and 99.65%.  

3. Does HDFC ERGO have an in-house claim settlement?

HDFC ERGO promises to make claim settlement easy! HDFC ERGO provides a 24-hour helpline for claim registration, so you won't have to worry about long winding processes. They can be reached at 022 6234 6234/0120 6234 6234, the toll-free number for all of India.

4. What is the sum insured rebound in HDFC ERGO?

The cumulative bonus is triggered when a claim reaches the base sum insured and is exhausted.

5. How can I check my HDFC ERGO policy status?

You can check your HDFC ERGO policy status by logging onto their website.

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