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Is It Possible to Buy a Car Insurance Policy without a Driving Licence and Registration Certificate?

By Juhi Walia
18 August 2022, 1:02 PM

The best car insurance company in India protects your car in case of an accident by paying for the damages your vehicle may have attained. However, not all car owners are equipped with a driver's licence, or they may have lost the registration certificate— documents necessary when raising a claim.

A driver's licence allows you to drive on Indian roads. You will get fined if you drive on Indian roads without a DL. A licenced driver has complete control of the vehicle and will comply with the road rules and regulations. Moreover, RC is also a crucial doument for a car owner.

It ends up becoming a challenge for owners without these mandatory documents to get information about the insurance claim. This article will discuss the elements associated with obtaining car insurance without a driver's licence and the RC.

Can You Buy Car Insurance Without a Driver's Licence and Registration Certificate?

It is possible to buy a car insurance policy without a driver's licence as it is not mandatory when purchasing a car policy. On the contrary, RC is mandatory to buy a car insurace policy. Almost every insurer or online platform asks you to provide your RC at the time of policy purchase.

Talking about claims, a driver's licence and RC are important documents needed to file a claim when sudden accidents occur. A third-party car insurance company will approve the insurance claim only when the you have DL and RC of your car at the time of the accident. The third party will get the amount in their account if the claim is accepted.

What to Do If You Have Lost Your Driving Licence or Registration Certificate?

A driver's licence and registration certificate are two essential documents to legally drive a car on Indian roads. If you have lost these documents, you should apply for duplicate records. Below are the steps you can do to get your DL or RC:

  • Step 1: Lodge an FIR at your nearest police station.
  • Step 2: Request a duplicate licence/RC by visiting the closest RTO office.
  • Step 3: Submit the application form and include the FIR in it.
  • Step 4: Pay the fees.
  • Step 5: You will get the documents via post.

Can You Raise a Claim Without an RC and a DL?

Raising a car insurance claim without an RC is based on the terms and conditions and the situation's complexities, but it is possible to raise the claims without these documents if you purchase a loss of RC or licence add-on.

A DL is not required when purchasing a car. The reason is that you can buy the car but choose not to drive it, or you have a driver who will drive it for you. But the driver must have a valid driving licence which will be needed at the time of claim. Similarly, there is a slight time gap between registering and purchasing the car. If an accident occurs during this time, your vehicle may not be registered.

If you have already bought comprehensive car insurance, you will not have to worry about it. Alternatively, if you have lost the documents, car insurance add-ons such as the loss of RC or licence can help you in times of uncertainty.

How to Buy a Loss DL/RC Add-on for Car Insurance?

Car insurance add-ons are enhancers as they extend the scope of the policy coverage. You can easily buy these add-ons online at the time of policy purchase or renewal. However, you will have to pay extra for these add-ons to get better coverage. With this add-on, the insurance company will still compensate you monetarily for the damage if you lose your RC or DL during claim settlement. 

Benefits of the Loss of Licence or RC Add-on

Below are the primary features associated with this add-on:

  • Loss of DL/RC add-on cost is nominal
  • Accessible for private and commercial vehicles
  • It can be purchased with comprehensive car insurance
  • Receive monetary compensation when you lose your driver's licence or registration certificate

Will Car Insurance Still be Important If You Don't Drive Your Vehicle?

There are several reasons why should you buy car insurance even if you don't drive your vehicle. Following are the cases in which car insurance will be beneficial for you:

You Have a Vintage Vehicle That You Do Not Drive

If you like to collect vintage cars, you may not drive them but still, cherish owning one. While you may not need a licence because you won't be driving it, the vehicle does need protection from any potential loss. In cases like theft, fire, natural or man-made disasters such as cyclone, tsunami, riots, strikes your car may suffer damage. Hence, a comprehensive car insurance policy will come to your rescue.

Someone Else Will Drive Your Vehicle

You may hire a driver to take you to your workspace or other places. Or, your family member may drive the car that you own. These are the cases in which you may not drive the vehicle at all. In this case, buying an auto insurance policy will still ensure the car's safety against various mishaps.

Your Licence May Be Suspended

You may have a driver's licence to drive a car. However, your licence may be suspended for several reasons. While you cannot drive the vehicle, it doesn't mean you cannot own a vehicle and have auto insurance. Hence, you can purchase a car, get the insurance and have it driven by your family members or hire a driver to get financial assistance.


You can buy the car insurance policy without DL; however, you need to have an RC to get a policy. When it comes to raising a claim, both the documents are mandatory to raise a claim. Not all companies offer an insurance policy without a DL or RC. Paytm Insurance is the best car insurance aggregator in India that provides car insurance with various benefits for the vehicle and the owner.

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1. What information does the registration certificate have?

The RC serves as a document proving the registration details of your vehicle. The Motor Vehicles Act, launched in 1988, has made it mandatory for all vehicle owners to have a valid RC to drive on Indian roads.

2. Can I check RC status online?

You can check the RC status online by visiting the Parivahan site. To check the RC status, visit the Parivahan website and enter your registration number; the display will show the RC status.

3. Can I register my car without a licence?

No, you cannot purchase a car without a DL. It is a mandatory document to purchase any vehicle in India.

4. What can I do if my licence is suspended?

The authorities cancel the driving licence when you violate the traffic rules. You should visit the RTO office to check the procedure to revoke your licence.

5. How can I check my driver's licence status?

The government has launched the Parivahan website. This platform consists of transport-related services. With this site, you can check your DL status. All you need to do is to visit the website and enter the DL number and date of birth, which will show you the DL status.

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