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Electrical and Non-Electrical Accessories Coverage in Car Insurance

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Car accessories are used for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Whether it is a high-end stereo or an LNG kit, an LED screen or suave alloy wheels, or glossy interior fittings or portable fire extinguishers – these additions to the car reflect one’s personality, tastes, preferences, and lifestyle choices.

Important Accessories for the Car

Accessories are mainly of two types – electrical accessories which include fog lights, brake lights, air conditioners, music systems, etc., and non-electrical accessories which include interior fittings, seat covers, alloy wheels, etc.

Without much ado let us consider the important accessories (mostly used for their functional purpose) that you can consider getting for your car –

  • Anti-theft devices are useful additions that have to be installed for the safety of the car. Installing these at the time of purchasing the insurance policy may even fetch the insured some good discounts on the premium of the insurance product.
  • Portable fire extinguishers kept in the car will prove valuable lifesavers in case of fire and other such emergencies. Investing in one is an excellent idea. A first aid kit with some basic equipment can also be purchased alongside.
  • Phone mount can be rather helpful if you are in the habit of using the phone to navigate around the city. It prevents the driver from juggling between handling the phone and the steering wheel.
  • Car camera, or a dashcam, acts as a black box in an airplane and provides a computerised recording of your car’s excursions, and in some unfortunate time, recordings of an accident too.
  • Vacuum cleaner is a handy accessory to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in one’s car. Even car servicing frequency can be reduced by half if this aspect is taken care of with the help of a vacuum cleaner and allied accessories.
  • Battery charger with numerous ports for phones, tablets, etc. may prove to be a boon during emergencies and long journeys.

Why Should You Get Your Car Accessories Insured?

Car accessories, like all other parts of the car, come with a price and in most cases are quite expensive embellishments. Standard insurance policies do not cover these in case of a claim made by the insured. Therefore, specifically insuring these will protect the insured from major out-of-pocket expenses in case of accident, theft, or total loss to the car. It also saves the time and energy of the insured from re-investing for the new accessories at a huge cost.

Also, loss of accessories by theft may be covered at an additional 4% premium of the value of the accessories explicitly outlined in the declaration proposal. These rates, however, may vary from one policy to another.

What Kinds of Accessories are Covered by Car Insurance?

The car insurance policy can offer coverage for both electrical and non-electrical accessories, with the appropriate premium being paid.

Electrical accessories would be –

  • LCD mini TV,
  • Dash Camera
  • Music system
  • Air conditioners
  • Fog lights.

Non - electrical accessories would be –

  • Seat covers,
  • Alloy wheels or mag wheels,
  • Leather seats,
  • CNG-kits
  • Bi-fuel systems.

These accessories will not be covered by the base insurance policy and will have to be insured for a higher premium. The add-ons must be customised accordingly by the policyholder.

Also, note that these add-ons are available only for comprehensive insurance policies and own damages car insurance policies

Are There any Exclusions in terms of Electrical and Non Electrical Accessories Coverage in Car Insurance?

A word of caution – while an individual has the liberty to customise the car with accessories, it must be done in a manner that the modification does not nullify the insurance cover itself. For instance, modifications made to the mechanical setups or engine might not be under the standard cover, and doing so without informing the insurance might pose problems at a later stage.

Each car insurance policy has a limit to the customisation that can be done and the limits must be checked in the terms and conditions of the policy.

Other standard or permanent exclusions such as consequential losses, contributory negligence, etc. will continue to operate as-is.


One must be careful while deciding which of the accessories must one get insured. A considerable amount of homework needs to go into it. On opting for the same, the exact value of the accessories must be provided to the insurer as this is what will be considered at the time of final settlement of the car insurance claim amount. The insured needs to be vigilant and ensure that all efforts are made to secure the accessories in the manner envisaged by following due procedure.

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