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How to Protect Your Car from Sunstroke?

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

The extreme Indian summers, especially in North India, can be greatly problematic for not just your personal health but also the health of your car. Given below are certain measures that can be taken to protect your car from facing the wrath of the sun and getting sunstroke.

Protect the Interiors

  • Park in the shade: Search for a parking spot that is under a tree or in the shade of the building to prevent direct sun rays from heating up the interiors of the car. This measure not only ensures that you don’t have to face the difficulty of sitting in an uncomfortable, toaster like atmosphere in the car but also goes a long way in preventing certain vital parts of the car from getting destroyed.
  • Use a windshield sunlight protector: A windshield sun protector, an easy to use, foldable visor to the car, prevents any damage to the car from the sun by keeping it cool. Using this protector keeps the dashboard and the steering wheel of the car free from direct rays of the sun. It is also recommended to use a car cover to protect the car from direct rays of the sun. One can also consider getting window sunshades for their cars.
  • Wipe the dash with a microfiber cloth: Doing so is advisable in order to remove the dust particles collected with ease. The glare that the driver has to face may be reduced with the help of a low gloss detailing product.
  • Install seat covers: Opt-in for a light-coloured seat cover in order to minimise the absorption of heat. In case that is not possible, then consider covering the seats with a light-coloured bed sheet – this performs the role of decreasing the heating up of the interiors and also prevents sun bleaching of the car seats.
  • Apply conditioner on leather seats: A conditioner is a useful tool to avoid cracks or tears in the seats and preserve them in pristine condition.

Protect the Exteriors

  • Wash and dry often: The paint on the exteriors of the car tend to fade or chip away during summer. Frequent drying or washing of the car will ensure that the car is free of dust and grime keeping your car looking as good as new. It also has the additional advantage of cooling the car externally and preventing bacterial decomposition on the doors and windows of the car. But a word of caution, minimise the wastage of water to the greatest extent possible by using recycled water or water that has been discharged out of your RO water purifier and the like.
  • Wax your car: Waxing one’s car before the start of summer is a good idea as it will protect the car from the sweltering summer heat. Some experts also recommend a layer of paint protection coating done in order to offer a good level of protection against ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • Check tyre pressure regularly: The tyre pressure varies with changes in the ambient temperature which is why it is important to keep a tab on this. Poor tyre pressure will result in the car breaking down. Always keep a spare tyre handy and ensure that the pressure of that tyre is correct. It is also recommended that one fills the tyres with nitrogen to prevent tyre bursts from ensuing.

Protect Parts Under the Hood

  • Check the cooling system: Replenish the coolant in the car and get the radiator serviced in case the car is more than three years old. Ensure that the belts are changed on a regular basis for the benefit of the car.
  • Check the fluid levels regularly: Use heat resistant oils in summer to reduce friction and a consequent engine breakdown. Do check the fluid levels of the brake and transmission, power steering, etc. as any imbalance in these could create a host of problems.
  • Ensure battery is working efficiently: During summer the fluids in the battery evaporate quickly which might result in overcharging of the car battery. If the car happens to be an older model, then ensure that the distilled water is topped up frequently as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Check the air conditioning system: The car’s air conditioning system must be checked regularly as it can easily face issues – this is especially the case in summer. Ensure that the car service station fills up the coolant and also checks for coolant leaks. The dust and grime present in the air conditioning must be cleaned without fail to prevent it from malfunctioning.


No precautionary measure is enough when it comes to ensuring that your most prized possession is in good shape. An eye for detail and constant upkeep will go a long way in ensuring that your car is up and roaring no matter what time of the year it is or what season. 

Do not neglect the warning signs that the car gives and make it a point to perform regular servicing and check-ups of the car.

Also buy car insurance policy that covers the cost of damage caused to your car due to unforeseen events such as theft, collision, etc. in future.

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