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How to Buy FASTags Online - Explore Benefits, Cost, Application Process and Required Documents

By Juhi Walia
26 September 2022, 12:38 PM

Having a vehicle makes road travel convenient. Each passing car must pay a certain amount of toll tax at the appropriate toll collection plazas while commuting. FASTags ensure smooth trips on national highways upon paying at toll plazas. Read on to know everything about FASTags and ensure a smooth purchase ahead.

Before FASTags, many customers preferred cash transactions, even for car insurance. However, FASTags reduce time and ensure smoother driving on national highways by enabling electronic payments.

Moreover, given the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it is safe to pay at toll plazas as FASTags use Radio-frequency Identification (RFID), and the tag connects to a prepaid account. Once activated, it is permanently mounted to the vehicle's windscreen.

Following its National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) Programme, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways announced on December 1, 2019, that all vehicles must pay tolls through FASTag only. It has been made mandatory in unity with the car insurance policy.

What are FASTags?

FASTags are reloadable electronic tags that contribute to the automatic deduction of tolls by the federal government. They eliminate the need for vehicles to make cash transactions at the toll plaza. These transactions are made using RFID technology. A prepaid card linked to the account is used to make the payment. Vehicles are equipped with cards attached to their windscreens.

FASTags can be recharged repeatedly for paying tolls since they are prepaid. There is no expiration date on balance on the device. Using the same toll device for a lifetime is possible if it is not scratched or becomes difficult to read at the toll booth.

Driving a car without FASTags and car insurance was more difficult in 2021. Four-wheeler owners were required to get FASTags by January 1, 2021.

Vehicle/car owners must include their FASTag information to apply for car insurance. The FASTag can assist the government in identifying whether a vehicle is insured or not. FASTag details are required so that you can obtain car insurance quickly.

Benefits of FASTags

The government of India introduced this new method of collecting toll tax to provide users with additional advantages.

Drivers' Convenience

The electronic system has the fantastic benefit of eliminating long queues for toll tax payments for drivers. Using this new system, highway users can feel more comfortable transacting without waiting for a long time. This system resulted in a reduction of unnecessary traffic jams.

Eradication of Corruption

RFID technology can eventually tame toll booths by thwarting employee and company tampering. As a result, cash in hand will no longer get used. The government authority or the organization receiving the money collected through the device will send it directly to them. People won't interfere in any way.

The Safety of Payments

Neither the payer nor the collector is at risk when using this tax payment method. All tax booths will receive the correct amount in cash, not the amount requested by toll officers. A secure billing process protects all aspects of the system. Their registered phone number will be constantly updated.

A Reduction in Criminal Activity

Consequently, criminals cannot create mishaps due to the digital system. Vehicle details are automatically stored in the server when vehicles cross the toll plaza using the electronic toll collection. It is thus possible to trace a car easily if criminal activity occurs, allowing for further investigation.

Cost of Buying FASTags Online

Before examining the charges for different types of vehicles, let's look at the FASTag issuance and security deposit fees:

The fee for issuing a FASTag is INR 100 (one time only).

There is an INR 100 reissuance fee.

An INR 200 security deposit is required.

Class of the vehicle (NPCI)Type of VehicleAmount for Threshold (in ₹)

Security Deposit 

(in ₹)

5The two-wheeled light commercial vehicle₹200₹300
4Light commercial vehicle / car / Jeep / van0₹100
7Two-axle buses / minibuses / trucks₹500₹400
16Heavy construction machinery/earth moving equipment₹500₹500
6Three-axle truck₹500₹500
6Three-axle bus₹500₹400
15Trucks with seven or more axles₹500₹500
12Trucks with 4, 5 and 6-axles, tractor and tractor with trailer₹500₹500

Application process

There is a great deal of interest in getting FASTag online. You can apply through the bank online by following the steps below:

  • Go to the FASTag product page on your preferred bank's official website
  • Select "Apply Now" from the drop-down menu
  • You get redirected to a page where you must enter your name and mobile number and provide proof of your identity
  • Your fee will depend on the type of vehicle you own after you submit your details online
  • The FASTag receipt will be sent to you after payment has been made online. You should note down the reference number on the receipt
  • A FASTag will be delivered to your address after the bank verifies your information

Required Documents

Toll plazas and issuer agencies are the best places for generating FASTag accounts. To submit an application, customers must present the following documents:

  • Passport size photograph of the vehicle's owner
  • Registration certificate for the car
  • Vehicle KYC documents for individuals and corporations
  • Evidence of identity and address, including PAN card, driving license, passport, voter ID card, and Aadhaar card

Key Takeaways

FASTags can help you avoid the long queues on the highway. Besides FASTags, car insurance is another requirement on the checklist. Travelling with a car insurance policy online ensures maximum protection against unforeseen incidents you may face on the roads.

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1. What if I'm unfairly charged at the toll-collection centre?

Suppose you are unfairly charged at the toll-collection cent. In that case, you should consider visiting your bank's website and addressing your complaints to the customer service portal or visiting the bank physically for the same.

2. Is a bank account necessary for FASTags?

FASTags don't need to be linked to your bank account separately. Your FASTags are linked to your bank account once you purchase it, which ultimately links it to your prepaid wallet.

3. How long does it take to get FASTags?

To purchase it online, you must pay INR 350 through the Paytm website or app. FASTags take 24 and 48 business hours to activate after they are issued. In addition to being linked to a Paytm Payments Bank account, it will also be connected to the Paytm Wallet.

4. What Are Some of the Advantages of Using FASTags?

Some advantages of using FASTags are: 

  • Digitally-enabled payments that save time.
  • Conserving fuel and contributing to the environment by preventing global warming.
  • Convenient top-up facilities as they are linked to your bank accounts.

5. Are FASTags issued by the NPCI?

No, the NPCI no longer issues FASTags as it has developed a digital NETC system that collects cash payments.

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