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Is Your Car Polluting the Environment?

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Air pollution is one of the deadliest sources of pollution in the world today. Indian cities are the most populated areas which means that the number of vehicles is also high. Thus, the number of people suffering from fatal respiratory and cardiovascular diseases such as lung cancer and asthma is rising. 

Have you ever wondered how significant your contribution to air pollution is?

How are You Responsible for Causing Pollution?

Contributing to growing levels of air pollution is not a direct process. Our actions are contributing to it. Let's begin with a list of questions. Suppose any of your responses are yes to the following questions. In that case, your contribution to air pollution is more significant, and you need to start taking corrective steps to resolve these issues.

  • Do you own a diesel vehicle?
  • Is your car running on a BS-III or a lower engine?
  • The pollution under control (PUC) of your car has expired?
  • Have you had your vehicle serviced more than six months ago?
  • Do you ever have a dispute with other car owners?

If most of your responses were yes, here's what you're doing wrong and how you're going to correct it:

  • If you buy a diesel vehicle, it emits 25 to 65 times more nitrogen oxides (NOx) than a small petrol car. Consider moving to an environmentally friendly alternative.
  • Maintaining the vehicle regularly means that the consumables are fixed or replaced. Accumulated dust and debris also contribute to polluting emissions. It is therefore advisable to have car maintenance done every season.
  • Every type of engine lower than BS-IV pollutes the air in significant numbers. That is why, since 2017, the rule has entered into force in India for the use of BS-IV, i.e., Bharat Stage IV powered vehicles. Consider upgrading to the latest version.
  • If you are given a valid Pollution Under Control Certificate for your car, it does not pollute the air as much. You are required to have a valid PUC certificate for your vehicle at all times, or the authorities will penalize you. Renew your PUC certificate right now if it has expired.
  • An impulse activity when driving leads to mistakes and also triggers battles. In essence, there is a high risk that you will be blocking other vehicles and causing a traffic jam. As stated earlier, traffic congestion is one of the critical reasons for air pollution. Consider being a passive driver.

How can You Help in Improving the Quality of the Air Around You?

1. Plant more trees

This is the most suggested method to reduce air pollution. Trees play a crucial role in the direct elimination of toxins from the air. Trees are incredibly successful in removing particulate matter (PM) emitted by vehicles. Plants are also used as ecosystem lungs because they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. 

2. Practice carpooling

Large businesses need thousands of people to drive to work regularly, significantly increasing the use of vehicles. This activity creates a wide range of issues, including high CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Public transit networks could alleviate the problem, but they cannot meet all the needs cost-effectively. In that context, carpooling can be an essential method to help minimize traffic and emissions.

3. Use high-quality oil as fuel

When you think of pollution, the first thing that always comes to mind is your car's exhaust pipe. All these emissions add up over time and have contributed to legislation preventing it. One of the most neglected facets of a fuel is its potential to affect environmental pollution. 

By choosing the correct fuel, you can help minimize some of the hazardous pollutants released into the atmosphere without sacrificing the needs of the vehicle or the fuel's efficiency.

4. Walk when travelling short distances

If you're walking a short distance, try riding a bike or walking instead of driving. You will get some exercise and enjoy the fresh air before you get where you need to go!

5. Service your vehicle on a timely basis

Maintaining the vehicle on a regular basis ensures that the consumables are fixed or replaced. Accumulated dust and debris also contribute to pollutant emissions. It is therefore advisable to have car maintenance performed every season.


Air pollution is one of the deadliest sources of pollution today, and vehicular emissions are a significant source. Air pollution may cause severe cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and cancer. 

Factors such as using diesel as fuel, using an engine lower than BS-IV, not maintaining your vehicle, not having a valid Pollution Under Control certificate, or getting disputes with other drivers causing traffic jams can lead to increased air pollution. There are simple solutions to prevent this menace. 

Planting more trees, carpooling, regular vehicle services, walking short distances, and using high-quality fuel are effective ways to reduce air pollution. So let us all implement these small steps to work towards better air quality!

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