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6 Things You Must Have in Your Car During Monsoon

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

The monsoon rains are a welcome respite from the hot, sweltering summer heat. As much as you would love to spend some time outdoors, enjoying the milder weather, it is inadvisable to drive your car on wet roads. Wet, slippery roads bring with them a number of hazards and roadblocks, while potholes and flooded streets only make things more difficult. Navigating through this disarray and commuting from one place to another on rainy days might end up as one uphill task.

However, if you have made up your mind that travelling during this time is a foregone conclusion, then it is best to be prepared for any eventualities that you might face. Read on to know what it is that you can do to fully equip yourself.

What are the 6 Necessary Things That You Should Carry?

1. Drinking water is essential to stay hydrated as the journey time is nearly double during the monsoon season – hurdles are plenty and patience is short. The humidity might also induce more thirst. It is unsafe to drink unbottled water and stopping over just to get yourself a bottle of water might be difficult in most circumstances. This water might also come of some use if you overheat your car and you need to pour some water into the radiator.

2. Dry food which has less chance of getting spoilt, is a must-carry item. Pack in some healthy snacks such as sandwiches, biscuits, dry fruits, nuts, fruits, etc. which are easy to carry and quick to munch on in case the hunger pangs hit.

3. First-aid box is something one must carry at all times – rain or not. Stock the kit with antiseptics, cotton gauze, antibiotics, aspirin, ointment for burns, a small scissor, etc. Ensure that none of the items is expired and can be consumed at any point in time without hesitation.

4. Power banks and torches are two resourceful objects that can act as lifesavers in testing circumstances. Flashlights, which are generally washed proof, can be very handy and the portable charger can quickly recharge your phone battery. However, one must ensure that both are fully charged and in a working condition before one undertakes the journey.

5. Insurance documents are important documents that one must not forget to carry at any cost. It performs several functions, but during rainy days, it comes to good use if your car suffers a breakdown and you need immediate repairs for the same. You may take the vehicle to the nearest network garage of your car insurer and get it repaired without any hassles if you have your insurance papers and other documents such as your Driving License and Registration Certificate with you. Just like what happened to Amit when his car stopped in the middle of nowhere and he did not know what to do. All thanks to a valid car insurance policy that comes with 24x7 roadside assistance hence he called his insurance company and got help in minimum time. The car mechanic reached the stranded location and repaired Amit's car. 

Another option that you must consider is to opt-in for a comprehensive car insurance policy as it covers damages due to flood. Along with this policy, several add-on covers may be opted in for, the most important and relevant ones to the issue at hand being Engine Protect add-on and Gearbox Protection cover to keep your car safe and well protected during monsoon season. Please note, these add-ons cannot be availed for simply third-party insurance policy covers.

6. A few spare parts such as stepney, wiper blades, fuses, clothes, umbrella or raincoat and a towel must be carried as a lot of unpredictability comes in with the monsoon. Also, ensure that the tyres have a good amount of tread and the insulation to the electricals are intact. The headlights, tail lamps and turn signals must be in good condition at all times. The soap water for the washers must be topped up as they help in clearing dust and debris from the windshield of the car. Prior to monsoon, instruct, the service centre should apply car body wax to prevent rainwater from settling on the body of the car and causing it to rust.

Bonus Point: Get Roadside Assistance With Your Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

The road assistance cover is an add-on that guarantees services such as emergency services, towing, refuelling, resolving technical issues, change of flat tyres, etc., 24/7. The insurer sends the concerning aid to the site where the assistance is needed. Most insurance companies further offer emergency accommodation and allied utility benefits if the insured is stranded in a desolate location with no alternate arrangements in place. This add-on will result in a slight increase in the premium cover of the insurance policy.


During a drive, your effort should be directed toward making your journey as smooth sailing and enjoyable as possible. Following the suggestions given above will help you do just that as you drive through a rainy day. Now that you are on the road, enjoy the pitter-patter of raindrops on the top of your car and draw some funny faces on the steamy windows!

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