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What are the Advantages of the National Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

By Juhi Walia
19 August 2022, 11:40 AM

National Insurance offers a wide range of car insurance policies, including a comprehensive policy. A National comprehensive car Insurance policy provides extensive nationwide coverage, with legally mandated third-party cover, personal injury, and even own damage insurance for a single premium. While buying or during claims settlements, such policies ensure a seamless, single point of contact for all issues.

This complete motor insurance plan offers coverage for damages sustained by your vehicle and the mandatory  cover. 

This policy also provides personal accident cover that protects you against injuries or death caused by accident. 

Though not compulsory by law, such an insurance policy safeguards you from bearing hefty losses and repair costs from your car’s involvement in an accident. 

The National comprehensive car insurance policy covers losses incurred by an insured car in the following events:

  • Theft or burglary
  • Terrorist act
  • Strike or riots
  • Explosion, fire, or lighting
  • Landslides and rockslides
  • Floods, earthquakes, hailstorms
  • Injury or death of a third party from an accident

Advantages of National Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

This comprehensive policy of National car insurance for your four-wheeler offers several benefits, some of which are:

Optimum Level of Security

Unlike National third party car insurance policy, a comprehensive car insurance policy of the company offers better coverage by compensating policyholders for vehicle damage besides third-party claims. You can either get your car repaired at a network garage to avail of cashless service under the coverage or claim to reimburse the expense from the car insurance company

Compensation in Case of Disability or Death

Getting your car insured with a National comprehensive policy covers the physical injuries and the death of the rider or owner. If you suffer from partial or complete disability after a car accident, the insurer pays you total compensation depending on the insured amount. The insurance also covers the family of the deceased policyholder in any unfortunate situation resulting in death. However, this personal accident cover will come as an add-on for which you need to pay an extra premium. Wait, if you thought about skipping this cover after hearing the additional premium? It is mandatory to have a personal accident cover.

Single Premium for Multiple Coverages

This type of car insurance offers affordable coverage. A single premium covers you, your car, and any third-party liability, making it speedy and straightforward. 

You need not add other covers to protect against legal and financial liabilities arising from accidents. There is no dealing with any issues, and the plan can be renewed as and when required. 

Covers Legal and Financial Liabilities

A comprehensive car insurance policy covers damages to your vehicle and protects you against any legal liabilities arising in case of an accident. 

It includes the mandatory third-party car insurance required to drive a car legally in the country. It even covers legal and financial obligations for tribunal hearings of any accident-related case. 

Protection Against Fire Hazards

One of the most impressive benefits of National comprehensive car insurance is protection against damages caused by fire-related accidents. While it does not cover mechanical defects, the policy includes fire resulting from engine overheating. In any unforeseen event, you get total compensation for your car damage up to its IDV under this cover. 

Security Against Theft

When your car or parts of it get stolen or lost, a comprehensive car insurance policy covers the whole loss incurred. It not only compensates for the cost of stolen or lost components of the car but even gives you the IDV of the vehicle in case of theft. You can further your theft coverage by buying the return to invoice car insurance add-on for an extra premium. So, if your vehicle goes missing, the insurer will compensate you for the IDV, depreciation, road taxes, registration charges, etc. This car insurance add-on also comes into play when the vehicle is damaged beyond repair.

Protection Against Natural Calamities

A comprehensive car cover protects against natural calamities that could sometimes leave your vehicle irreparable. Incidents of floods, earthquakes, hailstorms, or cyclones can damage your car beyond repair. In such situations, you get massive compensation against damages caused to your car by the calamities. 

Coverage in Cases of Man-made Incidents

The National comprehensive car insurance policy also works as a savior in unfortunate events like riots or disturbances damaging your vehicle. You will get the IDV prevailing at the time of an incident. If such an incident damages your vehicle to the extent it can't be repaired, you can get full reimbursement with a return to invoice add-on.

Add-ons for Enhanced Coverage

You can choose from various add-ons to boost your comprehensive car insurance policy coverage and enjoy better perks. 

These car insurance add-ons provide extra protection for your vehicle and yourself and can be selected depending on your needs.


1. What is covered under National comprehensive car insurance?

A comprehensive motor insurance policy covers damage due to accidents, theft, losses to third parties, damage from natural calamities, physical injury or death resulting from an accident, and damage from fire. 

2. Why is the National comprehensive car insurance policy more expensive than third-party insurance?

A comprehensive car insurance policy costs higher because of its wide range of inclusions. It covers own-damage coverage in addition to third-party liability. Moreover, the premium increases further if you choose add-ons like engine protection, zero depreciation, breakdown assistance, etc. 

3. How can you convert third-party insurance into comprehensive insurance?

It is easy to convert your third-party car insurance into a comprehensive plan when you go for a renewal. You can do it by buying a new cover rather than renewing the existing third-party policy. National Insurance, like other insurers, makes this a seamless process.

4. Does a no-claim bonus apply to a comprehensive car insurance policy from National Car Insurance?

Yes, under a comprehensive car insurance plan from National Insurance, you earn an NCB if you don’t raise a claim during the term. You can get this while renewing your plan.

5. How can I pay the premium of National comprehensive car insurance?

You can pay the premium of National comprehensive car insurance online as well as offline. Online modes include net banking, debit card, credit card or digital wallets such as the Paytm app.

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