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Today's market is stocked with insurance products for motor vehicles. Out of these numerous products, if a customer had to make a pick, what would he/she look for? The answer is – a customizable, hassle-free product. That's where Bharti AXA Car Insurance takes its due credit. It is customizable as per the customer's needs and choices. The customers enjoy all cashless services from the huge network of garages working for Bharti AXA Four Wheeler Insurance.

Bharti AXA car insurance provides several add-on covers to add to these advantages. These add-on covers can be easily availed by paying some extra premium. These add-on covers are super beneficial for any consumer, for they provide several facilities that are not a part of a standard car insurance policy. The range of Bharti AXA Four Wheeler Insurance Cover Add-ons is so flattering and versatile that it could never go unnoticed by any customer looking for motor insurance. Availing of the Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add-on Covers is a sure-shot way of ensuring oneself and one's car against all oddities.

Bharti AXA – Important Add-on Covers for Your Car Insurance Policy

Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add-on Covers include a number of facilities. These are as follows-

  1. Depreciation Cover – When a car is insured under a car insurance policy, the amount received by the insured is subjected to the depreciation factor. But upon availing of the depreciation cover under Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add-on Covers, the insured will receive an insurance amount without deducting the depreciation value.
  2. Consumables Cover – Upon availing of this add-on from the Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add-on Covers list, the company would pay for the loss because of essential items of the car consumed or damaged. These include- engine oil, ac gas, oil filter, nuts, bolts, and others.
  3. Invoice Price Cover – This add-on insurance can be availed upon the theft of the car or total loss of the vehicle. Under this Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add-on Cover, the company will pay the insured the vehicle's replacement value as per the current market value of the model.
  4. Hydrostatic Lock Cover – Under this Bharti AXA Four Wheeler Insurance Add-on Cover, the insured will be reimbursed with the amount he/she paid for the replacement or repair of engine parts of the car under Bharti AXA insurance. This cover works when water seeps into the car engine because of some oddities.
  5. No Claim Bonus Protection Cover – Under standard car insurance, the policyholder is given a no claim bonus for every claim-free year. But with No claim bonus protection under Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add-on Covers, one can avail of the No Claim Bonus facility for up to two claims.
  6. Outstanding Loan Cover – This add-on can be availed if the insured dies due to fatal injuries while using the insured car. Under this Bharti AXA, Four Wheeler Insurance Add-on covers, the company would pay for the outstanding loan amount on the insured vehicle in case of the insured's death, as stated above.
  7. Roadside Assistance Cover – Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add-on covers believes in making their policy holder's life hassle-free. The roadside assistance cover is meant to do so in many ways. It is pretty standard for cars to break down in nowhere. Bharti AXA Car Insurance's unique garage network comes into play. The damaged vehicles are either mended on the spot by the nearest garage workers, or the car is taken to the garage in case of a significant issue. The service also includes flat tyre replacement, emergency fuel arrangement, alternative transport help, and more. This cover is of particular benefit for lady drivers.
  8. Hospital Cash Covers – Accidents occur when one least suspects it. With Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add-on Covers, one can avail Hospital Cash Cover add-on. This facilitates cash allowance on an everyday basis if the policyholder is injured while using the insured car. Availing this facility is very helpful for the least one can pay for the hospital charges after going through a dangerous and possibly fatal accident.
  9. Ambulance Charges Cover – Under this cover, the company pays for the ambulance service availed for transporting the policyholder from the accident site to the nearest medical facility. The accident must have taken place while using the insured car.
  10. Medical Covers – Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add-on Covers provides for yet another very important facility. This includes reimbursing the medical bills incurred by the insured upon undergoing any accident while using the insured vehicle.
  11. Loss of Personal Belongings Cover – Under this Bharti AXA Four Wheeler Add-on Cover, the company reimburses for the loss of any personal items in case of theft or damage to the car under insurance.
  12. Key Protect Cover – This cover is meant for people who constantly keep losing things. However, losing car keys is probably one of the worst things that can happen to a busy person. Therefore, Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add-on Cover for keys comes into play. The loss incurred upon losing and getting a new key can be reimbursed by adding this coverage to one's standard insurance cover. But a note should be taken that this cover's facilities can be availed only twice.

Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add on Cover FAQs

  • 1. How does one claim the Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add-on Covers?

    The policyholder can claim these add-ons by following the same procedures for declaring a standard Bharti AXA four-wheeler insurance claim.

  • 2. Can the Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add-on Covers be bought online?

    Yes, the Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add-on Covers can be bought online from the online insurance portal of Bharti AXA.

  • 3. How convenient is it to avail of the cashless garage facilities under Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add-on Covers?

    Availing of the cashless garage facilities is as easy as is promised by the company. Under the Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add-on Covers, the policyholder only needs to contact the company in case of mid-road breakdowns or any other damage to avail of the cashless garage facility.

  • 4. When to renew the Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add-on Covers?

    The Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add-on Covers can be renewed before expiration.

  • 5. How can one renew the Bharti AXA Car Insurance Add-on Covers?

    It is similar to renewing one's standard policy. One needs to visit the Bharati AXA site, fill in all the particulars, and start paying the extra premium to continue the add-on covers.

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