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How Can I File a Claim for Cyclone Damage on My Car Insurance?

By Juhi Walia
27 September 2022, 12:19 PM

India has experienced some horrible cyclones over the past few years. These natural disasters have been responsible for heavy destruction that has cost the country crores. 

Now, four-wheelers also happen to be the victims of cyclones. They are prone to drifting away off the surface or being shunted off course due to the immense speed of cyclones.

These cyclones can also cause severe damage to their critical components, such as their:

  • Electric system
  • Engine
  • Transmission

Mostly, the costs for repairing these damages can go up as high as INR 2-3 Lakhs. Thankfully, car insurance policies compensate for any damage caused to insured vehicles.

Policyholders can file claims to receive their compensation. However, some policyholders find the process confusing. They can learn about the procedure for the same by reading the following sections that explain how they raise a claim for vehicular cyclone damage against their vehicular insurance. 

Does Car Insurance Cover Damages Cause by Natural Disasters?

The good news is that comprehensive car insurance policies cover damages caused to your car from natural disasters such as cyclones, earthquakes, floods, etc., along with artificially generated disasters.

With the help of comprehensive car insurance, the insurer will compensate for your vehicle loss upon receiving all the necessary details, such as the surveyor's damage report, etc.

How Can Car Insurance Benefits Vehicle Owners in the Case of Cyclone?

A car insurance policy is an efficient investment and can help you during tough times. The following are the benefits you will get with car insurance coverage during the cyclone:

Streamlined Inspection

The great benefit of having a car insurance policy is the hassle-free claim process. You should not panic if a cyclone damages your insured car. With a vehicular insurance policy, you can get the benefits of hassle-free inspection with top-notch services.

Cashless Claims Benefits

Cashless claim benefits are among the most significant advantages of insuring your car during natural disasters. You can contact your car insurance provider if a cyclone damages the vehicle and ask for cashless claims.

Your insurance provider will make the necessary arrangement for towing your damaged car to the nearest repair centre and make payment for the bills.

Benefits of NCB 

The comprehensive car insurance policy will also benefit the insured vehicle owner with a no-claim bonus. You will get a heavy premium discount on the renewals if you do not raise claims in the policy term. The insurance company also transfers the current NCB with a new policy.

Steps to File a Claim for Car Damage Caused by Cyclone

You can directly raise a claim by visiting your insurance provider's website. India's Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, IRDAI, has mandated insurers to hire nodal officers who will help them with:

  • Claim receipt
  • Payment
  • Processing

If your car is damaged, you can take the following steps to raise a claim:

Step 1: Notify Your Insurance Company Immediately

The first step is to inform your insurer about the damages the cyclone has inflicted on your car. When a cyclone hits a city, it becomes national news.

However, it would be best if you did not rely on your insurance company to contact you, assuming that the cyclone may have hit your location. It is necessary to contact your insurance company immediately and let it know about the damages your vehicle has obtained.

Step 2: Provide Damage Evidence

Collect the evidence of the damage. You can take photos or make a video of your damaged car and send it to your insurance provider via mail. It makes the process a lot easier.

Step 3: Keep Necessary Details at Hand

For a seamless claim process, it is better to keep the details, such as policy number details, along with other documents which you think will be needed during the claim process. You can find the list of relevant documents on the insurer's website.

Step 4: Raise The Claim

Now that you have all the necessary things to raise a claim. You can go ahead and file the claim. In the comprehensive car insurance policy, there are two types of car insurance claims: cashless and reimbursement claims. 

It depends on whether your insurance policy features a cashless claim. If yes, all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned above and raise a cashless claim from which you will not have to pay a single penny, and the insurance provider will cover the services of the car and reimburse the paid amount in several days.

Key Takeaways

While an insurance policy is an essential preventative financial safety net, it will only benefit you if you follow all the rules. Cyclones are expected to touch down on the shores of human habitation regularly in the future. Thanks to technological advancement, raising a claim is now easier than ever.

While these extreme weather tragedies may consume much of your time, getting the most out of your motor insurance policy is critical to saving significantly. 

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1. Does third-party insurance cover cyclone damage?

No, third-party liability insurance does not cover any damage your car has obtained due to natural disasters. It would be best if you opted for comprehensive car insurance to get damage coverage.

2. Do I have to get a separate add-on for cyclone insurance cover?

Under the comprehensive car insurance policy, damages for natural calamities such as cyclones are covered, and you will not have to purchase a separate add-on. 

3. Is it necessary to inform the insurer before sending the cyclone-damaged car for repairs?

Yes, it is mandatory to let your insurance company know before you send your vehicle for repairs. Inspecting the damage is essential because the insurer will claim the review only after the surveyor sends the detailed damage report.

4. When is a total loss declared in car insurance for a cyclone-damaged vehicle?

If the repairing cost of your cyclone-damaged car is more than 75% of its IDV, the insurer will declare a total loss for the vehicle.

5. Do comprehensive car insurance policies allow cyclone damage claims?

Yes. A comprehensive car insurance policy compensates for natural disasters like cyclones and unnatural disasters like thefts.

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