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Why is Routine Servicing Important for Your Car

By Vikas Chandra Das
21 July 2022, 11:46 AM

Your new car is an investment that you are proud of and wish to preserve with utmost care. Servicing your car on a periodic basis ensures that you improve its life. An effort to ensure that you take care of your car from time to time will be returned with the car taking care of your needs. 

What are the Advantages of Regular Servicing?

  • No overheating: Consumables such as transmission fluid, engine oil, engine coolant, and the like, if not replaced on a timely basis, can spell trouble for the car. When either of these are not kept at the requisite level, then the car would overheat, putting an ugly stop to your journey.
  • Maintain the car mileage for a long time: While it is true that the car’s mileage decreases with age, it is untrue that you have no control over the rate at which this decrease occurs. With regular maintenance, one can ensure that the mileage does not have to drastically diminish in a short span of time. For instance, replacing air filters at regular intervals, getting the accumulated dust off the filters, etc. are measures that can be undertaken to preserve the mileage of the car.
  • Maintenance of spark plugs and cylinder head: The spark plugs and the cylinder in the car are expensive parts that cannot be easily replaced. But its absence can also mean engine failure of the car. Therefore, it is important to regularly check and maintain the health of these parts through servicing.
  • Tyre alignment for a stable drive: Regular car maintenance comes with the guarantee of better performance. For instance, better tyre traction will guarantee a more stable steering and a more reliable engine. Your ride will automatically become more enjoyable as you will encounter lesser problems.
  • Increase the lifespan: Following standards and procedures as laid down by the manufacturer in the car user manual can go a long way in increasing the lifespan of one’s car. Certified professionals must be given the responsibility of maintaining the car and avoid going to unauthorized centres for replacement or refurbishing parts of the car.
  • Improve fuel economy: There is no wastage of precious, expensive drops of fuel when the car is efficient in fuel usage due to regular maintenance. This also saves considerable time and money in filling the tank on a regular basis.
  • Keeps the car safe to drive: Routine car maintenance will ensure that it does not break down on the road on random occasions and cause trouble. Instances such as brake failure, engine failure, etc can be avoided if one regularly maintains the car and proactively ensures that early signs of trouble are addressed by the mechanic.

Should only the Electrical and Mechanical Parts be Checked Regularly?

It goes without saying that electrical and mechanical parts of the car deserve more attention, but there are other parts that must be looked at too during servicing such as –

  • Roof racks and storage pods
  • Windshield cleaning liquid
  • Windows
  • Seat covers
  • Aerial antenna
  • Front and rear wiper blades
  • Air conditioning system
  • Light globes in headlights or overhead cabin light
  • Audio system/subwoofers/head units
  • Baby seats etc.

Does the Condition of the Car Affect the Price of the Insurance Premium?

Though there is no direct relation as such while the car insurance is being purchased at the time of purchase of the car, this does become a material consideration when it comes to purchasing car insurance policy for a second-hand car or at the time of renewal of the policy. 

The condition of the car influences the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the car which is the most important determinant of car insurance premium. Thus, it is useful to maintain the car in good condition to attract a higher IDV for the car.

Conclusion with key takeaways

A well-maintained car not only serves you well during its time with you but even after – it fetches you an excellent price when you wish to sell it. Use the advice and tips that the manufacturer of the car has to offer with respect to the maintenance schedule and procedure for your precious car. 

A little effort from your end can go a long way in making your entire driving experience very pleasant and enjoyable. 

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