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Tips for Purchasing Purchase for Second-hand Cars

By Juhi Walia
31 October 2022, 2:04 PM

Before getting a used car, finding out how to buy car insurance is essential. Buying insurance for a used car may seem like a daunting task, but also necessary. There are many factors to consider, from the type of car to the miles it has been driven. You'll need to know the car's details and the price when you call the insurance agent. You also need to confirm the details of your new car with your existing auto insurance company. In most cases, you can do this within an afternoon.

The demand for used cars in India has been rising for several reasons.

  • First, the number of buyers depends on the transition in customer preferences.
  • The majority of used-car buyers are on reduced lease terms.
  • Typically, these buyers are professional ones.
  • However, the need for used expensive cars makes the buyers opt to purchase vehicles between four and five lakh rupees.

Note - Data mentioned in these pointers are sourced from https://www.cars24.com/blog/6-factors-fueled-growth-used-car-industry-india/

This article will walk you through buying car insurance for a used car and help you figure out what coverage is best for you.

Significance of Used Cars in India

Used automobiles are a popular alternative for cheap transportation in India owing to their feasibility and being more affordable. You should know several things before purchasing a second-hand automobile.

  • Your insurance policy is the most important. Ensure your coverage protects you if your second-hand automobile is damaged in an accident, natural or manmade calamity.
  • Consider buying a collision damage waiver (CDW) if your car is severely damaged in an accident.
  • If you're buying a used automobile from a private seller, get it examined by a technician. This will guarantee the car's decent condition and the absence of any hidden issues.

India's Used Vehicular Insurance Benefits

There are many benefits when purchasing car insurance for a used car in India. In addition to the standard coverages offered by most insurers, buying used automobile insurance in India can provide additional protection, such as collision and comprehensive coverage.

Here are some reasons why purchasing used four-wheeler insurance may be a good idea:

Spending Plan

If you're considering buying a used car, you'll need to know the available types of car insurance. Here are some tips on how to purchase automobile insurance for used cars.

  • The first thing you'll need to do is decide what coverage you want. You can choose between comprehensive and liability coverage.
  • Comprehensive coverage includes coverage for damage to the vehicle, accidents, and theft. In comparison, liability insurance covers you if someone is injured in a car accident caused by you.
  • Once you've decided on the coverage and type of policy, it's time to find a provider. There are several providers available online.
  • You can also compare prices using an online tool like Paytm Insurance. Once you've found a provider that meets your needs, it's time to buy the policy.

Personal Preference

It would be best to consider your personal preferences when buying used car insurance.

  • First, you need to decide what coverage you want. You can choose between liability, collision and comprehensive coverage.
  • It would be best to decide whether you want to buy insurance from a company through an agent or an online marketplace. Online marketplaces such as Paytm Insurance can lower your cost.

Cost Coverage - New Car vs Used Car

When shopping for car insurance, it's important to remember that the cost of coverage will be different for a new or used car. Here are some tips to help you understand the differences:

  • New cars typically have more costly features and are built to last longer. This means that they're typically more expensive to insure. However, new cars also tend to have better performance than used cars. This is because they've been through the testing process and are usually in good condition.
  • On the other hand, used cars can be less expensive to insure. This is because they're less likely to have costly features.

Long-term or Short-term Investment

When buying a used car, it is essential to understand the different types of automobile insurance available. There are two main types of vehicular insurance: long-term and short-term.

  • Long-term four-wheeler insurance covers you for three years. This coverage is ideal if you intend to keep the car for a long time.
  • Short-term vehicular insurance covers you for a year. This type of coverage is perfect if you plan on selling the car soon or if you need protection during a short period.

Tips for Buying Second-Hand Automobile Insurance in India

  • Ensure the car has been inspected by a mechanic and is in good condition.
  • Get insurance for the car's value, not just its market value.
  • Compare premiums from different companies before making a purchase.
  • Understand the term "full coverage" and whether it is enough for your requirements.
  • Carry proof of ownership and registration of the car.

Purchasing Insurance for a Used Car

Before purchasing a used car in India, getting a valid car insurance policy is essential. The policy is transferable from the previous owner to the new one within 14 days of the purchase. You must transfer the policy to the new owner within 14 days if you purchase a second-hand car from a private seller. Check out some of the hidden nuances:

What to Keep in Mind?

When buying vehicular insurance, you must consider many things - The car's age, its make and model, and its insured declared value (IDV) all need to be considered. 

Aside from the car's age, another essential factor to keep in mind is its registration date. The year of the car's registration date and mileage can help you estimate how much the vehicle has been used. This will determine the premium you pay for your insurance. You may want to consider purchasing comprehensive insurance.

A comprehensive car insurance policy is an essential part of car ownership. It protects you from financial ruin in case of an accident or theft. It will also provide coverage for the vehicle's repairs.

Documents for Used Four-Wheeler Insurance

You can buy an insurance policy for the used car you buy from the seller or get his/her existing policy transferred to your name. Let's check the insurance transfer documentation process.

  • To do so, the seller must fill out a "transfer of ownership" form and submit it to his/her existing insurer. The transfer process is simple and should not cause any hassles.
  • Once the insurance policy has been transferred, you as a buyer hold the rights. It is also vital to ensure that the name and address on the registration and insurance documents match.

How to Transfer Ownership of the Vehicle?

There are several things to consider when transferring ownership of a used car.

  • The first step is to ensure that the transfer of ownership is legal. This is done by completing the necessary paperwork.
  • The buyer and seller should sign these forms. Depending on the state, some may require a notarized agreement.
  • Also, the seller should ensure that the buyer's payment is secure. Both parties should adhere to the 21-day deadline for the transfer of ownership.

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1. Is it possible to get insurance on a used car?

If the used car you bought did not have active insurance coverage, you would need a policy covering pre-owned automobiles.

2. What should I look for when purchasing insurance for a used vehicle?

When purchasing insurance for a used vehicle, look for policies that cover the specific risks that come with it. For example, you may want to consider collision and upset insurance coverage, even if the car is not worth much. Inspect the vehicle before purchasing it and talk to the insurance representative to determine what's included. 

3. Is it easy to get a used car in India?

In today's digital age, getting a used car has indeed become easy. However, doonsider the car's age and general condition before making a purchase decision.

4. Is the price of used automobile insurance in India reasonable?

The premium amount that must be paid for a used car is, in fact, not very much. This is because the IDV is much lower than that of a car that was just built.

5. What papers are needed for insurance of a second-hand car?

When you buy a used car, you'll likely need car insurance. Here are the documents you'll need to get insurance for your new vehicle: 

  • The title deed to the car
  • Your driver's license
  • Proof of insurance (usually a copy of your policy)
  • A deposit (usually 10% of the purchase price)
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