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Does Your Car Insurance Cover Animal Attack?

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Coverage for damage due to a collision?


Due to storms?


Due to monsoon hazards?


Due to engine failure?


Due to animal attacks?

It is not needed.

Due to....wait...not needed? Think again!

Animals can bolt out of the blue, and in a flash, your car and maybe some of the passengers get injured. A bird can whoosh from the clouds and shatter your windshield. Or a twirly horned bovine could tear the metal of the roof when it decides to peek through the car window. These are wild animals, but what about your darling cat sharpening her claws on the seat covers? Does your insurance policy cover all this? Does your car insurance protect against animal attacks at all?

Who Should Buy a Cover for Animal Attacks?

Although damage due to animal attacks seems like a phenomenon that wouldn't even happen in a month of Sundays, it is a fact that over thousands of accidents in India occur due to animal interference per annum. The advice to everyone is always to be ready for the worst but if you find yourself in any of the following situations, buying a comprehensive cover for animal attacks is a must.

  • If you reside in a rural area or a tier-2 or tier-3 city where animals are often found dawdling on the streets, you should purchase this cover. You never know when a bull might decide to have a blockheaded fight against your car. Just like what happened with Rajat when his car was attacked by an animal at night while he was sleeping. Thankfully, he had a comprehensive car insurance policy that covered the car damages against the animal attack hence on raising the claim he received compensation for his damaged car.
  • If you fancy road trips and safaris and frequently hit the road, we recommend you purchase this coverage to free yourself from the worry of damage to your car by a random animal attack.
  • If you own a pet, it would be an advisable course of action to buy this coverage.

What are the Common Types of Damages Due to Animals?

  • A rodent or a pest may chew the car wiring present in the engine compartment, injuring the vehicle's wiring system.
  • A wild or a large animal may dart towards your car while driving through a forest or a wildlife area, causing severe damage.
  • Your pet may have chewed the seat or the upholstery, which requires repair.
  • An animal may have gained entry into the car's cabin through an unattended window or sunroof, allowing it to damage the exterior and interior.

How Can You File a Car Insurance Claim for Damage Caused by Animal Attack?

The steps for claiming car insurance for animal attacks are straightforward. Here we have listed them in the correct order for the readers to follow without any problem -

  • Immediately report any accident and associated damage to your car to your insurer. It will help your insurer to investigate and settle your claim within a reasonable time.
  • The insurer will then appoint an investigator to study the validity of the car insurance claim you make.
  • You can either get a cashless claim by getting the damages repaired at the network garage, or you can get a reimbursement for the repair bill.

What are the Benefits of Having a Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Buy comprehensive car insurance to cover your vehicle with excellent coverage at a lower premium. Below are the benefits of having a complete car insurance policy -

  • Damage to Car: Accidental injuries come unannounced, which leads to an unexpected repair bill. Sometimes they can be expensive depending upon the extent of the damages. This can certainly burn a hole in your pocket. The Comprehensive car insurance policy not only covers third party damages, but it also covers damages to your car or the insured vehicle. Besides, it also covers damages due to animal attacks.
  • Death or Disability Cover - The comprehensive car insurance policy, apart from protecting third parties, also covers the insured vehicle and offers the Personal Accident Cover.
  • Third-Party Liability Coverage: The comprehensive motor insurance policy offers exhaustive coverage. It provides protection for the third-party against any damages caused by the insured vehicle. It also protects the policyholder against financial liabilities arising out of third-party damages and legal liabilities.
  • Access to many add ons: You can customise your comprehensive plan further by getting add ons such as Engine protect cover, fire cover, tyre cover, and so on.

How to Prevent Animal Attacks?

  • Keep Calm - One of the main reasons why animals attack a vehicle or a person is to sense fear or if a person is excited. For this reason, the animal tends to defend and attack you or the vehicle. Remain calm, especially if you are driving through a highway, and you encounter an animal on your way. Animals rarely attack, but if they feel threatened, they would not think twice before attacking. Ensure you keep calm and wait for the animal to leave.
  • Keep the Windows Closed - While the car is parked or left unattended, ensure you do not keep the windows open. Chances are animals that may enter the vehicle and could cause damage to the interior and the exterior. Sometimes you may forget to close the sunroof, easy access for animals to enter your car.
  • Park in a Garage - Try and find a garage if you do not have one to park your car. This will eliminate any chances of an unpredictable animal attack. Also, it keeps your car away from sunlight and dust, thereby increasing the vehicle's life.
  • Do Not Leave the Car Unused for Long - Drive your car regularly, not necessarily daily. This will prevent rodents or rats from nesting and chewing the wiring of your car.
  • Do Not Leave Food Inside the Car - Do not leave any leftover food or avoid eating food inside the car. These are great in attracting animals inside the car and could damage finding their way inside the vehicle.
  • Use Animal Repellents - There are several types of repellents for rats and other pests. They might cost a bit, but it can avoid damages to the car when pests or rats enter the vehicle and cause unwanted damages.
  • Get a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy - While you may take precautions to avoid any animal attack damages or damages due to rodents chewing up the wiring, get the comprehensive car insurance policy that covers Own Damage as well.
  • Get a Protective Cover or Hammock for Your Pet - Use a car hammock for pets or covers that keeps your pet from chewing or damaging the interior of the car's upholstery. It will also prevent your pet from wandering in the car.
  • Do Not Feed Wild Animals-If you are driving through a wildlife sanctuary or a forest, avoid feeding wild animals. They are unpredictable and could damage your car while you are feeding the animal.

1. Does Third-party car insurance cover animal attack damages?

No, this is available only with the comprehensive car insurance policy and not under third-party insurance.

2. Does insurance cover rodent damages?

No. Damage to the wiring engine compartment is not covered since it is not covered under the standard comprehensive policy. However, it is good to check the terms and conditions of the policy.

3. Suppose my pet has damaged the upholstery of the car. Will the car insurance cover the damages?

If the damages you are raising a claim are intentional, the car insurance company will reject the claim.

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