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Considering A CNG Kit For Your Car?

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Going green and eco-friendly is the latest trend in today’s world. We are going green with everything, using recycled electronics, recycled bags, etc. Why not use an eco-friendlier car? While there are a lot of options for eco-friendly cars, opting to change the fuel instead of the car is an easier route. CNG is one of the best options to choose from without losing out on the performance of the car and keeping your finances in check.

The easiest way to convert your petrol- or diesel-powered car into a CNG car is to install a CNG Kit in your car. The process consists of installing a CNG tank to store the gas and switching the car’s fuel intake to CNG. But this does not mean that your car will not use petrol or diesel. Your car will automatically switch to petrol or diesel if the CNG in your gas tank gets depleted and you are unable to refuel.

Here are a few pros and cons of a CNG Kit to help you make your decision of switching to a CNG Kit for your car.

Pros of a CNG Kit:

  • Better mileage - Using CNG as your primary fuel increases the efficiency and the mileage of your car. You require less fuel to cover the same distance because of the high mileage potential of the fuel. Along with that, the low price of CNG also helps in reducing the money spent on refueling your car every month. This point also factors in when we measure the increase in efficiency offered by a CNG engine as compared to a petrol or a diesel engine.
  • Safety - Amongst its many advantages, increased safety is the most important one. A CNG powered car is deemed much safer than a petrol or a diesel-powered car.  In the unfortunate event of a gas leak, thanks to its gaseous form, CNG disseminates quickly. Also, being lighter than air, it does not remain in close proximity to the car, helping you prevent fire hazards. If we compare the ignition points of CNG and petrol/diesel, we observe that the ignition point of CNG is almost double of petrol/diesel at 540°. Another feather goes in CNG’s cap due to the fact that the CNG cylinder is much stronger than a normal petrol or gas tank. All these factors make CNG much safer than petrol and diesel.
  • Cost savings - With the prices of petrol and diesel skyrocketing every day, it is all the more necessary to switch to CNG. Being a much cheaper alternative to petrol and diesel, CNG can help save you money in the long run. If used regularly, it is observed that you can pay off the money that was spent in the CNG Kit installation by the money you save on fuel costs in a short while. And, by considering the benefits of CNG, last year Gaurav had also made up his mind and installed the CNG kit in his car. Soon after using the CNG, he started saving a lot on fuel expenses hence he made a smart choice.

Cons of a CNG Kit:

  • The fuel is not available easily - Unlike diesel and petrol, CNG is not readily available at all the fuel stations. You should always check your nearest CNG stations and your proximity to them. The long and tiring ques that line up at these stations to fill up the tank are also a result of the limited number of fuel stations that offer CNG. Thus, you should consider your closeness to a CNG Station a factor in your decision to convert your car from petrol/diesel to CNG. Note that you can avoid being blindsided by an empty CNG tank by carrying spare petrol/diesel to fuel your vehicle.
  • Convertibility and licensing issues - While switching to CNG is the eco-friendly thing to do, not all cars accept CNG as their fuel intake. This problem can be avoided by checking your car’s compatibility with the CNG Kit. If it is compatible, then you can move on with the legal procedure of installing a CNG Kit in your car. This process can be quite daunting and time consuming. Before installing the CNG kit in your car, you will have to get approval from the government authority. After that, you will have to get the fuel type changed on your Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC). This process can be done at your local Regional Transport Office (RTO).
  • Slight performance issues - Trying to reduce your carbon footprint can also have adverse effects on your car. Switching from a petrol or a diesel car to a CNG-powered car does take a toll on your engine. With petrol/diesel engines, these fuel types act as the main fuel source as well as the lubricant for the engine valves. With the use of CNG, the lubrication of the engine valve takes a hit, and the corrosion factor increases. Although this change is not noticeable at first, with time, your car engine does start to deteriorate, and you might have to visit the service center more often than usual. This problem does not occur with cars that come pre-fitted with a CNG Kit.
  • Higher insurance premiums - Installing a CNG Kit in a car that is predominantly a petrol or a diesel car counts as a major alteration or modification to the car. One small mishap and the car can get damaged. This is the reason why car insurance companies consider CNG cars a risk and therefore raise the premiums. The make and model of the car also factor in when calculating the insurance premium of the car. This problem does not occur in petrol or diesel powered cars because they are pre-fitted with engines that consume that fuel type. Altering the fuel type of a car is bound to increase the risk for damage along with the premiums.

Make: Toyota

Model: Innova

Year Purchased: 2016

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CNG powered cars have both pros and cons. With reduced fuel costs, you also get increased insurance premiums, with increased safety, you also get performance issues. It is very important to factor in all these points and more when making your decision towards installing a CNG Kit in your car. It is definitely a good option for going green with your travels but not the only option for an eco-friendly drive.

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