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Best Ways to Protect Your Car from Holi Stains

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Holi, one of the most vibrant of all Hindu festivals, lets you dabble in colours and revel in its celebrations. With powdered colours and water balloons, people celebrate Holi. People's cars sometimes become silent observers during these fun times. During Holi, it is customary to see vehicles with pink, blue, and purple stains. 

The effects of Holi color stains on your vehicle may leave you worried about the cost of cleaning or removing those stains. While celebrating Holi, taking a few precautionary steps would reduce the financial burden needed to clean your color-stained vehicle. You can learn all about tips and tricks for shielding your car from stains or colors during Holi in this article.

Top 6 Ways to Protect Your Car from Colour Stains this Holi

1. Park it in the garage or cover it

Not using your car is the most obvious alternative. Park your car in a closed garage and use a car cover. It prevents the risk of splashing coloured powder or water and contributing to stains on your vehicle. Make sure that you cover the car from the roof to the wheel. During Holi, this will help your car and from general dust and water. Not using your car during the Holi celebration would save you a lot of time and financial costs of a new paint job.

2. Use car wax or polish

Cover your car with car wax polish or get a Teflon coating before you take your car out for some fun. Before you add car wax or polish, ensure that you wash the car thoroughly to get the full value. The wax polish or the Teflon coat on the topcoat of the paint will prevent stains.

3. Cover the interiors of the car

Even good drivers sometimes seem to neglect the interior of a car. It is a tough job to clean the upholstery, and it is costly to have it repaired. Relatives, children, or family members may reach your vehicle with soiled clothes or hands, leaving unwanted stains. 

You may use cling wraps or plastic covers to cover components such as seats, steering wheel, doorknobs, controls, headrests, and backrests of your vehicle. In case you do not have plastic covers, then to avoid paint stains, use old clothes or bed sheets, or old curtains to cover the interior of your vehicle.

4. Keep windows closed for sure

Be sure to keep the windows of the car closed at all times. It will not allow any coloured powder or water-filled colored balloons to enter and stain your vehicle in the process. Water and its contents can be readily soaked up in the interiors or the upholstery. Therefore, during Holi festivities, having your car windows closed will prevent unnecessary stains on the interior of your car.

5. Buy car insurance

Buying automobile insurance before Holi is another productive way of covering your car. An insurance policy covers the vehicle from financial damages due to harm resulting from natural or human-made calamities. A car insurance policy covers third-party liability, fraud, and accidental injury. You can contact the insurance provider for more details.

6. Hire a cab for the commute instead

A new way to prevent stains on your vehicle is not to use it. Instead, rent a taxi. You can conveniently commute between places with the ease of finding a cab via app-based cab aggregators. Although it could cost you more, you are less likely to think about staining your car with colours. You could end up saving money on the pricey car wash, too.

How can You Remove Color Stains from Your Car?

Your car could still become a target of color stains during the holidays, considering all the precautions you have taken. Don't be afraid. Using just water and decent car shampoo, wash the car. Make sure that you do not use detergents, as this will affect the paint of the vehicle.

It is best to take it to a competent cleaning service as soon as possible if the stain remains. It could cost you more, but as they have the right products and qualifications to do so, a specialist would be able to remove colour stains easily.

Using a leather protector regularly if your car has leather seats will ensure that the seat is still polished and less likely to get stains when celebrating Holi. This will extend the longevity of the leather as well.

Stop using detergents or dishwashing liquid since they are rough on the paint and can damage the original gloss. The same is the case with petrol and diesel as they act as thinners hence affecting the original luster. Use a vehicle shampoo or automotive rubbing compounds used by experts to remove the stains.

Final Thoughts

Holi is the most colorful Hindu festival. Water balloons, powdered colors, and wet colors are a major medium of celebration, increasing the risk of unwanted staining to your car. This can increase the financial burden due to the unexpected need for car washes and paint jobs. To protect your car, park it in a closed garage and cover it from the roof to the wheel. Cover the interiors well and keep the windows raised.

Using a cab to commute is also a good alternative. Despite all the precautions, if your car is stained, use car shampoo or automotive rubbing compounds to clean it. Be mindful of not using alcohol, petrol, diesel, detergents, and dishwashing liquids as they harm the paint.

Having car insurance will also come in handy to bear the increased costs. With all these tips and tricks to protect your car, you can enjoy Holi to the fullest.

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