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How to Check Car Insurance Details with Your Registration Number?

By Juhi Walia
20 October 2022, 1:07 PM

Car registration numbers are unique 10-digit numbers your district's RTO assigns to each car. Getting car registration at the nearest RTO is mandatory within 30 days of buying the vehicle. In this case, the car's identity will be determined by a unique number issued by the respective RTO.

Let's see what the car registration number looks like. A unique identification number begins with the first two digits of the license plate, followed by the next two digits of the state where the car is registered and finishes with the final four digits of the unique registration plate. One or more letters must be added before a number for it to be excellent if no such number is available.

An automobile registration number of UK 04 AA 9596 means the vehicle was registered in Uttarakhand; 04 identifies the district, in this case, Nainital, while 9596 identifies the vehicle uniquely. Number 9596 is unique because of the additional letters AA.

To buy car insurance policy, you must have a registration number. Once the insurer approves your purchase, you will receive a car insurance policy number.

A Brief on Car Insurance Policy Numbers Before Returning to Registration Number

Listed below are a few reasons why it is so important to have a car insurance policy number:

When Raising a Claim

Your car insurance policy number must be provided to the insurer when filing a car insurance claim. You may be asked for your insurance policy number by the police even when filing an FIR for an accident or theft.

During the Renewal of Your Car Insurance Policy 

To renew your car insurance policy, you must have your policy number. In addition, you will need this number to transfer the NCB from the old policy to the new one.

To Verify the Details of Your Car 

When the police seek to confirm the details of your car insurance policy, you can either show them the policy documentation or share the policy number so they can cross-check its validity.

Obtaining a Duplicate Copy of Your Car Insurance Policy

It is possible to get a duplicate policy if you have lost the original one due to the loss of the policy number.

The Best Way to Find Online Car Registration Information

You can easily find details about a car's registration. You can determine who owns a vehicle through a national registry called VAHAN based on its registration number.

On the website, a central database stores all the vital information about vehicles, such as their:

  • Fuel type
  • Owner information
  • Road tax details
  • Type
  • Registration date
  • Registration number

The expiration date of the car insurance policy. DTOs and RTOs can use it to centralize information on vehicle registration certificates and driving licences. The following steps will guide you through checking vehicle registration details via VAHAN online:


Step 1: Look up the car owner's name on VAHAN's website

Step 2: Hover over 'Know Your Vehicle Details'

Step 3: Enter your car plate number, which is your vehicle registration number

Step 4: Confirm your enrollment by entering the human verification code and clicking 'Search Car'

Step 5: Write down the owner's name and the car's details


To check the status of your four-wheeler car insurance policy offline, follow these steps:

  • Your car insurance policy details can be obtained by contacting your car insurance company

For more information about a vehicle involved in an accident with yours, please visit:

  • For more information, you should contact the relevant RTO.

What should I do with the Registration Number?

In addition to providing uniqueness and helping identify different cars, the registration number serves many other purposes. Registration numbers also have the following benefits:

The Process of Purchasing Auto Insurance

Having a registration number is necessary to purchase vehicular insurance. Whenever car insurance company offers car insurance, it enters the car's registration number in the policy document to confirm that a particular vehicle is covered.

Renewing a Vehicular Insurance Policy

The registration number of every policyholder's car will be required to renew the auto insurance policy during renewal. You cannot purchase a car insurance policy for your vehicle without its registration number, whether you're purchasing or renewing it.

Requesting a Claim for Car Insurance

You must fill out your car registration number and car insurance policy number to receive insurance compensation for damage sustained to your car or third parties. If you wish to file a car insurance claim, you may also need to submit your car's registration certificate.

Checking the Details of an Auto Insurance Policy

Regardless of whether you have a car insurance policy number, the best registration number for your car works to fetch the insurance plan. Because of this, you should always keep it in a safe place. Enter your car registration number to get vehicular insurance details.

Wrapping Up

A vehicle's financial protection and compliance with the law depend on car insurance. This is why one must renew their car insurance policies on time. You can find car insurance details using the registration number if you don't have the policy details.

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1. How can I know my policy number?

You can identify your account by the car insurance policy number provided by your insurance company. As well as the policy document and any bills the insurer sends, the policy number will appear on them.

2. How do I find my car insurance policy number with the registration number?

You can find details about your policy by visiting the website of the RTO, where you registered your car, entering the registration number, and clicking on 'proceed'.

3. Can I find my insurance details on VAHAN?

Yes, you can find your car insurance details on VAHAN, an official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. There you will need to input your car registration number to get your insurance details.

4. Can I check vehicle insurance details on IIB?

Yes. Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) website allows you to check your car insurance policy status. Get the status of your vehicle insurance by entering the registration number, the engine number, or the chassis number.

5. How can I check if my car is insured?

Ensure your policy is in good standing by visiting India's Insurance Information Bureau (IIB). Check your policy's status on your Regional Transport Office (RTO) website. Check the status of your policy on the Parivahan Sewa website.

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