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Documents to Carry Before You Go for a Long Road Trip

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Rajesh, Rahul, Preethi, Prathibha and Sonam made impromptu travel plans to the nearest hill station, a weekend getaway from the noise and humdrum of the city. Excited about this trip that they have planned after years, each one is frantically planning, packing and readying themselves for a fun journey. All the essentials (and fun add-ons) were stuffed into the trunk of the car and Rahul, being the responsible one, suddenly realised that he hadn’t carried the documents of the car at all. Is this something that has happened to you too?

Then, here is a quick checklist of documents that you must carry before heading towards your fun road trip without fail.

What Documents Should You Carry?

  • Driving license is proof of three main things – that you are a legitimate driver, you are aware of the traffic rules and regulations of the country and that you are qualified and skilled enough to operate the vehicle since you have been tested on the same. It is also advisable to carry some photocopies of the same.
  • Registration book or card, which contains technical details about the vehicle, serves as proof of ownership of the car and having it on your person while driving is mandated as per Indian law. This document is absolutely essential and must be carried for the shortest of travels to avoid any sort of legal trouble.
  • Insurance papers are a must-have for it shows compliance with the mandate of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It is important that the policy must be valid at that time and even a photocopy of the same will suffice. Add-ons in car insurance policy such as road assistance and cashless garage services might come especially handy in case you are going for a long trip inter or intra state.
  • Pollution certificate or emission certificate is essential to prove that the vehicle is environmentally friendly and is compliant with all the environmental norms. If you do not have a valid PUC certificate, it can be easily obtained at any computerized facility that is authorised to issue the certificate, such as your nearest petrol bunk or workshop, before you head for the trip.
  • Any other identity proof, if need be. Additionally, keeping the contact number of the insurance company, car mechanic and local police station can be valuable information that might come in handy in case of emergencies.

Why do You Need to Carry Them?

  • They are proof that you have rightful ownership of the car.
  • It also proves that you are a legitimate driver with a license to access the roads with the requisite skill and training.
  • These documents are handy in case of random checks by the traffic police or inspections that are carried out in times of riots, blockades and similar situations.
  • It must be submitted to the traffic cops in case of traffic violations.
  • It is also needed in case you require some assistance from your insurance company.

How to File a Claim If You’re in the Middle of a Holiday?

There can be no delay in filing the claim irrespective of the place that you are situated. In this digital age, it has become really easy to complete formalities and procedures online itself. In case, you have met with an unforeseen event, the first thing that needs to be done is to intimate the insurer about the event at the earliest. The insurance company will offer complete assistance regarding the manner in which one must proceed thereafter depending on the reason for filing the claim.

The entire process of filing the claim can be completed online and in case it is a cashless policy, then all services to the car must be done in one of the network garages of the insurer. The claim amount will be directly settled with them. In case it is a reimbursement cover, then follow the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy regarding the manner and place in which the servicing and repairs of the car must be done.

Unlike popular misconceptions, the claim filing process is not wearisome and requires some prudence and diligence to be exercised by the insured. The most important thing that is to be kept in mind is that the insurer must be informed at all times. In fact, benefits such as legal assistance or road side assistance may be availed from the car insurance company provided such requests are made at the right time.

Please note: All relevant evidence, documents and proof must be submitted while filing the claim amount. So meticulously record the same and have a number of copies handy.


An extended road trip can either be a therapeutic experience or it can also be an ordeal if you are stranded away from home without any of your vehicle documents. Therefore, it is important that you are mindful of this and take pre-emptive measures of keeping your car documents with you to ensure that nothing comes between you and your well-deserved break.

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