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How to Make Your Car Kid-friendly?

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Driving around with your child and ensuring that he/she is safe is a huge responsibility. It is not just enough to child-proof the car doors and windows and get a different seat for them. It is important to keep them motivated to use the amenities provided and to obey your instructions.

This is why one must make their car kid-friendly if they have to travel with kids. It helps to ensure that their fun and joy of riding with you is not compromised in the name of safety.

Top Things to Do to Make Your Car Kid-friendly

A few modifications and proactive measures will go a long way in making the car child-friendly. Some means by which you can achieve this is listed below –

Get a booster seat: Getting an age-appropriate booster seat is an excellent idea for it will ensure that the child does not come in harm’s way. A detailed overview of all the car seats based on age groups, along with installation tips are given as follows –

Age of the childWeight or height parameterKind of seatDescription
Birth to 2 years of ageOver 10 kgs and more than 50 cm in heightRear-facing toddler’s seatThese seats ensure that the fragile child is offered a comfortable seat and the seat is made in such a way that the neck muscles of the child are well protected. It is designed like a basket to make it easy to lift it without taking the child out of the seat; some even have datable rollers for convenience.
From 2 to 4 years of ageNo more than 40 poundsForward-facing toddler’s seatThese seats are meant to prevent the child from being thrown forward with the help of a strong three-point harness that has adjustable belts to secure the child. The heavy padding and soft braces around the neck will also prevent any sort of whiplash injuries. The child can comfortably sleep in it.
From 4 to 8 years of ageUp to 4 feet 9 inches tallBelt-positioning booster seatThese seats are used for children who have outgrown the seats but have not reached the adult height. It prevents the seatbelt from passing over the neck of the child as that is a dangerous thing to happen.
After 8 years of age4 feet 9 inches tall and aboveSeat beltsWhen the child is older and one can use the lap and shoulder seat belts to secure them.
  • Always carry a first aid kit: A first aid kit is a mandatory item to carry in one’s car as there is no saying when one might get injured or face a health emergency. Ensure that the medication in the car has not expired and the supplies are adequate. Storing a fire extinguisher is also not a bad idea.
  • Buy comprehensive car insurance with passenger cover: Little acts of caution go a long way in ensuring the safety of your family. As a safety measure, you should get both car insurance and child insurance – and keep these papers in order, and within your reach, in the case of emergencies. Opt-in for a comprehensive car insurance cover with a passenger add-on to ensure that your child will be covered too under the policy and get immediate financial assistance in case of an unforeseen incident.
  • Carry pen and papers: Turn the car journey into a learning experience for the child with the help of just a pen and paper. Create games to keep them engrossed in the mind-stimulating activities that are not only beneficial to their cognitive growth and development but also prevent them from participating in any unruly, troublesome behaviour.
  • Have a colouring book, just in case: There are a variety of books available for children of all ages, you can keep a few of them in your car. You might even use this as an opportunity to introduce them to comics or interesting story collections.
  • Upgrade the interiors: Upgrade the interiors to make them more child-friendly and engaging for the child. For example, add a colourful Minions badge or sticker on the seat belt or keep a cute Winnie the Pooh head pillow to interest your child and coax them to listen to you. Keep the car as clutter-free as possible and keep dangerous objects out of their reach. Have a centralized place to stow away all the trash that is generated as it will save your time looking for trash that’s hidden in the random corners of your car.
  • Turn your child into a riddler: Riddles are interesting and fun for not just the person at the receiving end of the riddle but the one asking the question too. You can use the help of these riddles to turn an otherwise mundane ride into something fun. It is a good way to bond with your child too. You can even use the help of rubik cube, mini puzzles, and the like to keep the child’s brain sharp and active with productive use of their time.


Children might be difficult passengers to have onboard while you are driving. They are jittery, restless, and noisy. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that they are taken care of in order to guarantee their comfort and safety while minimising distractions for yourself.

Follow the tips given above to enjoy a fun and comfortable journey the next time you have your kid accompanying you on your way to your parent’s house or friend’s house party.

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