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Things to Avoid When Purchasing Tata AIG Car Insurance

By Juhi Walia
16 August 2022, 11:13 AM

If you plan to buy car insurance online, you are making a wise decision. Car insurance is necessary today, and this is not just due to the rising number of road accidents we are witnessing. Not having valid car insurance can mean a considerable penalty and financial burden in case of untoward incidents like accidents, theft, or damage to your car.  Today, it is straightforward to buy car insurance online, as you can easily compare car insurance and get details quickly. Of the many options available today, TATA AIG General Insurance Company is a reputed brand that provides excellent service and is renowned for being trustworthy. The Tata Group and AIG International Group have formed this commercial alliance to offer a wide range of insurance products in the Indian market, including car insurance. 

But when planning your car insurance policy renewal or buying car insurance online from TATA AIG or any other insurer, be mindful of a few things. Keep reading to learn the common mistakes policyholders make when purchasing a new car insurance policy and how you can avoid these pitfalls: 

Do not Opt for the Bare Minimum

Many new investors opt for the bare minimum when buying new car insurance, which means opting for third-party car insurance. While this is the most basic insurance provided by TATA AIG, policyholders need to be aware that this insurance will only cover damages or injury caused to a third party, their vehicle, or their property. This car insurance policy will not cover any damages or injuries to the driver or the damaged vehicle.

So instead of opting for the basic car insurance policy, consider upgrading to the comprehensive car insurance that will have you covered in multiple scenarios. 

Don't Compromise on Coverage

Another thing you need to remember when buying Tata AIG car insurance online is the coverage you can get with your policy. You can always extend the coverage amount, and while this means a higher premium, it can keep you safe in case of any accidents. 

For example, even if you have comprehensive car insurance that has you covered in multiple scenarios if the comprehensive cover has a cap of INR 3 lakh, that is the maximum claim you will be eligible for. So, in case the amount exceeds this upper limit, you will have to shell the extra amount from your own pocket. 

Refrain from Adding Non-essential Add-ons

With Tata AIG car insurance policy, add-ons can be beneficial, but these will add to your premium. So, make sure you only choose Tata AIG car insurance add-ons suited to your requirements. 

For example, if you primarily drive your car alone, you do not need to opt for a passenger car insurance add-on cover. Avoid such mistakes by only including add-ons that apply to you. 

Don't Ignore Terms & Conditions 

Although each policy has a primary purpose and similar features, every insurance provider will have different terms and conditions mentioned in their contract. So, when you get your Tata AIG car insurance contract, make sure you read it before buying or renewing your car insurance. This includes essential information applicable when you raise a claim and has insured declared value (IDV), inclusions, exclusions, and more. 

Always read the policy documents thoroughly and get any issue or doubt cleared with your insurer before purchasing a Tata AIG car insurance plan. 

Don't Forget to Compare Tata AIG Car Insurance Against its Alternatives

Most importantly, you do not have to go in blindly when choosing a car insurance policy. Today, you can quickly get all the car insurance details online and compare care insurance based on factors like insurance type, premium, company, and others. You can get car insurance quotes from several insurance providers and compare their benefits against Tata AIG to help you make an informed decision. Go with Tata AIG car insurance if it tops the list of best insurers according to your needs.

Moreover, you can also look into the reviews, Tata AIG  car insurance claim settlement ratio, and other vital details and its competitors. 

In Summary

To sum up, you cannot blindly buy car insurance online. It is always recommended to compare car insurance policies, understand the terms and conditions, and get all your doubts cleared by the insurer. You can quickly check out all the details of the car insurance policy online and get car insurance policy quotes online from multiple insurance providers. This will help you to get all the necessary information and make an informed decision. 

While TATA AIG is one of the best online car insurance you can get, make sure you check its details thoroughly and opt for the same only when it deems fit to you.

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1. What are the types of car insurance offered by TATA AIG?

TATA AIG offers several car insurance options such as third-party liability car insurance, own damage motor insurance, and comprehensive car insurance policy. 

2. What is the claim settlement ratio of TATA AIG car insurance?

The claim settlement ratio of TATA AIG Car Insurance is 98% for FY 2020-21. 

3. What is not covered under a TATA AIG car insurance policy?

Although a comprehensive car insurance policy from TATA AIG will have you covered in all departments, there are some exclusions. These are cases where the driver doesn’t have a valid licence or is driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances, the accident happens outside the insurance jurisdiction, or the damages caused are covered only if the policyholder has opted for a specific add-on. 

4. What factors will affect your TATA AIG car insurance premium?

The car insurance policy premium you have to pay is based on factors such as the number of years that the car has been in use, its existing damages or previously known issues, and the driver's driving habits.

5. How long does TATA AIG take to process and settle car insurance claims?

The processing and settlement of car insurance claims are quick and hassle-free. To get the claim settlement, the policyholder only needs to submit the requested documents and provide the required information to the insurance provider. Once this information is verified, the claim amount is disbursed immediately. In the case of car theft, the insurer will wait for the non-traceable report from the police. This report comes in 30 days from filing the First Information Report (FIR). You get this report from the police only if your car is not traced. So, in that case, the insurer can take more than a month.

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