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Bharti AXA, which is now demerged with ICICI Lombard (September 2021), offers a variety of insurance services, including third-party coverage and comprehensive insurance coverage and their renewals, respectively. The ICICI Lombard has strengthened its distribution services with the advantage of Bharti AXA distribution alliances. The company is famous for its fast claim settlement, customer assistance, and many more hassle-free services it offers.

Although comprehensive four-wheeler insurance is not mandatory by law, however, the vehicle owner is advised to get the Bharti AXA comprehensive car insurance policy to protect one’s vehicle against damages incurred due to accidents. Bharti AXA comprehensive car insurance covers not only third-party liabilities but also the owner’s damages. Bharti AXA four-wheeler comprehensive insurance can be customized as per the vehicle owner’s specifications. 

How does Bharti AXA Comprehensive Insurance Policy Work?

The claim processing under Bharti AXA comprehensive four-wheeler insurance is quite simple, and you can easily follow the below easy steps-

  • Information about the accident- First things first, you must inform insurer about the accident and furnish all necessary details of the accident.
  • Claim filing- When the information is provided, the car insurance company will issue you a claim number, and the agent or the representative will tell you about the further processing.
  • Filing FIR- An FIR needs to be registered in the case where the car is stolen, or any injury or death has occurred.
  • Inspection of the vehicle- A surveyor will inspect your car to check the repair and replacements of parts.
  • Settlement- Once all the necessary formalities are done, Bharti AXA will pay you the claim settlement amount.

Bharti AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance Vs. Third Party Car Insurance

The differences between Bharti AXA comprehensive car insurance policy and third-party car insurance will typically be as follows-

DifferenceBharti AXA Comprehensive Car InsuranceThird-Party Car Insurance
CoverageIt covers both the third-party as well as own damages.It only covers the third-party liability arising due to accidents.
Add-onsBharti AXA comprehensive car insurance policy provides a range of add-on covers such as NCB, Zero depreciation, Engine protection and many more.No such covers are provided under a third-party car insurance policy.
MandatoryA comprehensive car insurance policy is not required by the law.As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, a third-party insurance policy is mandatory to drive the vehicle on roads.
CostThis policy is expensive to buy as it offers complete protection to you and your vehicle.This policy is affordable to buy due to its limited coverage. 

How to Buy Bharti AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Since Bharti AXA is now known as ICICI Lombard, a policy seeker can buy the Bharti AXA comprehensive car insurance online or by visiting the nearest branch. For obtaining it offline, he/she needs to visit the nearest branch in person and get all the formalities done. However, with fast-growing technology, it is more beneficial for you to buy Bharti AXA comprehensive four-wheeler insurance online as the time and effort are less in the process. Follow the below steps to buy a Bharti AXA comprehensive insurance online-

  1. Visit the official website-
  2. Fill in your vehicle registration details, mobile number, and email
  3. Get the various quotes available
  4. Select the best fit premium
  5. Pay for it and receive all necessary details in your email
  6. Your car is now insured with Bharti AXA comprehensive car insurance policy

What are the Inclusions Under Bharti AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

You will get an extensive range of inclusions, such as below-

  • Third-party losses arising due to accident/mishap- death, bodily injuries, property damage, etc.
  • All personal road accidents
  • Losses occurred out of natural disasters like earthquakes, landslides, cyclones, etc.
  • Human-made calamities- menace, riots
  • Car theft
  • Loss arrived out of fire and explosions

What are the Exclusions Under Bharti AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

Bharti AXA does not provide the following coverage against your comprehensive car insurance policy-

  • Damages where your car is used for illegal/criminal activities.
  • Loss arises when the vehicle is driven by a rider who is under the influence of intoxicants such as drugs or liquor.
  • Driving the car out of Indian geographical limits.
  • Normal depreciation of the car
  • Driving car without having a valid driving licence/policy papers

Bharti AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance Benefits

  • Covering a wide range of liabilities- third-party bodily and property damages, own  damage coverage.
  • A variety of add-ons- NCB, zero depreciation, car engine protection, invoice coverage.
  • Quick and seamless customer support
  • Availability of netwoek garages across different locations of country
  • Hassle-free claim settlement process

Bharti AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance Review

With the 87.99% claim settlement ratio, Bharti AXA's comprehensive car insurance policy is budget-friendly for every vehicle owner. It comes with 24/7 customer assistance with 135+ branches available across India. Bharti AXA has issued more than 2 crores policies to date with Dual ISO certification. The company helps your car get protection in such a way that every car owner ever can want.

Bharti AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. Does Bharti AXA comprehensive car insurance policy allow to add zero depreciation add-on in between the policy tenure?

    Unfortunately, no, you can only ask for add-ons at the time of purchase or renewal of your comprehensive car insurance policy.

  • 2. Can I make corrections to my Bharti AXA comprehensive car insurance policy documents?

    Yes, through endorsement, you can make necessary changes to your policy documents by calling the Bharti AXA helpline number- 1800 103 2292, which is a toll-free number. Once the team makes changes, new policy documents will be issued to you.

  • 3. What documents are required to file claim under Bharti AXA comprehensive policy?

    You must be ready with the below documents to file your damage claim at Bharti AXA-

    • FIR copy
    • DL copy
    • Car registration certificate
    • No claim certificate
    • Insurance policy document copy
    • Accident photos and other proofs
    • Repair estimation is done by the surveyor
  • 4. What to do in the case where I lose my Bharti AXA comprehensive insurance policy documents?

    If the policy documents are lost, you are required to present a written letter at the nearest branch to obtain a duplicate policy of insurance. The company may charge a minimum fee for issuing duplicate papers.

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