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Know Everything About Car Insurance Claim Inspection Process

By Vikas Chandra Das
04 August 2022, 3:15 PM

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is a legal mandate to obtain car insurance, without which hefty fines or even imprisonments could result. Car insurance covers you financially in case of car damage due to accidents, natural or man-made calamities, or theft.

In the event of a mishappening, theft, or an accident, you must immediately file a claim and report loss or damage suffered by the car. The coverage depends on the kind of car insurance policy you possess. In case of damage to the life or property of a third party, your comprehensive car insurance policy will also compensate the victim.

When you apply for a car insurance online claim, you need to have it checked by a professional car inspector to verify that all vehicle parts are functioning properly. In an inspection process, inspectors thoroughly check the exterior, interior, and engine of the car. Generally, a thorough car inspection is done while a person is selling the vehicle or filing a claim after an accident or other incident. The level of coverage depends entirely on the inspection report.

What is a Car Insurance Claim Inspection?

Here you will find everything you need to know about the car insurance inspection for claims settlement:

When you purchase insurance for a four-wheeler, the insurer lists the claims process, which includes the assessment of claims to verify the claim's authenticity and the damage to the car.

The insurer sends an accredited damage claim inspector, a so-called surveyor, who assesses whether your insured vehicle is damaged and whether the damage was caused by accident.

For example, you are filing a car insurance online claim stating that your car has been damaged as it hit a pole. The inspector will conduct a verification to see that the claim is correct. On examination, if the assessor finds out that the accident was due to drunk driving, the claim will be immediately rejected.

Reviewing the car insurance application form is the first step in the application process, ultimately determining whether your application will be accepted or rejected. Therefore, submitting your application carefully and honestly is essential to avoid rejection.

Things to Know Regarding Car Insurance Claim Inspection

1. Car Insurance Inspection is a Mandate When Filing a Claim

Before you file a car insurance claim, you must understand that the insurance company will assign the assessor or an inspector to estimate the loss or damage to your car. So here are things you must consider before filing a claim:

  • You must check the nature of your policy.
  • Also, check that you have followed all the required rules, such as driving with a valid driver's licence. It is essential to assess whether you have complied with the law and have not broken any rules of conduct.
  • Check if you have comprehensive car insurance online coverage, which includes compensation for car damage.
  • Also, check if your policy covers total loss caused by theft, disasters, etc.
  • If you purchase additional services, you must assess the inclusions and exclusions before filing your insurance claim.

2. Keep Proof Like Pictures and Videos

At the time of the accident, assess if someone's life or property has been damaged. You may also be asked for a self-inspection, meaning you would need to share pictures and videos of the situation with the assessor or the insurer. Click the photos and make videos of any damage, dents, etc., from every angle. You may need to show these photos to the inspector when inspecting the car insurance claim form. The inspector would also take pictures of your vehicle and the incident site.

As soon as the accident or any other covered event occurs, you must immediately inform the insurance company and explain the situation. You may be guided to take the car to the nearest network garage for repair post successful inspection by the surveyor. You can use the roadside assistance add-on cover to have your car towed to a networked / non-networked garage. Make sure you submit your claim within the time limit stated in the documents when purchasing car insurance online.

3. Answer All Questions Honestly During the Inspection Procedure

After informing the insurance company of the accident and the extent of the damage, the insurer will record the claim and send an expert to start the car insurance inspection. While inspecting the car insurance online claim form, the inspector will ask you several questions about the accident, how it happened, the damage that caused any injuries, etc. Answer honestly, and don't hide any facts. The inspector may ask you for photos and videos of the car and the damage it sustained.

You must also provide car registration, driver's licence, etc. Once the surveyor has completed the car insurance inspection, he will submit an inspection report to the insurance company.

4. Car insurance Surveyor Decision Considered the Final Decision

Based on the car insurance test report provided by the adjuster, the insurer decides whether your claim is valid or not. If your claim is justified, your claim will be approved, and the insurance company will take care of the network garage repairs. In the case of an out-of-network repair shop, the insurer will reimburse the amount of the repair to your approved bank account.

5. Keep Important Documents Handy 

Submit an FIR - All insurance companies require a copy of the FIR at the start of the conciliation process. An FIR must be presented in the event of a road accident resulting in personal injury to a third party or death. Furthermore, an FIR is a mandatory requirement in case of car theft. You must provide a copy to the insurance company and keep a copy for yourself while making a car insurance claim. FIR is not mandatory for minor accidents leading to small car dents.

Send the essential documents related to the claim to the insurer. Generally, to begin the billing process, you must submit an insurance application form, a copy of the insurance policy, RC (registration certificate), and a valid driving licence. Study the policy document to understand the extent of coverage you have.

6. Never Do These Things During Claim Inspection

Never run away from the scene of an accident and never hide facts. Don't settle for non-insurance billing, and do not sign claim documents in a hurry.

When Can a Car Insurance Claim Be Denied?

There are instances where your car insurance online claim may be denied. These cases include the following -

  • When the assessor reports that the accident was due to your negligence.
  • If the claims inspector finds no evidence of an accident or if he suspects fraudulent information at the time of purchase or claim, your application can be rejected.
  • If you don’t follow the claims procedure correctly or if you request an excluded expense, your claim will be rejected.
  • When the correct documents are not presented with the application form.
  • Any delay in filing a claim can lead to rejection.
  • If your insurance policy is expired at the time of reporting a claim, it will be rejected. So, a timely car insurance renewal online is recommended.

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You must go through the procedure mentioned above for a car insurance claim and learn everything about the claim inspection process before filing it. Expect your insurer to provide coverage only if you maintain full transparency regarding the car accident/theft.

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1. How can I find the list of network garages?

Your insurance company's website or mobile application will have all details regarding the network garages.

2. What is checked by the car insurance claim inspector?

The expert claims inspector will check the damage and condition of the vehicle if you have claimed under your policy.

3. Is the surveyor's visit mandatory?

Yes, in any case of damage due to an accident, natural or man-made calamities, the expert ascertains the damage, asks verification questions about the claim, and verifies all details. The insurer will approve your car insurance claim only if the inspection report vindicates it.

4. What happens if I have the car repaired at a non-networked workshop?

In the case of a repair in an out-of-network workshop, you will have to bear the repair costs yourself. So, collect invoices and submit them to the insurance company to claim reimbursement. Reimbursement will be authorised only after the claim’s inspector approves the application.

5. What does self-inspection mean in car insurance online?

Self-inspection or Self Video Inspection allows you to check your car using pictures and videos on the go with your smartphone. You need to record a vehicle's video and send it to the insurance company.


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