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Few Things to Keep in Mind When Comparing Car Insurance Quotes

By Juhi Walia
27 September 2022, 2:41 PM

A car insurance policy is something that everybody should consider when buying a new vehicle. A valid motor insurance plan helps you comply with the legal requirement and protects you financially in case of loss or damage due to an unforeseen event.

You should ideally compare the available car insurance policy options and select the best alternative that suits your needs and budget. This task has become more accessible recently, with comparison platforms increasingly rising to the fore. However, buyers still have to try to avail themselves of the perfect deal.

When comparing quotes from different insurance companies, paying attention to a few factors is essential to decide quickly. In this post, we look at some critical things you should consider when comparing insurance policy quotes, along with the terms, conditions, and claims settlement scores, among other things.

Things to Keep in Mind When Comparing Car Insurance Quotes

Here are some essential things worth paying attention to when comparing options to select the best car insurance policy.

Brand Reputation

One of the most important considerations when comparing car insurance plans is the insurance company's reputation.

Selecting an insurer with a solid reputation in the industry as opposed to a lesser-known company improves the chance of it living up to your expectations.

Given the number of new upstarts in this segment over the years, many are still struggling to get services and network reach in order, making it preferable to go with an established brand, even if it costs a little more in the short run.


The effectiveness of an insurance policy is determined based on the coverage it provides to the policyholder. Before applying for car insurance, you must understand and compare your benefits with different plans.

It is important to remember that the coverage benefits you receive differ significantly by the provider and the policy.

A third-party car insurance policy, for example, only covers liabilities like third-party property damage, physical injury, and death caused due to an insured vehicle. However, a comprehensive car insurance policy includes damage cover, other benefits, and third-party liability cover.

The coverage a plan offers is critical when comparing quotes from different companies. As discussed earlier, the considerations go beyond just the premiums, including the size of their networks, claims settlement scores, and the overall process, among other things.


When buying car insurance coverage, several types of discounts help lower the overall cost of your policy.

For example, you can get a discount by installing security gadgets in your vehicle or save with the AAI membership. While deciding on the policy, make sure you check all the available discounts and savings.

Some of them come with strings attached, making it essential to look through the fine print instead of just basing your decisions on the initial premium outlay.

Network of Garages

Every insurance provider has a network of garages where you get cashless repair service for any damage caused to your vehicle during the validity of the insurance plan. This means you should analyze how robust and extensive the insurer's garage network is when comparing car insurance quotes.

Choosing a company with an extensive network of cashless garages ensures you can get your car repaired easily at your nearest location without paying from your pocket.


When looking for comprehensive automobile insurance coverage, the policies offered by different insurers may look similar. However, the services might differ to a great extent. Therefore, it is essential to research other insurance companies' terms before deciding.

The reliability of an insurer is one of the most important things when taking four-wheeler insurance. You must look for a company you can depend on in time of any unforeseen event.

Do some research to find out how smooth and straightforward an insurance company's claim-related process is. This will give you an idea of what to expect from the specific provider when making car insurance claims.

Online reviews and worth of mouth should help you gauge an insurer's reliability and trustworthiness so that you can go with the one that makes the experience hassle-free and convenient.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most crucial things you should pay attention to when purchasing a car insurance policy. See that you select a comprehensive plan from a reputed and reliable provider that fulfills the promises it makes.

Most automobile insurers today provide additional benefits apart from basic coverage, so it is essential to shop around and compare the quotes to get the best deal and value for your money.

Things have started heating up in this segment, with the rising prominence of comparison platforms such as PayTM Insurance, with plenty of value available for buyers.

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1. Should you always shop around for car insurance?

Yes, periodically shopping around for car insurance can help you get the best deals on the premium amount you pay for the coverage. By comparing insurance quotes from different companies, you can save on your premium and make the most of your spending.

2. How can I save money on vehicle insurance?

One of the best ways to save on your car insurance policy is to go online and compare the prices and benefits of various insurance companies and select the right deal for you. Premium amounts generally vary for different policies, providers, and coverage offered. Comparing the quotes should help you save on your insurance coverage.

3. Which insurance policy is the best for a new car?

The recommended insurance for a new car is comprehensive insurance coverage that includes a third-party cover along with own damage cover and suitable add-on covers like:

  • Engine protection
  • Roadside assistance
  • Zero depreciation
  • No-claim bonus protection

4. Is it mandatory to buy vehicular insurance from dealers?

No, buying a car insurance policy from dealers is not compulsory. Car dealers often try and push plans that can be expensive for you. It is advisable to research the best insurance plans available from reputed companies and compare the quotes before buying a policy for your new car.

5. What is not covered under car insurance?

A car insurance policy generally does not cover damage to the engine and gearbox or tubes and tyres. However, it is possible to extend the coverage of a comprehensive insurance policy with add-on covers that provide these additional benefits. You can choose add-ons for various extra covers to suit your needs and preferences.

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