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Self-Inspection for Expired Car Insurance Renewal

By Juhi Walia
20 October 2022, 9:53 AM

An online demo video of the self-inspection process is offered to make the renewal process of your car insurance easier. Your insurer needs to see a video of the car you take on your phone. Using this feature, you can hassle-free renew an expired policy and save time.

An auto insurance pre-policy inspection is also known as a policy renewal inspection. An inspection before a policy is issued on the car's condition determines whether damages have occurred and whether anti-theft devices have been installed. It is then calculated how much the insurance premium will be based on the results.

What Should You Do While Self-inspecting Your Car?

The self-inspection process for cars is different for different insurance companies. There can be a difference between companies in terms of simplicity. It is mainly determined by the technological strength of the car insurance company whether or not the procedure is simple. Many insurance companies follow the following simple steps:

Downloading the App

You will need to download the insurance company app to do a self-inspection. Your device should be compatible with the app, depending on whether it is an Android or iOS app.

Details Required

Enter the essential details required after downloading the app. Among the information, you might find the following:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Details about your car
  • Car insurance policy number, etc.

Most of the information will be auto-filled using your contact number and policy number. You must enter the phone number you provided when purchasing your auto insurance policy.

Take a Video of the Event

You will need to record a 360-degree video of your car after filling out all the required information. Be sure to take a picture of the vehicle from every angle.

Maintain a steady frame while recording your video. Any damaged areas should be covered. Once the video has been recorded, submit it. 

After Self-Inspection, Consider the Following Factors

It would be best to keep these things in mind once you've uploaded the required documents.

As soon as the video and required documents have been submitted, ensure you receive an acknowledgement of receipt. You should inform your insurance provider if you don't receive any notification because the process is online.

The insurance provider may need you to re-do the video or self-inspection process if it does not meet its expectations. Failing to meet the requirements of your insurance provider could lead to renewal rejection.

How Can Self-Inspection Help with Auto Insurance Renewals?

By surveying the car yourself, you can reap many benefits. To renew your car insurance, it is a good idea to carry out a self-inspection. Here are a few benefits:

Process in a Snap

In comparison to traditional survey methods, self-inspection is much faster. The main reason is that car inspectors no longer need to arrive at your location, thus saving you time. The right way to renew your car insurance will save you time and speed up the process.

Method That is Simple and Easy

Recording a basic video from a smartphone is all it takes to perform a self-inspection. Give special attention to the damaged areas and cover the car from all angles.

An Easy-to-Use Procedure

In addition to being convenient and easy to use, self-inspection does not require any special gadgets. A smartphone with an internet connection is more than enough to complete this process. Additionally, you can perform this procedure whenever it is convenient for you.

Key Takeaways

Before renewing an expired car insurance policy, your insurer may assign a surveyor to inspect the vehicle physically. 

However, now that a self-video inspection feature is available, renewing an expired 4-wheeler auto insurance policy can be more manageable. Please take the time to shoot the video according to the instructions in the article. Before you submit the video, make sure you have a look at it.

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1. What is a self-video inspection?

Your smartphone can be used to self-inspect your vehicle when you renew your car insurance. Auto insurance companies also call this feature "Self Video Inspection." The insurance company requires that you send a video of the vehicle to them.

2. Can I renew my vehicular insurance without inspection?

Some insurers do not require an inspection if the car insurance policy is renewed within a week after it expires. Some people may choose to wait a month as well. If the period exceeds 90 days, the car must be inspected before it can be re-insured.

3. How do I renew my auto insurance after it expires?

Inform your insurance company immediately if your auto insurance expires. You can renew the expired policy during the grace period, 90 days after the expiration date. After the grace period expires, a new vehicular insurance policy must be purchased.

4. Is car insurance mandatory for inspection?

You must undergo a car inspection if you switch from third-party car insurance (the most straightforward auto insurance) to comprehensive auto insurance. Installing a Bi-fuel kit in your car also requires you to get your vehicle inspected.

5. What else will happen if the policy lapses, apart from vehicle inspection?

A policy lapse means it can't be renewed. You will need to buy it again and at higher premium rates. Vehicle inspection is evident as suggested in the question.

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