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What is Covered in Car Insurance Policy?

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Your car insurance policy provides a lot of coverage related to various unfortunate events. There are a lot of things that are covered in your policy such as third-party accidental death/bodily injury/disability, car thefts, own car damages, etc. Let’s just read the article below to deeply understand what else is covered in your car insurance policy

  • Third-party Accidental Death: In an unfortunate event, if you ran over your car on a third party person, which leads to his untimely death, your insurance company will compensate for the same. Third-party accidental death is covered in your car insurance policy. However, the compensation amount that a third party person would receive is not fixed.
  • Third Party Accidental Bodily Injuries: If a third party person suffers bodily injuries in case of an accident from your car, the same is also covered in your car insurance policy. Your insurance company will be paying the treatment cost of the injuries.
  • Third Party Accidental Disability: If an accidental disability happens to a third party person from your vehicle, your policy provides coverage for the same. Hence your car insurance company will bear the medical cost involved in the treatment. In case of permanent disability, the insurance company will compensate 100% of your cover.
  • Third Party Property Damage: In case the property of a third party person got damaged by your car, need not to worry. Your car policy covers the same thus your insurance company will compensate up to INR 7.5 lakh to a third party person.
  • Third Party Car Damage: If you accidentally hit a third party person’s car with your own car, your car policy gives financial cover for the same. Your insurance company pays for all the damages caused to the third party’s car.
  • Own Car Damages Due to Accidents: If your own car gets damaged in an accident, your car insurance policy got you covered. Your insurance company will bear the damaging cost of your car.
  • Car Thefts/Fire: In case your car is stolen or catches fire, your car insurance policy covers the same. You can file a car insurance claim and can get compensation from your insurance provider.
  • Own Car Damages Due to Natural/Man-made Disaster: When any natural or man-made calamity such as flood, hurricane, earthquake, torado, riots, war, terrorist attacks, etc attack your car, your car insurance policy comes in handy. Your policy covers such disasters hence will give you financial protection.
  • Personal Injuries/Accidental Death/Disability: In case you(policyholder) meets with an accident that leads to injuries, disability or death, your car insurance policy will be by your side. In case of a death/permanent disability of a policyholder, the mandatory accidental policy cover comes into the picture hence an amount of INR 15 lakh would be given to the nominee/policyholder.
CoverageThird PartyComprehensive
Damages/Losses to own car due to an accidentNoYes
Damages/Losses to own car in case of fire/theftNoYes
Damages/Losses to own car in case of a natural calamityNoYes
Damages to Third-Party VehicleYesYes
Damages to Third-Party PropertyYesYes
Personal Accident CoverYesYes
Injuries/Death of a Third-Party PersonYesYes
Customizing IDV/Policy CustomizationNoYes
Add-on CoversNoYes
No Claim BonusNoYes


Your car insurance policy comes with a wide coverage. Depending upon the type of policy you choose, your coverage would vary. For example- The coverage you get in third-party is different from what you get in comprehensive and pay as you drive. So, choose your policy wisely to enjoy the benefits under the cover of your car insurance policy.

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