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Since the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, makes every vehicle owner obtain at least a third-party insurance to cover their damages, why not take a comprehensive car insurance policy for your car, including the coverage against the third-party damages and your damages as well.

The Shriram comprehensive car insurance policy will not only cover the third-party liabilities but also your accidental damages such as fire, theft or explosions, and many more. Besides this, Shriram's comprehensive car insurance will help you enhance your car insurance policy with the unique additional add-on covers it offers.

How does Shriram Finance Comprehensive Car Insurance Work?

The working of Shriram comprehensive car insurance is speedy and easy. Whenever you meet with an accident, you are required to follow the below steps-

  • Inform the insurance company as soon as practicable.
  • They will send their surveyor as a representative.
  • The surveyor will inspect the car and give an estimated amount for settlement.
  • Once the insurance company approves the estimation, it will initiate a claim settlement very soon.

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Shriram Finance Comprehensive Car Insurance Vs. Third Party Car Insurance

Shriram Finance Comprehensive Car InsuranceShriram Finance Third Party Car Insurance
Apart from third-party liabilities, comprehensive car insurance also covers personal accidents and own vehicle losses..It only covers the third-party damages such as bodily injury, death, or property damage of up to INR 7.5 lakh.
A range of add-ons is provided to vehicle owners to choose from as per their suitability.You cannot purchase additional covers (add-ons) under third-party car insurance.
Since it offers a wide array of covers, the cost of a comprehensive car insurance policy is relatively higher.The cost is comparatively low in third-party car insurance.
Comprehensive insurance is not mandatory in India.Owning third-party insurance is mandatory in India.


How to Buy Shriram Finance Comprehensive Car Insurance?

You can visit the nearest Shriram Finance insurance branch to buy car insurance for your car offline. However, the Shriram comprehensive car insurance online facility is a hassle-free procedure if you want to save your time and effort. Follow the below steps to buy one-

  • First of all, visit the official website to buy the Shriram four-wheeler insurance online.
  • Fill out the application form for the estimated premium payable as per your car's model and car type.
  • Fill in your details like your name and address.
  • Choose the add-ons as per your suitability.
  • Make the payment online using online payment methods.
  • Instantly, you will start getting insurance for your four-wheeler.

What All is Covered Under Shriram Finance Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

Shriram four-wheeler comprehensive insurance policy will offer you the below coverage- 

  • Third-party liabilities- Such as third-party body injuries, third-party property damages, or third-party death are covered.
  • Natural disasters- Such as earthquakes, landslides, cyclones, self-ignition of the car, floods, tsunamis, storms, hurricanes, etc.
  • Human-made disasters- Such as riots, strikes, terrorism, burglary, etc
  • Loss due to vehicle in transit- Road, inland waterways, elevator, air, or lifts
  • Own damages: In case you or your vehicle is damaged in an accident.

What All is not Included Under Shriram Finance Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

Unfortunately, the following will be excluded from a Shriram comprehensive four-wheeler insurance- 

  • Illegal driving- Driving while on intoxications such as drugs, alcohol, or driving for criminal activities and driving without valid driving licence.
  • Negligence- Driving out of willful negligence.
  • General depreciation- Normal deduction in car's value out of wear and tear, electrical and mechanical failure of the car.
  • Nuclear wars- Including radioactivity, nuclear weapons, and related activities.
  • Usage- When the car is used in organized racing, goods carriages, speed testing, reliability tests, motor trading, hire or reward.


Shriram Finance Comprehensive Car Insurance Benefits

The Shriram comprehensive car insurance policy gives a bundle of benefits to the four-wheeler owner, such as-

  • Protection for third-party expenditure.
  • Additional covers such as zero depreciation, return to invoice, personal belonging covers, key replacement, exigency transportation and hotel reimbursement, multi-car rebate, cashless repair, passenger cover, and roadside assistance.
  • Hassle-free online buying and renewal
  • Very less documentation
  • Instant insurance
  • 24*7 emergency assistance for the vehicle owner
  • No claim bonus in claim-free years
  • Long-term packages policies


Shriram Finance Comprehensive Car Insurance Review

Your four-wheeler insurance policy is the most important document as it protects you from financial crunches and legal issues with third-party. Millions of car owners have faith in Shriram Finance insurance services as it provides a ton of benefits and features along with the basic standard insurance policy. Therefore, you must choose Shriram Finance insurance policy to get the best plan for your car.

Shriram Finance Comprehensive Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. Are electronic accessories covered available in Shriram Finance comprehensive car insurance?

    Yes, you will have the electric and electronic accessories covered at Shriram comprehensive by paying a little extra premium.

  • 2. Can I change my policy from another insurer to Shriram Finance comprehensive car insurance?

    Yes, at the time of policy renewal, you can change your insurer to Shriram Finance and buy comprehensive policy. 

  • 3. Is there any availability of a mobile app for paying my Shriram Finance comprehensive car insurance premium?

    You can download "MY SGI" from the play store on your mobile and pay using that.

  • 4. How is a Shriram Finance comprehensive car insurance premium calculated?

    It depends upon the below factors-

    • IDV of your car
    • Territorial Area
    • Car's age
    • Engine cubic capacity of the car
    • Add-on

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