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How Car Insurance Can Protect You During Heavy Rains

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

The monsoon rains are a welcome respite from the hot, sweltering summer heat. As much as you would love to spend some time outdoors, soaking in the rain, it is inadvisable to drive your car on wet roads. Monsoon rains spell bad news to your car’s health.

However, if you have made up your mind that travelling during this time is a foregone conclusion, then it is best to be prepared for any eventualities that you might face. The best that you can do is to fully equip yourself for these eventualities.

What are the Possible Damages that Can Happen to Your Car During the Monsoon?

  • Engine damage – the car engine is the most integral and expensive part of the car. All repairs might come with a significant price label attached to them. There are huge chances that one’s engine might suffer due to water ingression during monsoon rains. Therefore, to protect against it, you must consider selecting the engine protection add-on to one’s insurance policy.
  • Dents caused underneath by the potholes – are beyond the control of the driver as it is hard to navigate with reduced visibility in the rain as is.
  • Damage caused due to hail storms – this is an act of god and a comprehensive insurance policy will protect you from the damages that ensue out of this.
  • Trees falling on the car due to storms or hurricanes – the car can be easily pummelled with unsightly dents and damages to the body due to tree branches that fall onto the car due to a gusty wind. Be careful with regard to where you park the car and be vigilant while driving on a rainy day.

How can You be Monsoon-ready by Insuring Your Car?

Insurance documents are important documents that one must not forget to carry at any cost. It performs several functions, but during rainy days, it comes to good use if your car suffers a breakdown and you need immediate repairs for the same.

You can take the vehicle to the nearest network garage of your car insurer and get it repaired without any hassles if you have your insurance papers and other documents such as your Driving License and Registration Certificate with you.

Another option that you must consider is to opt-in for a comprehensive car insurance policy as it covers damages due to flood. Along with this policy, several add-on covers can help. 

The Engine Protect add-on and Gearbox Protection cover can help you counter a financial drain when the car is damaged during the monsoon. Just like what happened with Arun when his car got stuck in Mumbai monsoons. Well, all thanks to the engine & gearbox protection add-on cover, he had received all the compensation from the insurance company for his damaged car's engine. If he did not have this cover, he had to bear all the expenses of the engine repairing from his pocket, which would be quite expensive. 

Please note, these add-ons cannot be availed for simple third-party insurance policy covers.

What Should You do If You are Stuck in Your Car During the Rain?

  • Turn off the AC as keeping the air conditioning on might increase the splash of water while the car is stagnant in water.
  • Do not crank up the car in circumstances that it breaks down as it might result in water ingress. Also, this might lead to the rejection of claims in case any damage is caused due to water ingress by your negligence.
  • Avoid central locking as this can prove to be dangerous for oneself and passengers inside.
  • Do not turn the ignition if the water level is around the passenger seat.
  • Call roadside assistance to get the car towed in a systematic manner. The road assistance cover is an add-on that guarantees services such as emergency services, towing, refuelling, resolving technical issues, change of flat tyres, etc., 24/7. The insurer sends the help to the site where assistance is needed. Most insurance companies further offer emergency accommodation and allied utility benefits if the insured is stranded in a desolate location with no alternate arrangements in place. This add-on will result in a slight increase in the premium cover of the insurance policy.

Importance of Having a Digital Copy of the Insurance Policy in Such Times

This is an excellent idea to navigate through all the chaos that these monsoon rains will create. Chances of having the physical copies or misplacing them while in trouble are rather common, so it is best that you have a copy of these papers in your mailbox or drive.

If you have taken the assistance of financial websites for securing insurance for your car, you can view and manage your insurance policy online.


If the above precautions have been followed and you are completely aware of how to proceed in such circumstances, then you are monsoon ready and can take your car out in the rains with full confidence as you are well equipped to handle any situation that is thrown at you.

Just ensure that you avoid all potholes and dangerous puddles and drive cautiously for the safety of your own car and loved ones!

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