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Intro to Bharti AXA Car Insurance 

Bharti AXA General Insurance Company is a joint venture between Bharti Enterprise – a leading business group involved in telecom, agriculture, financial services, retail and manufacturing business AND AXA Group – a world leader in insurance and asset management services. Together these companies have teamed up to provide a wide range of insurance products in India and are focused to cater to the insurance needs of Indian customers. 

Since its inception in the year 2008, Bharti AXA is known for providing top-notch service and products to its customers. The wide range of pocket-friendly and unique insurance products has made Bharti AXA a household name. The company is a renowned name in the general insurance sector providing a range of insurance products ranging from Motor Insurance, Health Insurance, Two-Wheeler Insurance, Travel Insurance, etc. 

Types of Car Insurance offered by Bharti AXA General Insurance Company

Bharti AXA General Insurance companies offer 3 types of car insurance plans as under:

1. Bharti AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance Plans

A comprehensive car insurance plan is designed to provide protection against damage caused to your own car and third-party liability. The comprehensive car insurance policy is designed to cover for the losses or damage caused due to accident, theft, malicious act, burglary, flood, fire, explosion, etc. Along with the cover the plan also includes compulsory personal accident cover of INR 15 Lakhs of which the compensation shall be paid as under:

Type of InjuryCompensation provided
Loss of 2 limbs or sight of 2 eyes or 1 limb or 1 eyesight100%
Loss of 1 limb or 1 eyesight50%
Permanent disability caused due to injuries other than mentioned above100%

2. Bharti AXA Third Party Liability Plans 

Third-Party Liability coverage is a compulsory car insurance policy that every car owner has to avail as per the terms and conditions of Motor Insurance Law in India. The third-party liability coverage as the name suggests is a plan designed to cover the loss or damage caused to the property, vehicle or life of a third party due to the insured vehicle. This plan only covers the damages caused to third-party and not yours.

The Inclusions of Third-Party Liability Coverage are:

  • Bodily injury caused to the third-party by the insured vehicle.
  • Covers for the damages caused to the property or car of a third-party vehicle by the insured vehicle. Compensation up to INR 7.5 Lakhs is provided.
  • Compensation is paid to the third-party nominee in the event of the death of the person by the insured vehicle.

The exclusions of third-party liability coverage are:

  • No compensation is available for any injury or death or for property damage caused to own vehicle

3. Bharti AXA Stand Alone Damage 

As the name suggests, this plan is designed to cover the losses or damage caused to own vehicles caused due to accidents, theft or natural calamities. However, you can opt for this plan only if you have a valid third-party only car insurance plan.
This cover protects you against damages caused due to:

  • Road accidents
  • Theft
  • Natural Disasters like earthquakes, floods, etc.

While it does not cover for:

  • Third-Party Liability
  • Depreciation
  • Electrical and Mechanical Breakdown
  • Any damages arising due to accidents caused by the driver being under the influence of alcohol/drugs or not carrying a valid driving license

Benefits of Bharti AXA Car Insurance Plans

The key benefits of Bharti AXA Car Insurance Company are as under:

  1. Convenience: 
    Buying a Bharti AXA Car insurance policy is very convenient. Customers can purchase the policy online at the convenience of their home.
  2. Payment Mode: 
    The digital platform and payment gateway of Bharti AXA General Insurance Company is user-friendly and it offers numerous payment modes. Customers can pay the premium amount as per their preference. The following payment modes are available:
    • Net Banking
    • Debit card
    • Credit card
    • Online wallets
    • UPI
    • Google Pay
  3. Customer Service: 
    The 24*7 customer service makes it easier for the customers to clear all their doubts or seek help via online chat or call.
  4. Network Garage: 
    Bharti AXA Car Insurance Company has partnered with numerous garages that makes it easier for the customers to receive repair works on time.
  5. Add-on Covers: 
    The Bharti AXA Car insurance policy offers a wide range of add-on covers making it easier for the customers to widen the insurance coverage of their base policy and remain stress-free. The following are various add-on covers available under Bharti AXA Car insurance policy:
    • Depreciation Cover: 
      This cover offers to pay the full cost of replacing car parts at market price. The entire cost of replacing is paid without deducting any depreciation costs.
    • Roadside Assistance: 
      In the event of car breakdown when you would need towing services to transport your vehicle to the workshop all such expenses are covered under roadside assistance cover.
    • Consumable Cover: 
      This cover is used to bear the expenses incurred towards damages caused to consumables such as nuts, bolts, screws,etc.
    • Key Replacement Cover: 
      Covers for the cost incurred towards a replacement of lost or stolen keys or lock.
    • Unnamed Personal Accident to Passenger Cover: 
      Also called the co-passenger cover. It is used to cover the co-passenger riding with the insured in the car.
    • Engine and Gearbox Cover: 
      The cost incurred for the repair of engine or gearbox are covered under this cover.
    • Ambulance Charges: 
      In the event of an accident resulting in hospitalisation, the transportation cost i.e. ambulance charges incurred for carrying the driver owner is covered.
    • Hospital Cash: 
      In the event of an accident resulting in hospitalisation, the insured is eligible to receive INR 1,000 hospital cash every day up to 30 days of hospitalisation.
    • Invoice Price Cover: 
      Also known as Return to Invoice Cover. This add-on covers for the differential amount between IDV and the original cost of the vehicle paid at the time of policy purchase.
    • Medical Expenses: 
      This add- on cover provides medical expenses up to INR 10,000 in the event of an accident where the owner-driver and co-passenger are injured.

What is Covered in Bharti AXA Car Insurance Policy?

The Bharti AXA Car Insurance Policy covers the damages caused due to the following reasons:

  1. Accidents: 
    Any loss or damage caused to an accident is covered.
  2. Theft and Burglary: 
    Any damage or loss caused due to stealing of a car.
  3. Third-Party Liability: 
    Compensation is offered to the third party for injury or damages caused by the insured vehicle to third party vehicle, property or life.
  4. Natural Disaster: 
    Covers for the damages or losses caused to the vehicle due to natural calamities like earthquake, cyclone, flood, typhoon, etc.
  5. Man-Made Disasters: 
    Covers for the damages or losses caused to the vehicle due to man-made calamities like accident, fire, strike, riots, etc.

What is not Covered Bharti AXA Car Insurance Policy?

The Bharti AXA Car Insurance Policy does not cover the damages caused in the following situations:

  1. Drink and Drive: 
    No compensation or coverage is offered if the accident causing the damage is due to the driver driving the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  2. No Valid License: 
    No compensation or coverage is offered if the accident causing the damage occurred while the driver was not owning a valid driving license.
  3. Commercial Activity: 
    No compensation or coverage is offered if the accident causing the damage occurred while the vehicle was used for commercial activity i.e. a private car was used as a taxi.
  4. Other reasons: 
    No compensation or coverage is offered for other reasons like consequential damage, mechanical or electrical breakdown, contributory negligence, staged accidents, and an accident caused outside geographical limits, etc.

How to Apply for Bharti AXA Car Insurance Plan?

Buying car insurance policy from Bharti AXA General Insurance company is quick and hassle-free. The digital platform makes buying car insurance cover quick and easy. In 3 simple steps, customers can buy car insurance policies with complete ease and convenience. 

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of Bharti AXA General Insurance Company
  • Step 2: Enter all the required car details of which you wish to buy insurance coverage. You will be asked to enter details like Vehicle Registration Number and Contact Details to receive instant online premium quotes
  • Step 3: if you are satisfied with the features, benefits and quotes of the policy then you can move further to purchasing the car insurance policy
  • Step 4: You are asked to fill the car insurance proposal form
  • Step 5: Make premium payment and download your policy instantly. You can also receive your car insurance policy in your mailbox or on WhatsApp number

Bharti AXA Car Insurance Claim Process 

Registering a Car Insurance Claim with Bharti AXA General Insurance Company is quick, simple and hassle-free. The following is the process of registering the claim process with Bharti AXA General Insurance Company:

  • Visit the official website of Bharti AXA General Insurance Company to register a claim. Alternatively, you click the following link to directly jump to claim registration on digital platform
  • Enter the required details like Policy Number and Policy Expiry Date
  • Click on continue
  • Once you enter all the valid and required details, your claim registration will be successful

Bharti AXA claim process is done in two ways namely:

Cashless Claim Process

The following is a detailed procedure for filing the cashless claim process:

  • Note down the registration details of the vehicle and witness details who witnessed the mishap
  • Contact the insurance provider to convey about the mishap and to register a claim
  • Once your claim is registered within 24 hours, a BAGI representative will call you to explain the entire claim process and will intimate you about the list of documents that are required to be furnished by you to the insurance company for faster claim settlement
  • In case of third-party loss or damage to vehicle or life, an FIR must be filed at the nearest police station
  • Transport the vehicle to the nearest partner workshop as suggested by the insurance company
  • Surveyor will assess the damage
  • Next, the repair works will start and the partner garage will submit the bills and invoices directly to the insurance company and claim shall be settled accordingly
Reimbursement Claim ProcessFor the reimbursement claim process, the owner can move the vehicle to the garage of his choice and get the repair works done. Once the repair works are complete the owner needs to submit the required bills and invoices to the insurance company. Once all the claim related documents are received by the insurance company then only the claim settlement process shall be initiated.

How to Renew Your Lapsed/Expired Bharti AXA Car Insurance Policy Online?

Renewing car insurance policy is very important as it ensures continuous insurance protection to your vehicle against loss or damage. Renewing a Bharti AXA car insurance policy is simple. The company has created a dedicated car insurance renewal digital platform with which renewal of car insurance policy can be done with a click of a button. Visit and enter the valid required details like Policy Number or Car Registration Number and Policy Expiry Date and click on ‘Renew Now’ button to proceed to payment gateway. In this manner, renewal of an active car insurance policy is done within a few minutes.

However, to renew an expired or lapsed Bharti AXA Car Insurance policy, customers first need to conduct a survey of their car. The survey is done by a surveyor of the insurance company. If in the survey, the car is deemed fit only then the car insurance policy for the same can be renewed.

Bharti AXA Car Insurance Review

Bharti AXA General Insurance Company is a top-notch general insurance product providing company. The company has established itself as a trusted brand in the minds of people. People are keen on buying Bharti AXA general insurance products because of the unique features and benefits offered by the products. The wide range of products makes it easier for the customer to choose the products as per their wish and needs. 

Apart from offering unique products, the company is well-known for its fast and hassle-free claim settlement process. We all know the claim settlement process is a bit tedious but Bharti AXA has streamlined the entire process and made it simpler for the customers to understand thereby making it quick and hassle-free. Lastly, another major factor for the success of Bharti AXA general insurance company is its 24*7 customer service. These factors are the contributing factors for the success of Bharti AXA General Insurance Company.

Bharti AXA Insurance Customer Care Number

The customer support team of Bharti AXA General Insurance Company is exceptionally dedicated. To seek any sort of assistance, the customer care executives can be reached out at-1800 103 2292.

They offer round the clock customer support. Customers can reach the customer support team through various channels thereby making a strong presence in the minds of their customers. To register a claim, by insurance or any help related to claim settlement, the above number comes handy. 

Bharti AXA Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What is the incurred claim ratio of Bharti AXA Insurance Company?

    The incurred claim ratio for FY 2018-19 of Bharti AXA Insurance Company for motor insurance is 75%.

  • 2. How can I check my Bharti AXA Car Claim status online?

    For checking your Bharti AXA Car Claim Status Online, kindly visit

     and enter the valid required details.

  • 3. How can I download my Bharti AXA Car Policy Document Online?

    To avail an online soft copy of Bharti AXA Car Policy, you need to contact and send a request to the customer support department. Once your request is received, the team shall send the copy of the policy document on your registered email ID.

  • 4. How long does Bharti AXA General Insurance Company take to process and settle car insurance claims?

    Post completing all the documentation formalities Bharti AXA General Insurance Company initiates the claim settlement process immediately. However, the maximum claim settlement time is 7 working days to reimburse the claim amount.

  • 5. Does Bharti AXA General Insurance Company offer pay-as-you-drive car insurance?

    No, the company does not offer pay-as-you-drive car insurance.

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